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Important RECAP & End of Nine Month Period

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Thank you, Denise. I am as always awed and grateful for your ability to narrow the maelstrom of information aavailable on other levels both currently and in the past, into reasonable bites that people can understand.
I grew up with both the prophecies (7th sun etc) and the inner awareness i f the Earth changes as a necessary part of the natural cycle. I felt that helping more people come back into spiritual and physical alignment with the Earth and respectful ways of living with all living beings was an important part of my task so that humanity could, as in earlier transitions, be renewed as functional parts of the Mother’s natural systems both physical and spiritual. (Rather than be extirminated by the effects of the colonized way of living).
I plan to meditate for a while on what Denise has shared as I am having some difficulty perceiving how everything “fits” together. Usually sych difficulty precedes an “aha!” moment of integration of multiple levels of awareness. There truly is nothing to fear all is flowing just as it should even tho team dark’s pt barnum methods may make it seem worse in any given moment.

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