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Doggerland: The Ice Age, Sea Level Rise, and Human Migration

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I’m not all that interested in the debate with the folks who think the Earth is only 4000years old but the rest of this post is fascinating. Like Hancock’s Underworld, Doggerland reminds us that most if human prehistory may have been effectively hidden under hundreds of feet of ocean.

Naturalis Historia

Update Feb 2014:  I have rewritten this article with updated information here:  Fishing For Fossils in the North Sea: The Lost World of Doggerland

You may have seen reports of the discovery of the “British Atlantis” circulating the web.   Those stories seem to have been sparked by a new display of recent research at the Royal Society and especially this article which has some good images.   Briefly, what has been found is further evidence that between Great Britain and western Europe there used to be no sea but dry land that was inhabited by a community of ice-age animals and plants including probably human populations.   This is not a new idea but new technology and renewed human efforts have led to the discovery of much more evidence to support this hypothesis.   I find the articles to be too fluffy and so it is difficult to…

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