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The Oracle Report  Friday, September 6, 2013

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New Moon Phase: beginning, projection, emergence, intention
Moon: Virgo

Ruling Mahavidya: Shodashi (with Matangi, The Administrator)

Like veins in marble stone, the record of our soul’s history forms patterns of beauty. This month, the Wisdom Goddess Shodashi traces these lines and then scripts new ones based on our highest desires. If the trajectory of our soul has strayed from its beauty (its fulfillment), Shodashi will write lines to get us back to our course.

HIstory is important this month. History will be made. The Sabian symbol for the New Moon in Virgo is “finely lettered names and mysterious lines are seen; it is a family tree.” Most understand this to mean that family issues will be highlighted this month, and this is true to some degree, but the bigger picture to highlight is the family of true origin – our soul family.

Soul families will be working together, connecting at higher levels to accomplish missions and intentions. This will also serve to keep the fabric of humanity grounded and our tensility (our capacity to be stretched or drawn out) strong. We will talk more about this as the month unfolds.

Shodashi loves letters and print. She’s something of a Cosmic Calligrapher. She is often associated with a bow and arrow, but her greatest power lies in the power of the pen. She writes or draws things into existence. Symbols, lettering, and lines are empowered this month. Knowing this, we can write, draw, or paint our New Moon wish or intention to make it stronger. New Moon wishes or intentions can be made at any time during the four days of the New Moon phase. (Your wish or intention might be the same one you’ve been working with or it might be a new one.)

Today, look for the handiwork of things – the finer details. What is supported? There’s an unconvential, renegade element to events and situations. Anything that is the “same old thing” will not be attractive, but something that is a revival from the past (a token, a feeling, etc.) may be. As usual, pay close attention to nature and sightings of animals that are out of the ordinary. Messages are flying today.

And speaking of finer details, Shodashi is only able to accomplish the vast range of her goals because she has the aid of Matangi, who administrates for her. If you’ve been following the Report for a while, you remember bawdy Matangi. Matangi makes everything flow better, so we welcome her again this month. She never gets the credit she deserves, which is something I will attempt to rectify.

All this month we will need to pace ourselves. A lot is going to happen in the world and in our lives, but it needs to be taken in in deliberate, equal measures. This means we don’t move too fast or too slow; we keep a steady beat. Hit a good stride today, one that is easy to maintain. Don’t push or rush things forward.

One thing to keep in mind this entire month: trust the process. Trust that your highest and best is being brought to you. Trust your connection with the Divine Gaia-Sophia and trust her method of intervention via her aspects of the Mahavidyas. We are loved and supported always.

(Notes: There’s so much to talk about this month. Andrew and I will record later today, so be sure to check back for it. Also, you’ll notice below that a button has been added where people can send a donation, or “offering” if you like. I’ve resisted this for years, but it’s the proper (ancient) way of things. Energy needs to be circulated with the power of giving and receiving. The Oracle Report will always be free, but now there’s a way to send back if you so desire. Many thanks!)


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