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Welcome to the second Gathering around the Pond, Sunday June 2. by Aisha North

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If you saw this when it was originally posted back in June you saw a beautiful image of multicoloured butterflies some with patterns. I added the image to the post because I was so inspired by it when I found it in a collection of “copyright free clip art”. I was unaware until the artist informed me in the comments below this article that such sites are often illegally sharing copyrighted work.
So I am reposting this with a link to the artist’s work
(  http://shutterstock.com/g/stolenpencil ) as an apolology for unknowingly pirating her image. Also I think her work is beautiful and if any of my readers are looking for images to purchase for other projects you may find something perfect in her portfolio. I think a lot her images would be ideal in textile/fabric art-the colorful butterfly image that was in this post would be perfect on a set of curtains for a little girl’s bedroom for instance. She also has an a piece that is a gorgeous pattern of blue flowers that would be equally attractive on a set of dishes, as a background for a scrapbooking project or a fabric for upholstering furniture or curtains. A fewof her other Iimages remind me of some of the textile patterns from Ikea only I think hers are prettier. So check out her page and share it with others who could benefit-and be aware that when you find “free images” they might not really be free!

Spirit In Action

I love the imagery and the feeling of love, connection and kindness that pervades Aisha’s posts! Many times I have read posts about current spiritual and energetic events and just sort of files them away not really understanding in the moment, but later something happens that the thing I read turns out very helpful. I recently had an experience like this, from an earlier post of Aisha’s for which I am extremely grateful. I hope that by sharing these, some of her beautiful butterflies find others for whom their magic will work;-)

No matter how rough your current experience may be, never doubt that you are on a spiritual journey, you ARE deserving of and headed for so much beauty and joy, even tho it often may seem anomalous or unreal.

Dear friends!

Last night, I had such a wonderful vision. I saw myself finally opening up my heart by…

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