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Radical Change!

Thank you, Lisa! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insight and for modeling the new paradigm with your open hearted generosity in sharing the hypnosis sessions which I feel will be such a blessing for many of us who may not be sure we’ve “got it” yet or done all that needs doing before the big step next week.

The Shift of Time and Energy!


From the perspective of the human laying flat out on the ground, I just want to shout out “when the hell will this end already!!??”  The human here, is so ready to tap out, call it enough… yet… that pesky freakin spirit says, ohh we can take more, this is just a minor inconvenience!  Ya ever just wanna smack yourSelf?  lol  But instead, I just curl up within mySelf, like a child in her mothers arms.

I look at the readings, so many people going thru a major cycle of completion, some already thru the harder times (humanly speaking) others in the midst of it, yet others getting ready for the big purge.  All of this, of course, is if we allow it.

This is NOT a time to squander one precious moment.

The first day the readings changed, the very first day I had seen the magnetic field of…

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Holy Cow! Vegan Recipes | Indian Vegan Recipes | Gluten-Free | Eggless Baking

Fruit and Nut Burfi, an Indian-Style Fudge

Fruit and Nut Burfi

Desi has a monster sweet tooth and I try as much as possible to keep it happy with homemade goodies like this Fruit and Nut Burfi. Made with no added sugar and with the wholesome goodness of dry fruits and nuts, this is a treat that’s not just delicious but also as healthy as a sweet can get.

Burfi, for those of you unfamiliar with the word, is an Indian-style fudge. If you were to walk into a sweets store in India, you’d find yourself face to face with burfis in every color of the rainbow. Burfis, like fudge, are cloyingly sweet and they are mostly made with milk or nuts. Because they are eaten on special occasions, they are almost as a rule cooked with ghee.

Fruit and Nut Burfi, an Indian-style fudge
Fruits and nuts
My very vegan Fruit and Nut Burfi is blissfully dairy-free. I had some beautiful dates gifted by my friend Margo that I wanted to use for something special, and I always have figs and almonds on hand because Desi loves chopping some into his breakfast each morning. Into all of this fruity goodness I stirred in some almonds and walnuts. And instead of ghee, I used some delicious coconut oil which, like ghee, thickens at room temperature, helping the burfi firm up, and adds amazing flavor.

This is a very simple recipe with just six ingredients, and there is not much that can go wrong — it’s almost fool-proof. But there is a little hard labor involved in stirring up the fruit and nut paste until it’s cooked, about 25 minutes altogether. To my mind, that’s not a high price for a lot of deliciousness.

(For the actual recipe and to read the whole post with pictures and comments please click the link below-
http://www.holycowvegan.net/2013/08/fruit-and-nut-burfi-indian-style-fudge.html?m=1 )

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Third Trimester Recap

Thank you, Denise! I am so very looking forward to this next stair-step change. I feel (finally!!) so ready to Do (my life purpose, my laundry-anything but keep being in this bed!:-) but still so physically unable to do much of anything that it is rather odd. I have been very heartened by how many people I’ve been hearing being more kibd, discussing the shift of consciousness, or the new world anytime I get out to a dr or grocery store. For years it seemed like the bulk of humanity planned to hit the snooze button for another millenia. If I didn’t already believe in the power of unseen energetic changes to produce visible change on Earth I would now;-) Thank you for all you do, Denise. The effects reach so much farther than might be apparent.

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The manuscript of survival – part 354

Thank you, Aisha!

aisha north

As many of you have noticed already, there is a sort of quickening in the air, as if something that has been long awaited has started to announce its arrival. At first, this will only be noticeable as small pockets of purer air, where everything seems to be lighter and brighter, and where you will find yourself resting as if at ease with all that exists. For there, it will be like you are truly newborn, as if you start over again with a clean slate, devoid of any scrathings from all the old world’s toil and troubles. We know that for some of you, this may sound like a far away dream, while for others, these words will ring true in all sorts of ways. But please believe us when we say that these small pockets of luxurious feeling of contentment and ease are about to start to expand…

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