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The Oracle Report Wednesday, September 18, 2013

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Gibbous Moon Phase: analyze, prepare, digest, trust
Moon: Pisces

Ruling Mahavidya: Shodashi

Shodashi gallops onto the field of consciousness, poised to repair damage done to the collective of humanity. WIth composure and elegance, she takes aim. As she prepares to release, a smile crosses her lips. A surprise. From her left and her right, Kali and Tara emerge to flank her sides. The Triumvirate of Mahavidyas unites to ovetake the field.

Despite the battlefield imagery, today’s energy is not a “war;” it’s resonance of energy. Weaker signals entrain to stronger signals. In other words, weaker forces (weaker as in farther from Truth/Source/Light) are overcome by stronger forces (stronger as in closer to Truth/Source/Light). You could call it magic or alchemy, but It’s really all about frequency waves -the physics of Spirit.

Rectification is a term that describes the energy that is released today and ripples in a wave throughout the Full Moon phase, the Harvest Moon, which begins tomorrow. The Moon reaches its fullest point at 7:12 am EDT / 11:12 am UTC tomorrow, September 19, 2013, but tonight it is most powerfully full against the night sky. The wave of energy looks like this photograph of the sunset, from wise owl/Oracle Report reader Christine’s eye, posted back at the New Moon. It’s hard for us to imagine, but this sight is intolerable to some. It is blinding. They are forced to block themselves from it with everything they have. It feels like annihilation to them, so they will use everything at their disposal to try to stop it. They will deplete their resources by taking massive countermeasures because they know it’s over for them. So, you could say “it’s on.” We are entering a dramatic time in the history of world events.

But we see today’s picture as a great big, glittering, glowing gift because we know what it is! It’s all of the pain, suffering, and trauma that has collected in the mindscape of humanity transmuted into light and sent back to the source of that pain, suffering, and trauma – the Archons and their minions that have ruled the world. This is the beginning of the end of that domination. Their efforts will simply not hold the power they did. Shodashi’s Wave of Rectification overtakes.

So today, all things are shaken by vibrations that rectify. No matter what transpires, everything is directing back to a proper course. The course of our lives is correcting.

Be aware that this will manifest in things “shattering” or breaking apart. That’s ok because from the pieces, a more beautiful experience will form. Reform. The shattering may be hard to witness or bear, but this is only because light needs to be brought to it.

The Wave of the Second Renaissance begins today.


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