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Sentient Weeds

I love this post:-) I thought I was the only one conversing with my garden.

Laura Bruno's Blog

They say a weed is any plant growing where you don’t want it to grow. Sometimes even pretty, edible, medicinal, and/or intentionally placed plants outgrow their initial welcome. Or they try to take over the entire yard. I thought I’d share part of an ongoing exchange with a local gardening friend of mine who just returned after a month vacation. She had asked about canning supplies, and I just had my very first canning experience this past weekend.

Me:I made Lavender-Infused Dandelion Preserves with birch sweetener. Um….yum! Unfortunately, it was so very tedious to remove the dandelion bracts that I didn’t get to double or triple the recipe as planned. I still wasn’t even done de-bracting my frozen flowers when [my canning partner] arrived, on a time schedule. Sooo… that will be something I make again, probably next Spring when the dandelion flowers are nice and plump. Might as…

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Anti-War Planning Strategy

Thank you for posting this. I sure hope it works. I see too many democrats who, like republicans, who seem to feel that war is a good thing when they voted for the guy starting it:-/


What if…….            

Imagine, if you will, that all the Guardian Angels of the Earth gathered together ca. 2006 to discuss the question:

How can we turn the opinion of the American people against unnecessary war?

Let’s listen in:

The Moderator speaks:

“Ok, we are meeting to discuss how we can help the people to understand that war is never the solution to finding peace on Earth.  Let me recap:  we thought that we could reach a lot of people with the 911 situation.  Remember that brief moment when so many humans actually felt compassion for others and looked at each other differently?  It is true that moment didn’t last as long as we would have liked, but it did make an imprint on the level of compassion of humanity.”

“But fear did return and take over for many.  Those humans who were paying attention…

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The Oracle Report Friday, August 30, 2013



Third Moon Phase: re-alignment, revision, re-orientation

Moon: Cancer

Ruling Mahavidya: Bhairavi and Shodashi

Phantasmagoric imprints were encoded into yesterday’s energy. It was a momentous day, one that will reverberate through space-time with great power. Seeds for the future were sown.

The goose is the animal that symbolizes imprints and seeds.

If you’ve been following the Oracle Report for a while, you will remember working with the teachings of “goose medicine.” In the context of what’s happening right now, new paths and possibilities are opening. Shodashi’s hand, as the Goddess Who Fulfills Highest Desires, is at work here. With the brushstroke of an accomplished artist, she used yesterday’s energy to paint the potential direction of our lives (our highest wish if we choose to pursue it – it’s always our choice). The paintings will begin unveiling at the New Moon on September 5th. Magic!

I must mention briefly, to keep everything real, that forces that do not have our highest desires in mind were also aware of yesterday’s potential for imprinting the future and took full advantage. However, this pales in comparison. Their efforts are lackluster. So we are aware of it and that’s all that needs to be said.

Back to the important story: the upcoming energy of Shodashi. We can work with this now by immersing ourselves in the perspective of the Third Quarter Moon phase which is realignment, revision, and reorientation. This means we are open to shifting. Are you open to shifting?

The day after a major transit of the Black Moon brings subtle, sweet relief. Tag onto that subtle frequency and ride along. What’s the most beautiful thing you see on your journey today? It’s your mission to discover it.

Anyone with the Black Moon in Cancer or Capricorn already knows that the energy of the lead up to yesterday’s Black Moon – Pluto opposition has been heavy. Hold tight because the Moon has moved into Cancer, giving you another of your opportunities for rebirth (I can hear the joy and I am being sarcastic!). Ground yourself by getting outdoors and taking in nature. Give over anything that you wish to release.

P.S. If you own a copy of Ted Andrews’ Animal Speak, it is a good idea to read about the goose. One of my favorite insights he has relates to fairytales and children’s stories. He says that your favorite children’s story, nursery rhyme, or fairy tale gives insight into your “coding” or “imprinting,” and often provides important information about one’s direction/mission in life…