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>*>*When a Guy offers To help a Woman he IS….True or False?

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Thank you for posting this. This is an important question not only for single women but for all of us. If we want to recreate our society as a golden age/ heaven on Earth type world we need to question when we act with ulterior motives.
Surely we can help because we like someone on multiple levels but if someone offered to help me only due to sexual interest that would frankly creep me out. Not Sexy. At all!
In tribal societies everyone is helpful to one another because it makes life easier for all. But tribal people don’t have the weird traumas that affect interpersonal relations in colonized societies. (Derrick Jensen explains why this is very well in his book A Language Older Than Words)

Berna's Vibe~The Way I See IT....

This is an actual question I had to ponder long & hard before accepting help for my move this weekend..Had several offers from several guys; but since I wasn’t sure what their intent was/IS I said  politely thanks , but no thank U..Curious to see if any other single women find themselves in such a predicament..I’ve been TOLD by guy friends; that most of the time when a guy offers to help a single woman to do ANYthing; he IS trying to get into her panties. Really isn’t any way to sugar coat that..so I didn’t. So taking a poll to get this dialogue started; men!  & woman welcome..****When a guy offers to help a single woman out; his actual intentions are a sexual/intimate   proposition. True or False?

My answer, MY reality, is ….T. T for True. Before anyone gets all UPtight, huffy & righteous about that answer..riddle me…

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