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‘Private militia’ firm ordered to close over Guarani killings

Thank you for posting this. I hope the govt really stops them.

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Brazil’s Public Prosecutors have called for the closure of a notorious security firm accused of carrying out at least eight brutal attacks on Guarani communities, and of killing at least two of their leaders.

Ranchers reportedly paid Gaspem 30,000 reais (US$ 12,700) each time it violently evicted Guarani Indians from their ancestral lands, which are now occupied by ranches and sugarcane plantations.

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Cobra Update 9-11-13… “Planetary Situation Update Part 1”

Thank you for posting this! Very interesting to get more perspectives on what goes on behind the scenes.
I have a hard time believing that the needed changes will be dropped on our laps so easily by insider actions or space based liberation forces.
Sure it would be nice to sit around reading and watching youtube in our pajamas as some external force solves our planetary problems for us but my personal intuition is not giving me even a little encouragement that this is likely. I’ve always, for over 40 years of working on this exact problem gotten the impression that this actually requires the people to wake up, stand up and speak up-ie grow up and take personal responsibility for ourselves and our Earth. We can do it! We don’t have to live our lives as spectators and children forever just because the cabal assigned us those pathetic roles. Believe in yourselves and in one another! You ( yes you!) are far more powerful than you realize.

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Finally! We Have Found the Perfect Way to Release Free Energy Technology to the People! (UPDATE)

Thank you for posting this and for all you have been doing! Everyone please read and share widely-make this viral if you can!!

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Hello Beautifuls!!

I feel our Golden Age is truly showing itself as being fully here, now, on Earth and in our hearts and minds. We are absolutely astounded at the response and have been floating all day. Jamie and I have been talking about doing something big for humanity for years! And here’s our chance. There is no greater joy either of us can imagine – supplying something as meaningful as energy in a nice little packet, whose plans will be easily accessible as well as being able to supply complete units.

We now have a connection with 267 (and counting) of the greatest visionaries we know! And so many more on Facebook, Twitter, the FTW website (hopefully to be fully functioning very soon!), and we know YOU know the truth about energy: that we have been deprived of it for the sake…

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The Oracle Report Thursday, September 12, 2013



First Quarter Moon Phase: action, stepping out, expression

Moon: Sagittarius

Ruling Mahavidya: Shodashi (with Matangi, The Administrator)

We move into the First Quarter Moon phase at 1:00 pm EDT / 5:00 pm UTC today. When First Quarter phases begin, things become easier. We don’t struggle as much or feel as challenged.
But First Quarter phase comes with a great burst of energy. Internally, we feel pressure to break out, move, and step forward. Multiple astrological aspects today reinforce the theme of “breaking.” The desire to break rules, break free, break open, and break bad is strong. Emotions that have been building come out for examination. Whatever bursts or blurts out may be surprising, but whatever is revealed as a result of it is what is important. Getting things out in the open air is always good; we just need to maintain proper respect and appreciation of others as we do it. If there is something very important and potentially life-changing that you need or want to communicate, it is best saved for the Disseminating Moon phase, when sharing with others is most effective. Plus, we will have the benefit of wisdom gained from the rest of the First Quarter, Gibbous, and Full Moon phases by then.

Remember that Shodashi is busy fulfilling our highest desire this month. Remember also to trust and remain engaged with the beauty of nature.