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Russian President Putin Personally Writes to the American People: A Plea for Caution from Russia Over Syria

Thank you for posting this. It us so good to see multiple world leaders acting like adults all at once for the first time in my lifetime! Peace is Possible!!

Openhearted Rebellion

Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

vladimir_putin_586x330By Vladimir V. Putin, President of Russia, NY Times – September 11, 2013


MOSCOW — Recent events surrounding Syria have prompted me to speak directly to the American people and their political leaders.

It is important to do so at a time of insufficient communication between our societies.

Relations between us have passed through different stages. We stood against each other during the cold war. But we were also allies once, and defeated the Nazis together. The universal international organization — the United Nations — was then established to prevent such devastation from ever happening again.

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Pope Francis Assures Sceptics: You Don’t Have to Believe in God to Go to Heaven

Another beautiful sign of the Shift in process. Thank you for posting this!

Openhearted Rebellion

Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

popsage:  I love this.  And it falls completely in line with what we have been told: that everyone will ascend, if they so choose. Ascension, to me, is just another word for heaven.

By Michael Day, The Independent – September 11, 2013


In comments likely to enhance his progressive reputation, Pope Francis has written a long, open letter to the founder of La Repubblica newspaper, Eugenio Scalfari, stating that non-believers would be forgiven by God if they followed their consciences.

Responding to a list of questions published in the paper by Mr Scalfari, who is not a Roman Catholic, Francis wrote:

“You ask me if the God of the Christians forgives those who don’t believe and who don’t seek the faith. I start by saying – and this is the fundamental thing – that God’s mercy has no limits if you go to…

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Visionkeeper: Get Your Dragons Ready

I used to feel so alone in my understanding of the world. When I saw Avatar was the most popular movie in the world I was awed and grateful. Thank you for posting this, and thanks to everyone for waking up. I almost gave up, thinking people just didn’t care or want to understand. I almost feel like I am dreaming;-)

Openhearted Rebellion

Thanks to: http://lucas2012infos.wordpress.com/2013/09/12/visionkeeper-get-your-dragons-ready-12-september-2013/

anime-art-clouds-digital-art-dragon-Favim.com-320463(Picture by http://www.favim.com)

Music to read by below:

It is time to recall how we all felt when we walked out of the movie Avatar. It struck the hearts of so many, it opened a window for all to see what was becoming of our lives, what had been taken away and what we all needed to get back. We are the Navi now fighting for our world, fighting for that reconnection when we plug our tails into the mother tree. A reconnection with life! We see now where we have gone wrong, we see where we fell off the tracks, we know what we must do and what we must try to get back.

That is the beauty of where we are now, WE KNOW! Before we were stumbling blind through the darkness feeling wretched and not knowing why, alone and down hearted. No More! We can…

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A Message from White Cloud & the Light Collective, via Tazjima – 13 Sept 2013

Thank you, Elizabeth! Your posts are always so uplifting and helpful. Thank you for all you do!

Blue Dragon Journal


White Cloud & the Light Collective

by Eliza Ayres

As the golden rays of autumn light your skies in the northern latitudes, you are witnessing the demise of the old paradigm of war, divisive politics, financial manipulation, fear and greed. So much has changed in so little time; still, it isn’t enough for some who insist on urging others to “do” more. We respectfully submit that this behavior and manner of thought is still ego-driven. Yes, there is much to do, but it will take some time to adjust to the new energies. There has been so much change that many people find themselves feeling rather bewildered, tired and exhausted. Know that if they have the intent and desire to experience Ascension in this lifetime, then they will. Many will not; that is their free will choice and one that needs to be respected.

Our scribe has struggled through the…

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Venezuela’s New Culture Law Promotes “Decolonisation Thought” | venezuelanalysis.com

Thank you!

Indiĝenaj Inteligenteco

The law requires that both public and private enterprises that operate in the cultural sector with a net income exceeding 20,000 tax units currently equal to around BsF2.14 million must contribute 1% of their earnings to a newly created National Culture Fund.“This fund will be used to finance the creation, development, training, research, production, promotion, preservation, encouragement and consolidation of cultural activity,” the AN statement reads. The fund will be administered by the Ministry of Culture.The law also mandates the ministries of education and youth to work alongside the ministry of culture to promote the development of a “national identity” based on “decolonisation thought”.According to the AN statement, the law will “promote and guarantee the exercise of cultural creativity, the pre-eminence of the values of culture as a fundamental human right… recognising the national identity of cultural and ethnic diversity, multiculturalism and respecting the principle of cultural equality”.The statement also…

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