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4 thoughts on “[FULL SPECH] President Obama Address To The Nation On Syria (HQ)

  1. Tell that to the families who had major, horrific, and unspeakable losses as a result of the drone strikes under his leadership :-(.

    Prime Creator, I want to believe he is good and I want to love him, and not deal with these duality issues, yet, thus far I do not see a Light Worker and I’m hardly ever wrong when I become heart centered. I do not think anyone is ever wrong when they go within. I’m sorry, and nothing against you. I hope I am wrong. Lots of Blessings Deo.

    • I am disappointed that working to get Barack Obama elected did not end the drone program but with all the research I’ve done I feel foolish for thinking that it would.
      I believe he is doing all he can to change things but since he is neither Thor nor Iron Man, he has to use intellect and take a more roundabout slow path.
      It would help a lot if Americans would turn off the toys ( tv, computer, video games, youtube etc) and get out in the streets and withdraw consent of the governed from everything wrong-corporate owned ( ie fascist) govt, corruption, drones, endless war , panopticon surveillance state etc)
      He is one skinny middle aged dude no mattet how smart or determined he cannot do it alone.

      Its easy to judge and complain but he who is without sin can cast the first stone-anyone sitting in prison for treesits, blockades and occupying gets a free pass to kvetch all day:-) but the rest of us need to put our actions where our words are.
      President John F Kennedy tried to defy the 1% by refusing to allow the steel conglomerates to crush workers and overcharge the govt, and by trying to stop our involvement in Vietnam, among other things. After the 1% responded to these attempts by blowing his skull apart he became a beloved martyr but lost any practical effectiveness on the ground.
      I think President Obama is trying to be more long term effective in taking down the cabal and simultaneously less dead.
      His actions may not look cool from where we sit-he may not have managed to control rogue factions taking horrific actions in his name but he is sure making the cabal’s games more and more evident and apparent to the average man on the street.
      Like when the Buddha killed a man to stop murder choosing to take the bad karma himself- Obama may be taking all the hate just to expose what has BEEN going on for decades.
      I could be wrong but by choosing love and hope over judgement and anger I hope to nudge the quarks to spin ever closer to the positive outcome:-)
      When V blows ipnthe building in V for Vendetta he looks like a terrorist bad guy but appearances are very often deceptive.

      • I agree the power lies with the people and if everyone took a stand against these atrocities, our world will change overnight. I sincerely hope you are right, as I want to believe he is a benevolent being, as my heart desire is love him and support him. Whether he is of the light or not, I still feel compassion for him as well as the rest of the elite.

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