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[H7N9] ALL Americans Will Get Two Experimental Vaccinations, Says U.S. Government

I don’t see how they can enforce this. Many people cannot be vaccinated due to immune issues, allergies, autoimmune disease or other conditions. Plus the court decision Roe vs Wade says the Constitution guarantees us certain measures of privacy regarding our medical treatment. We can neither prevent nor enforce medical procedures in America thanks to that much maligned decision.

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Still victims of racism in the job market, blacks are now half of micro and small business owners

Thank you for sharing this! It is beautiful to read that people are overcoming the pointless barriers thrown in their paths. Love really is stronger than hate every time;-)

Black Brazil Today

Note from BW of Brazil:Various studies have shown that 125 years after the end of slavery, Afro-Brazilians continue to experience racism and inequalities in many areas of Brazilian society. But for some, these experiences with discrimination and exclusion have led to creativity that have benefited them much more in the long run as the push for the expansion of black business continues to advance. The research and success story in this report provide more proof of this.

Blacks are half owners of micro and small enterprises

by Mariana Barbosa

Pretos (blacks) and pardos (browns) now command 49% of micro and small enterprises in the country, a number that approximates their representation of the population (51%). There are 11 million entrepreneurs, 28.56% more than in 2001, when blacks owned 43% of micro and small businesses with revenues of up to R$3.6 million (US$1.573 million) annually. The data are part…

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Focus on the outcome you desire for ALL beings. – channeled by Ron Head

Thank you! I feel like thinking this way will also help encourage positive outcomes by not focusing on the negative possibilities. When something harmful happens or is proposed recently it seems that people come together to respond in ways that improve the situation. As a collective it appears humanity is waking up and becoming more creatively responsible for our situation. For some reason the painted steps in Turkey made me feel the reign of top-down, power-over control structures is at an end on Earth. Love and laughtet are besting torture and murder in the contest for humanity;-)

Oracles and Healers




We continue our discussion of good news.

It is our perception that many more of you are seeing the increase of more positive signs that are becoming more evident in the news you are reading and hearing.  It is almost impossible to shut off all news, and we know that.  But that is OK, because you will now begin to receive increasingly hopeful information.  And you will continue to increase your abilities to receive from us possible positive twists to the story which are not so evident, as well.

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The Convergence Point and the Mirror Image

Thank you, Lisa!

The Shift of Time and Energy!


What an absolute interesting, learning filled day yesterday was in my world.  First, two men that were visiting my landlady took it upon themselves to clear the old debris from our back yards, including trimming the dead branches from the tree’s and bushes.  Two women hauling it away from the ground.  Divine masculine and divine feminine working in harmony, clearing things up for the new growth at hand.  2X2: duality, above and below all equally a 4, a cycle of completion on earth.

By the time my second reading of the day was scheduled, I had men literally in my back yard, in my reading field, trimming, chain sawing, doing clean up work.  I couldn’t fire up a connection to save my life, even tho, the first one of the day was easy and clear as a bell.  The difference being the activity that was now underway in the reading…

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The Oracle Report



Crescent Moon Phase: challenge, growth, struggle, expansion, gathering Moon: Scorpio

Ruling Mahavidya: Shodashi (with Matangi, The Administrator)

AUDIO UPDATE 9/6/2013 – Discussing the Energy of Shodashi

Today’s energy could be called “wind over the field.” This means that a lot will be “blown” into the field of consciousness. It is strong energy to spread a message and gets things fired up. Rhetoric is rampant. It is very easy for us to be swayed today, so we will engage sober discernment and judgment. In other words, we are grounded and vigilent to not be taken off center. If you’ve been following the Oracle Report over the last few days, you know that we are on in a mission to ground light and help maintain the strength andcoherence of the consciousness of humanity during this moment in history. Be aware that emotions will certainly be stirred today.
But beauty is also stirred, and with these energy currents also comes inspiration. The Moon trines dreamy Neptune, the home of nebulous, raw creativity. The creative powers of the mind work in wonderful ways today. We can channel or direct this primordial power toward whatever assistance we require to figure things out or produce things.

We move to the Crescent Moon phase today, and with it comes a lot of questions. Crescent phase always involves questioning, but today this will be the case more than usual. Crescent phases challenge us and test us. It is the time of the cycle when what we wished for or intended at the New Moon dies because we are unable to accept growth in that direction (because we are afraid), or it continues on because we did not give up on it. Questions are good because they lead to wisdom. The problem comes if we begin to doubt, making the directive to trust in a Higher Power all the more important. Remember this month’s “mantra” – I trust.

We blow kisses instead of hot air. We are contained and fortified through connection with the Creatrix, Gaia-Sophia. We uphold the beauty of life. We believe in the power of the human mind. This is our own rhetoric today.


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Think With Your Heart | Healing to Whole: the birth (part II)

Healing to Whole: the birth (part II)


PageLines- 5DreportLOGO.gifIf you are reading this, even if prone, kudos to you just for making it to September.

Because of the way 2013 opened for me personally, with the sudden and unexpected passing of my mother, I had a very strong feeling…despite all the magical things I was hearing and being shown from the higher realms…that the entire year was going to, yet again, mimic the last 13. Of course, I didn’t want to admit/accept/surrender to that knowing, but it was definitely there.

What I didn’t expect, is that this year would/could possibly feel any worse than 2012, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 or 1.

Because the ascension volume was turned up so LOUD this year, and because each successive month has been more excruciating than the last, for the first time on this whole journey, I literally couldn’t see how I would get to September. And at times, I was so deflated that I wasn’t even sure I wanted to.

But somehow, someway, I/you/we did. And that alone deserves a giant (soul) group hug because f.i.n.a.l.l.y, a tiny flickering light at the end of an unacceptably long and dark tunnel is beginning to emerge.

In case you hadn’t noticed, we have been anesthetized under the veil of forgetfulness (separation) again…pretty much non-stop since the last (and second) grand sextile/merkaba activation on August 25th. Some say longer, but the point is that if you are here now, you are well on your way to returning/reconnecting/recalibrating to your true (power) Source as the final stages of assimilation from that recent energy blast stabilizes and takes hold within our physical cells. And yes, that integration period was another EPIC one.

This is a random non-sequitor, but each time we reemerge from these clearings after a major rewire, I marvel at the seeming similarities to dementia…where I eventually return to a state of full consciousness after a usually lonnnng period of memory (of home) loss, distinct (karmic patterning) personality changes, and impaired (limited) reasoning. Makes you wonder.

Part II of this 2-part series is aptly subtitledthe birth because, according to the voices in me head, we are gearing up for what Pleiadian High Council calls the “soul merge”, which is the last (?) requirement to step fully into the new world. This sacred (masculine/feminine) merge will apparently propel us into the unified state of being we have been working so unbelievably hard to attain, what they callthe soul’s complete expression of self.

I am also hearing that this meeting of the sacred mindsprecipitates the separation of worlds(within), and will enable us to drop a ton of old/karmic baggage which ultimately grants us the ability to uphold 5D+ as our resolute reality.omgyesssspleeeez Can you even imagine what it would be like to NOT carry around the accumulated weight of our personal pasts??? Without it, there is literally nothing to weigh us down…no wonder the unseens say we will no longer be bound by gravity.

In the super insightful words of Stephanie Azaria: karma IS gravity! That brilliance has never been more apparent to me than right now.

Anyway, before I break this information down into bite size pieces, let me first present you with the Pleiadian perspective of what the potential of this month in particular holds for us…

Tho September is always a month of major review, contemplation, and ultimately the integration of all we have been growing into during the 9-month gestation journey that we embark upon every calendar year, I am also hearing that this month we begin to solidify (birth) our 5D experience and that before us are some openings that will precipitate both a major ending and simultaneous new beginning.

The PHC say that we are going to be bothcompleting a level of incarnation, as well as beginning a new incarnation. This present incarnation experience I am told, will end with our soul’s merge into unity, and our new incarnation will begin with our connection to the full truth of who we are. Pretty trippy.

This ending that we are referring to is one of great magnitude. It is not only the end of a major phase in your earthly life, it is the end of an accumulation of many lifetimes, for many souls here, in what we would call…the lower world of form.

Once you release yourself from the lower world, you will be able to maintain the unified, LOVE-filled consciousness, in every delightful cell of your radiant being. –PHC

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