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Seven reasons US intervention in Syria is a bad idea – Do no harm – CSMonitor.com

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1. Do no harm

The call for intervention is surely trumped, even on humanitarian grounds, by the principle borrowed from medicine: first, do no harm – or, in this case, no greater harm than already done.

THE MONITOR’S VIEW: What Obama must tell Americans about a US strike on Syria

US air strikes on Damascus and Homs, with every risk of civilian casualties, would almost certainly provoke an enraged response by government forces. A conflict whose flames have already fanned into Lebanon, Iraq, and Turkey could well sweep toward Israel (which constitutes the only strategic US interest in the region). An even broader and more perilous ripple effect would be felt if any Russians or Iranians were among the victims of an attack.

David C. Speedie is director of the US Global Engagement program at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs.


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by Taboola


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As Above, as Below -SaLuSa and Multidimensional Ocean – 5 Sept 2013

Thank you, Laura!

Multidimensional Ocean

1234975_10151672271879023_1198222200_nShare your love, wisdom, happiness and consciousness with all those around you dear friends. Your love and joy will reach the deepest depths of Mother Earth, the sadest person on the planet, the darkest soul in the universe.
The power of love and compassion is always the superior power, even if sometimes things may not look that way, for the sake of learning from experience.
Trust that in Good, in Love, in Abundance and in joy!

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The manuscript of survival – part 350

Thank you, Aisha!

aisha north

As you have already seen, the waves of energy that washed in on you all during this last gathering has indeed churned up quite a lot. And not all of it can be construed as negative, as we gather many of you have faced your own strength through any challenges that this light might have tossed into your lap. For remember, whatever the light pushes up to the surface is done for one reason only, and that is to make you see your own strength by being put face to face to whatever lurks within. And when we say lurk, we do not mean as in a sinister sense, rather as a description of the energetic imprints that may still linger within that will only serve to hold you back in some ways if they are not rooted out of your system for good. So in this, know that all…

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The Oracle Report Thursday, September 5, 2013



New Moon Phase: beginning, projection, emergence, intention

Moon: Virgo

Ruling Mahavidya: Shodashi

Welcome to the New Moon in Virgo! And if you can guess from this photo, it’s going to be a wild ride! Special thanks to wise owl Christine V who sent this photo when I asked for people to find beauty and snap a shot. There was a photo out there that encapsulated what Shodashi had in store this month and this photo is it. Her caption: “I thought this was going to be a sunset photo…but it seems to have exploded.” Indeed.
The Sun is not going to explode, but Shodashi is and this is what it looks like – an explosion of light.

I’ve struggled for some time now about how to explain what would happen during the Virgo month. We need to look at this from two perspectives (indicated by Venus and Eris in opposition close to the Eris Point at the New Moon). Let’s break it down into two levels, the macro and the micro and then see how they integrate. Along the way, we’ll see how both are happening together.

First the macro level, or the world at large: I’ve discussed how the Mahavidyas Dhumavati and Bhairavi have worked to release trauma and heart pain these past couple of months. But the story doesn’t end there. The Mahavidya Shodashi has collected all of the pain that was released (pain that was caused by Archontic interference and intrusion) and directs it now back to its source, the one responsible – the chief Archon or, as the Gnostics term it, the Demiurge. Shodashi defends humanity by redirecting back all of the pain and suffering that we have released. This is why our own work these last two months has been so important and so effective. It is a collaborative effort to free us from the enslavement of our hearts and minds and to free us from what keeps us locked out of love with life. Our imposed obsession with thanatos (death) comes to an end. The power of the Demiurge and his minions takes a serious blow from Shodashi.

The majority of her work in this regard has already happened. Her strike, a flaming arrow of obsidian, has been a pre-emptive one, launched over the past two weeks to minimize damage from the Archontic agenda, which was poised and ready to launch the next world war under the Black Moon-Pluto energy. This didn’t happen (yet) because Shodashi prevented it from happening. It was actually a joint effort. Enough of humanity is awake enough to call out a directive for an end to the enslavement. Everyone understands the enslavement at their own level. I see it as the enslavement of consciousness. Some see it as enslavement by politicians. It doesn’t matter because the idea is the same: the desire for freedom from control, which is the desire for life itself.

Which leads us into the micro level, or our own lives. Shodashi grants the greatest desire of our higher selves. She sees beyond the physical into the cosmic and she sees not just the best in us, but our grandest potential. Under Shodashi’s energy whatever we feel is impossible becomes visibly possible. She is vast and she is complete. Some of the Mahavidyas are “scary fierce” and edgy. Shodashi has an edge, but it is soft. She likes harmony and cosmic balance and she lives in beauty. She is not only the Goddess Who Grants Highest Desire, she is desire. She is not only the Goddess Who Is Beautiful in All Worlds, she is beauty. Beauty is what she is most concerned with, and she brings beauty to our lives when she dominates a lunar month.

As I’ve mentioned, what we want for our lives is not necessarily what is best for our lives, so this month requires a great deal of trust to accept that whatever is happening is happening for your highest and best. I will beat this drum a lot over the month so we won’t forget. (Remember that Shodashi is the drummer in the band of the Mahavidyas. Repetition and solidity are thematic this month. Does it have to be beaten into our heads?)

I will record an audio soon to cover Shodashi’s energy more thoroughly and to go into more detail about how this will play out in the macro and micro levels. That will be a great honor for me because how cool is it to be able to herald the fall of the Demiurge and the beginning of the end of humanity’s enslavement? The begining of the end of our enslavement…can you imagine?



Planet Alert Newsletter – September 2013



Planet Alert Newsletter – September 2013


Summer is almost over and it is back to school time. I just love the fall season with the warm days and the cool nights, and the beautiful colorful trees. It is a sight to behold. Even though the energy is very intense, if you take the time to smell the flowers you will be able to find peace within your heart. Let there be peace in the world and let it begin with me.

The energy of the first two weeks of September has a very strong negative feel to it. Mars will be moving into a square with Saturn the first week of September. Today, September 2 the moon is in Leo along with Mars, and this aspect makes a 90 degree angle to Saturn. Mars has been considered the planet of war and Saturn the planet of karma. Mars will be in an exact square with Saturn on September 9th when Congress is scheduled to reconvene to decide if we will go to war with Syria.

The new moon on September 5 at 4:36 AM PDT is the day of Rosh Hashanah which is the beginning of the Jewish New Year. The G-20 Summit meeting will be held on September 5-6 in St Petersburg, Russia. The president of this group is Vladimir Putin. This meeting will be a good time for the world leaders to express what they think about the United States possibly attacking Syria. Remember Syria is backed by Russia, China, and Iran.

This event is not only about Syria, it is a confrontation between the United States and Russia. I heard that Russia has suggested that a group of Russian leaders are willing to come to the United States and talk with our congress to discuss this event. This is an interesting turn of events although I don?? t know when, or if, this might happen.

The planet Mars will be opposing Pluto, by declination, until the middle of September. In fact, it will be exact on September 13-14 when the moon will trigger that energy. We have been walking between two worlds for a long time and we have definitely reached the end, and the new beginning. Will the new world separate from the old world, and is it time to start living totally on the new Earth?

We have reached a turning point. It is time for change. We have been playing out the Moses drama since October 6, 1973 when Egypt attacked Israel and the headlines of the Seattle Times said ??The war of judgment has started.?? This is because it started on the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur. This holiday will occur on September 14th this year, and will complete the 40 years we have spent in the wilderness. Symbolic of course as are most Bible prophecies.

Remember the story of Moses where the people cried out to the Pharaoh to let them go. What have the people of Egypt been doing for the past two plus years? Isn??t it time for freedom? Wouldn??t you like to live on a planet of peace and happiness? Isn??t that our right after all the trauma we have gone through in the ascension process? Haven??t we earned the right to be free?

Many people are still afraid of living on a totally controlled planet. That is not my reality and the planets do not in any way predict that we will live under total control. Haven??t we been under control since the event of 9-11? Didn??t that change our world to a very dark one? Isn??t it time to be out of that energy? It will be 12 years on September 11, 2013 since the event of 9-11 happened. This is the end of a 12 year cycle ruled by Jupiter.

Jupiter was over Washington, D.C. when 9-11 happened, and now we find Jupiter back over Washington, D.C. on 13 degrees Cancer. This is the degree of the star Sirius, which is one of our central suns. Does the fact that Sirius is exactly lined up with Washington D.C., along with Jupiter, mean that we have some powerful Beings looking after us right now and may intervene in some way if we try to blow ourselves up.

Sirius was considered a very important star to the Egyptians. They always looked for the rising of Sirius around July 26 and this was considered their new year as demonstrated by the Dreamspell calendar. It??s my understanding that Beings from Sirius are very scientific and intellectual. Sirius is connected with the six pointed Star of David and we just experienced two in our heavens, one on July 29 and the other on August 25th.

It??s my understanding that the Beings from the Pleiadian Star System are very loving and creative and manifest the energy of the mother. Venus is connected with the Pleiadian system and is considered the Goddess of love. Did you know that Venus is the only planet in our solar system that rotates backwards because it is a magnetic planet? Magnetic energy is female and electrical energy is male. I was talking to a friend the other night and we were talking about Venus. She said that if Venus is a magnetic planet then it is the same energy as love and this is the energy that holds our solar system together. What an interesting insight.

The secret societies have always honored the planet Venus. The orbit of Venus produces a five pointed star every eight years. We all know the Druids acknowledged that planet as something special and the five pointed star is their symbol. The city of Washington, D.C. was created to honor that planet and the sign of Virgo, which in astrology is known as the Goddess.

The North Node will conjunct Saturn on September 13-14, the day of Yom Kippur. To me this means it is the end of a major cycle concerning Atlantis because the conjunction is on the degree of Atlantis. It is my understanding that we have been playing out the drama of Atlantis for a long time and releasing our part in the destruction of that civilization. Mid-September is the end of this cycle. How will it turn out? Will we again destroy part of our planet or will we decide peace is the way to go?

If we decide peace is the way to go we may be pushed totally into the new energy. If so, we will have a lot to celebrate during the Harvest Festival which starts on September 19, 2013. The full moon is also that day at 4:13 AM PDT. Venus will be conjunct Saturn at that time. Does this conjunction mean our karma is over? Only time will tell.

The sun is now in the sign of Virgo. I am a Virgo and September 13th is my birthday. I will meditate on that day and send lots of love to the world. I also would like to wish Happy Birthday to anyone else who was born in the sign of Virgo. So Be It!

Love and blessings to everyone! ***** Mahala Gayle *****


I can be reached at planetalert@hotmail.com or by snail mail at 5028 S. 179th Pl SeaTac, WA 98188. I send a big thank you to everyone who donated money to me. It is so much fun getting a gift from God.

Lots of love to everyone.

Mahala Gayle