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Failed Presidency?



Reading my local newspaper today I am shocked to see multiple opinion pieces decrying President Barack Obama’s handling of the current issue of Syria.Several actually claimed that should Congress vote “NO” on attacking Syria it would cause all sorts of problems-even to making this a “failed Presidency”.I am shocked that Americans have devolved to such a point that the actual effective functioning  of the checks and balances designed to make our form of governance WORK as a democracy are now seen as a failure.If all Congress is meant to do is rubber stamp any President’s statements about war then we are effectively a DICTATORSHIP. I have been cheering the awesomeness of my incredibly intelligent President in applying pressure cleverly and effectively to All players to get this gruesome civil war into effective mediation and international diplomacy to stop the suffering of innocents and prevent the spread of war to surrounding nations.Far from a failed Presidency I see Barack Obama miraculously transforming an institution that has since Reagan become more and more obviously corrupt and fascistic back into something we can believe in and work with in a genuine democracy.This is not a failure but a transformation. This does not signal the world that our President’s words aren’t backed up by America at all. It signals the world that America may be ending its role of bully and returning to the circle of reasonable, rational nations that can solve problems without resorting to mass murder. What he has just done was once common in international relations-he used bluff and bluster to force others to do what he originally wanted done that had proven intractable.

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6 thoughts on “Failed Presidency?

  1. Why does he continue with the drone strikes in Pakistan and other areas, killing thousands of innocents?

    Why does he continue supporting corrupt companies with corrupt policies that are only killing our people, dying a slow but certain death?

    Think GMO’s, pharmaceuticals, oil, banking and the suppressed technologies that would bankrupt the aforementioned industries.

    Why does he continue breaking promises he made while campaigning for the presidency?

    • You raise very important points. I am also dismayed by those things.

      My personal feeling on why he does most of them is that he either does not actually have the power we think he does, or that he logically should have while holding that office.
      Since Kennedy was murdered and likely long before, the US President has had limits enforced behind the scenes by those who engineered both that killing and the more recent coup-like takeover with the voting issues in 2000, false flag in 2001 and the ensuing Patriot Act police state/endless war deal.
      Chomsky, Zinn and many “insiders” have written about how the agencies such as CIA who control the drones, NSA who are creating a panopticon surveillance state the Stasi would kill for and others are “rogue” agencies.
      Instead of taking orders from our President it seems they are often giving them, or at the least, doing plenty the President disagrees with.
      On my more pessimistic days I do wonder if I was fooled-if in fact he is just another bought politico. But my gut feeling tells me that is not the case.
      I believe tho he probably has less power than we believe he has, thru use if his intellect and skill in “playing chess” against those ( 1% /cabal/illuminati or whatever you want to call them) controllers, he is leveraging what power he does have to basically “give them enough rope to hang themselves” (such an apt analogy given all the racist noose comments I have seen about him)
      By allowing all this horror to go on and so *visibly* I believe he is giving the people motivation to do our job as citizens of a democracy.
      I could be wrong, I realise but I perceive him as a very intellectual old fashioned statesman playing chess against the monsters who want to use America to enslave the world, and then leave our broken country to suffer 3rd world conditions while they enjoy wealth and comfort.
      Whenever I start to doubt what I believe, he manages something like this. I really just can’t believe a person who cared enough to be a community organizer doesn’t care or suffer in his own heart for every innocent who is killed by our drones. I think he does what he can do and hides his feelings about all the bad things so that he can win and eventually put a stop to them.
      I hope that Americans pull together to change things for the better instead of allowing ourselves to be tricked and divided.

      • I agree with your stance, as I often have the same doubts, then I move into my heart space and feel compassion. I want to love this individual, but I often wonder what his real intent is, when certain horrible events surface with his approval. Last night’s speech made my stomach turn because I could not sense a drop of sincerity. Whether that was a hidden plea for help so people wake up, or a contrived and evil oration, one day it will be known and understood. Meanwhile, I know he has a part to play, and deep inside of me, I know regardless of whether he is well intentioned or not, he is still doing what he does for the evolvement of HUMANITY, as we are all teachers and students. Thank you for your heartfelt and sincere response, and Lots of Blessings.

      • Thank you. It is hard to face all the suffering and horror with love and compassion. It takes a lot of prayer and meditation I think. I feel he is not sincere in lecturing on war as it is statecraft-he has to appear convincingly determined to Go to war in order to avoid war. It makes no logical sense except that it often (as it appears to have this time) works.
        I feel strongly that so many all around the Earth are praying, meditating, sending love and hope for peace andnan end to suffering that it will-it must happen. We are uniting humanity as a single field of love connected hearts. It is visibly making a difference-the collective Field of love just stopped a war:-) I feel it will not stop here. All the fighting, oppression, harming innocents and raping the Earth will end. Hopefully much sooner than we currently believe possible because the nonlocal field in physics is independent of time there is no lag time to events from intentions.

  2. I am glad the President has not taken us to war the people of the world want peace not war and the American people are finally waking up to the idea of peace and I find it truly great

    • Me too! Thank you for your reply. Everywhere I go I keep encountering people talking about oeace, about a shift in our reality, about new awareness and connection. Years ago I felt like it was too late, that this would not happen and now that it is I am so grateful and awed. Thank you for all you do to help create peace!

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