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The Oracle Report Thursday, August 29, 2013

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Third Moon Phase: re-alignment, revision, re-orientation,
Moon: Gemini

Ruling Mahavidya: Bhairavi and Shodashi

Today, the month-long transit of the Black Moon opposing Pluto culminates. From my book on the Black Moon:

“During this transit, events are designed to harmonize romantic partnerships, particularly marriages. Circumstances develop so that problems within relationships can be addressed. Anything that hinders harmony will surface. Power dynamics within the relationship are usually a key focus. Unrealistic ideals that have been held since the dating stage are often revealed. Re-analysis of life takes place. Anything in life that we are unsatisfied with will come up during these transits. Low energy and the inability to significantly manifest progress on our goals (“hitting a wall”) may be experienced. After the transit, relationships are either more harmonious or they come to an end.”

So today all of this reaches crescendo. As I’ve mentioned, Black Moon-Pluto energy is among the deepest, most intense of all energies. It has a way of bringing up shadows and masks, and some may go wild with exaggeration of their shadow sides. Keep close watch on situations because people have a way of going into or coming out of (or both) an emotional abyss and this could get tricky. The upwelling is cathartic and helpful, but it may not be pretty.

The highest octave of this energy upholds true love. Our truest love is our love for the goddess embodied as our planet, Gaia-Sophia. Let’s honor her on this momentous day. How about a group meditation at 8:17 pm EDT/ 00:17 am UTC tonight? Light a candle and say a prayer of thanks to the Great Goddess of Love.

(My cat Kali makes her first appearance on the report today.)


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