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Welcome to the second Gathering around the Pond, Sunday June 2. by Aisha North

If you saw this when it was originally posted back in June you saw a beautiful image of multicoloured butterflies some with patterns. I added the image to the post because I was so inspired by it when I found it in a collection of “copyright free clip art”. I was unaware until the artist informed me in the comments below this article that such sites are often illegally sharing copyrighted work.
So I am reposting this with a link to the artist’s work
(  http://shutterstock.com/g/stolenpencil ) as an apolology for unknowingly pirating her image. Also I think her work is beautiful and if any of my readers are looking for images to purchase for other projects you may find something perfect in her portfolio. I think a lot her images would be ideal in textile/fabric art-the colorful butterfly image that was in this post would be perfect on a set of curtains for a little girl’s bedroom for instance. She also has an a piece that is a gorgeous pattern of blue flowers that would be equally attractive on a set of dishes, as a background for a scrapbooking project or a fabric for upholstering furniture or curtains. A fewof her other Iimages remind me of some of the textile patterns from Ikea only I think hers are prettier. So check out her page and share it with others who could benefit-and be aware that when you find “free images” they might not really be free!

Spirit In Action

I love the imagery and the feeling of love, connection and kindness that pervades Aisha’s posts! Many times I have read posts about current spiritual and energetic events and just sort of files them away not really understanding in the moment, but later something happens that the thing I read turns out very helpful. I recently had an experience like this, from an earlier post of Aisha’s for which I am extremely grateful. I hope that by sharing these, some of her beautiful butterflies find others for whom their magic will work;-)

No matter how rough your current experience may be, never doubt that you are on a spiritual journey, you ARE deserving of and headed for so much beauty and joy, even tho it often may seem anomalous or unreal.

Dear friends!

Last night, I had such a wonderful vision. I saw myself finally opening up my heart by…

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The Oracle Report Friday, September 20, 2013



Full Moon Phase: fulfillment, illumination, realization
Moon: Aries

Ruling Mahavidya:


Before you get too disappointed about today’s photograph, you have to see the full picture. Click here *(I have copied the full photo into this post on Spirit in Action so you don’t have to:-))* to see the image of the Harvest Moon rising over Radisson Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada by C Tyreman and posted on spaceweather’s gallery.

Isn’t it that way in life? We see one part, but there is always a bigger picture.

What do you think the whooping cranes are doing in this picture? Your interpretation tells a lot about where you psyche is today. Are they taking flight? Running scared? Stomping around?

Or are they whooping it up? The highest octave of today’s energy says this is precisely what they are doing. Why? Because they are in tune with the harmonics of the divine being embodied as our planet – Gaia Sophia. She is in ecstatic celebration of the fact that humanity is awake and co-creating with a progressively strong harmonic of its own. The Harvest Moon is the marker

However…it will be challenging to remain in the mindscape of celebration because of many astrological effects, not least of which is Pluto stationing direct (appear to move forward in the sky again). Today, Pluto holding in its retrograde path and then stationing back to direct motion.

Picture a rock in a slingshot stretched back as far as the sling will go, vibrating from the tension, and then forcefully released. This is what today’s energy is like.

Pluto went retrograde on April 13, 2013, so you can think back to what was going on in your life around that time. That area of your life has been re-worked by Pluto. Pluto transforms at the very, very deepest levels.

Recall that while Pluto was in its retrograde motion, it made an opposition with the Black Moon. The combination of Pluto and the Black Moon equals serious, committed relationships. The energy of Pluto stationing direct today revisits this theme with events, circumstances, and situations related to relationships where emotions run deep.

Relationship issues are further enhanced by Venus’ approach make a square with Mars. Venus and Mars equal all types of relationships, not just serious, committed relationships like the way Pluto and the Black Moon do. Squares produce changes. We make sudden turns. Squares between Venus and Mars often incite anger and jealousy. Today, Venus is in exact trine to Chiron, the planet of wounding and healing, flavoring the energy with the tendency to hurt self or others based on the true feelings about self. We can be very harsh and critical of ourselves under Venus-Chiron energy, and if we can’t handle it, we usually project it onto others.

So you see the energetic set-up. This will play out throughout the weekend, and there is a lot to absorb here, so this post will remain throughout the weekend. If you revisist it later, you will understand it differently because the various energies will be playing out in our individual lives in a unique sequence.

Let’s return to the mission this weekend: to celebrate the massive marker in time, Shodashi’s Wave, where the tide turns toward light, love, and freedom. We aren’t just the wise owls; we are the whooping cranes.

As such, we are “in touch with some reality, beyond the gilded cage…” and with that, the song for the day is “Limelight” by Rush.

(Note: I often send a message to the Oracle Report community on Facebook about the song of the day, usually after the daily report has already been published. The Mahavidyas are indeed musical.)


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Some of our Amazing Discoveries in Australia: Projects and Partners that can change the planet. Australian FTW Tour Part 2.

Thank you for posting this and even more for doing it!
There are so many grass root solutions sprouting and groups working toward healing our world that it simply IS going to happen. Bless you all for all you are doing. Alone we each may feel helpless in the face of such huge problems but together we truly are unstoppable:-)

Hopegirl Blog Archives 2012-2015


The Hopegirl Fix the World (FTW) Australia tour was a smashing success! Though my intention was to blog from the road, the trip was absolutely jam packed with activities and it was difficult to find the time. To follow up, this is one post in a series of blog posts intended to give a full reporting of the amazing discoveries that were made on our trip to help fix our world. FTW Council member Peppi Meikle from New Zealand and Hopegirl from America spent three amazing weeks traveling the East Coast of Australia. We met over 200 people in person, slept in 7 peoples homes, held 4 community meetings, met with business advisors, discovered and met with amazing planet changing project managers and made deep connections with some new important partners. Our biggest heartfelt thanks goes out to all of the people who funded us on our crowdfunding campaign. If…

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Disturbing Reactions In India to Miss America

Thank you for posting this. It is almost comical that an event based on glorifying a narrow definition of female beauty and the objectification of women now turns out to also highlight the racist aspect of that when a spectacularly perfect vision of youth and female beauty wins but people then critique her skin tone.
I wanna see see a brown Samoan grandma win;-) and then I’ll know we are emerging from patriarchy back into reality. Beauty radiates from the soul I have seen radiantly beautiful beings of all genders and ages ( and species-Have you ever seen a tree or a hawk or dolphin that was NOT beautiful???)

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The Only Being

Thank you for posting this. As the Beatles sang so long ago all we need is Love-and God IS Love so we’ve always got all we need;-)


There are many religions and paths to journey in this lifetime. Everyone is certain that their way is the right way. I would like to put forth the theory that everyone is right. There is one Divine Being and it makes no difference what we call him/her/it. It doesn’t matter how we contact Divinity.

There is no God of any people who is not his God, no spiritual teacher of any creed who is not his teacher.There is no sacred scripture that he does not accept, since he is a worshipper of light and a follower of love. Yet he is free from all the world’s distinctions and differences.

The diversity of names in the universe to him is a veil of illusion which covers unity, the one life. Only One lives, and all manifestations are to him the phenomenon of that one life.

Sufi’s call their concept…

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When Is Rape Okay

Thank you for sharing this. It is mind boggling that children have been taught to believe these insane things. The worst thing about the colonizer is that over time the colonizer becomes the self. The programming gets in so deep it is indistinguishable from our own thoughts.
In a world where the torture, irradiation and mass murder of millions of people for the purpose of obtaining their resources and the mass murder of animals for food is not just ok but standard and common-how could we expect children to learn that using force to take what you want from another is not okay?


When Is Rape Okay

When Is Rape Okay


Yesterday I saw a post on Facebook. I went to the author’s website and found (just for clarification); that when these high school students were asked to answer the questions, it was on a rating scale 0-5. Zero equaled not agreeing at all, therefore symbolic of “NO”. Any rating over zero, would be counted as a “yes”. I just wanted that to be clear before I wrote this, although I don’t think that the number on the scale that each child chose, above zero matters. Allow me just this courtesy…RAPE IS WRONG.


This post had me thinking, past the lump I felt in my throat. I was disappointed in the fact that these young males felt this way; for any man to think it would ever be okay to force sex upon another.  What I found deeply disturbing was that any female would think…

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