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Anti-War Planning Strategy

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Thank you for posting this. I sure hope it works. I see too many democrats who, like republicans, who seem to feel that war is a good thing when they voted for the guy starting it:-/


What if…….            

Imagine, if you will, that all the Guardian Angels of the Earth gathered together ca. 2006 to discuss the question:

How can we turn the opinion of the American people against unnecessary war?

Let’s listen in:

The Moderator speaks:

“Ok, we are meeting to discuss how we can help the people to understand that war is never the solution to finding peace on Earth.  Let me recap:  we thought that we could reach a lot of people with the 911 situation.  Remember that brief moment when so many humans actually felt compassion for others and looked at each other differently?  It is true that moment didn’t last as long as we would have liked, but it did make an imprint on the level of compassion of humanity.”

“But fear did return and take over for many.  Those humans who were paying attention…

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