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House Republicans Refuse to Come Back Early from Vacation to Discuss Syria

Thank you for cracking me up with that opener. Indeed very little does seem to motivate them to work except maybe voting a few more times to get rid of the health care law… it is nice to see Republican warmongers foot draghing on starting a war just cos it was Obama’s idea.. the irony is side splitting. I AM glad our President this time chose to follow the Constitution. It might start a new trend for President’s who knows? 😉

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>>>BEAUTY vs. BRAINS >>> For Grown Men Only * Poll Alert

I’m not a guy but people often mistake me for one as I apparently think/act/write like one ( and in my young punk rock days I looked like one too;-) but its been my experience that people all look for beauty first but thats ok because we define beauty by what makes us feel good. A person who listens raptly to whst you are saying, who makes you laugh, who “gets” you and connects with you is going to appear beautiful to you. The only catch being shsllow people may be swayed by others opinions into second guessing how they feel. I heard from my English professor who loved a poem “what shall I do now my old baud is dead?” That mature men prefer wit to gloss because a pretty infant ( ie 20 yr old) is fine for sex but then you get bored with no conversation. My husband agrees-but he like most I know agree exactlt with Jueseppi’s idea. I think he hit it exactly tho- when you take care of yourself and become healthy you ARE beautiful. Same with a loving attitude. It creates a glow of beauty that shines around a person even if their genes aren’t “beautiful” in the way we usually gauge it.

Berna's Vibe~The Way I See IT....

Alright here we go that age OLD question@ Do MEN prefer beauty or brains when they chose their significant other? Or better yet IF y’all had to choose one or the other, beauty or brains, which would you choose when choosing your lady? And yep, this question is for men only. The topic came up with a male friend of mine & his response blew my hair back! Not that I was born yesterday nor am I naïve; I just thought things might have changed by now. Haven’t they? >>

Now I clearly understand the biological makeUP of men is different from women.. I get that! Men were created to have a strong drive to procreate with as many women as possible..Google it if you don’t believe me. And backintheday when I was a tad bit younger(and dating guys the same age..); I half expected the motives of men to…

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My Higher Self: The Christ Consciousness is Now Anchored on Mother Earth

I just wrote about sending so much love to tthe middle east that our love bomb would blow away all the wars so this post grabbed my attention. I do think from my perspective at least, when he refers to darkness and light that these are metaphors for good and evil in our hearts, lives and actions. Balance is of central importance. Life is a cycle, a spiral not a blank square paper thst can be black or white/ dark or light. Day becomes night and then dawn creeps over the horizon completing the sacred circle once more.
We are love. We are light and dark. We do not need to reject or revile darkness for if the sun never set how could we revel in the bea uty of the stars? Or the Aurora? Esch song is more beautiful for the silence that lies between them.