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10 NSA Reforms Proposed By Obama Administration

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Last Friday, President Barack Obama made a speech, announcing his plans for reforming the National Security Agency in order to protect the privacy rights of Americans.  The reforms are also meant to make the government surveillance more transparent – or, in other words, less visible.  Here 10 of the proposed NSA reforms.

1)  Whenever an NSA agents would be listening to your phone calls, an oversight agency auditor will listen along with them to make sure that the agents aren’t listening to anything inappropriate.

2)  NSA employment application will now include the question “Do you plan to escape to China or Russia and leak state secrets to them?” with two possible responses “Yes, to Russia” and “Yes, to China”.

3)  To prevent a future Snowden-like fiasco, NSA will implant a chip into the body of every agency employee to track their whereabouts. This measure will also impact all unpaid NSA…

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