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Crime fighters try a new way to uproot thugs and punks — weed out the flower pickers

This is awesome.Wise, funny and informative-just go read it!:-)

Laura Bruno's Blog

Where, oh, where is that pixie dust?!

We’re approaching a serious back-order situation. Fascists and Frankenfreaks are suffering from extreme pixie dust deficiency. That’s PDD to the CDC. I’m sure they’re already trying to genetically engineer pixie-dust-virus-meat-turdburgers, fortify high fructose Franken-corn-syrup, or perhaps even come out with a fabulous vaccine guaranteed to make you an Unseelie Court Fae if it doesn’t kill you first; however, whilst we wait with baited breath … the stanchest protectors of 3Dality need I.V. pixie dust.


I always say that if you want to find out what will liberate you, then look at what the control freaks persecute like Medieval Crusaders: industrial hemp, raw milk and other organic food co-ops, small organic farmers, the entire Bill of Rights and US Constitution, alternative currencies, front yard gardens, vitamins and natural supplements, sunshine (can you say “chemtrails,” toxic sunscreens, and a decades long propaganda…

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For Mermaid Believers Everywhere

I love the mythic truths so often denied by those who claim to have absolute knowledge of all that can possibly exist. A very oversimplified vernacular of reality at the quantum level is “everything that cc an happen will/does” so denying “anomalous things” that others perceive imho reveals a singular lack of emotional development-a cognitive stunting that is rewarded heavily in colonized culture.
If there are Galactic species and races who live under water why should they or their Earth grown cousins not be here? Foreclosing possibility and limiting imagination leads to boredom, excess tv watching and shopping-I guess we can see why the colonizers promote it so heavily;-)  Thank you for creating this post. It is beautiful to be reminded each day that the Universeis bigger, wilder and more wondrous and amazing than we could even guess!:-)

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A short update on the energies

Thank you, Aisha!
I really needed to see this as sometimes I seem to experience things a bit “off” timewise from everyone else and instead of feeling clear pristine light I was more bowled over as someone mentioned above feeling very touched by things but also overflowing with unexpected emotions, feeling overwhelmed a bit and even a bit stressed and sad-not what I was expecting! Often I get things in different order or timing tho so your message gives me hope of what to look forward to once I process it a bit I guess. I wanted to share this in case anyone else also has the odd off timing so they won’t feel as I dI’d before I realized its just a different way of processing the changing energy. I used to worry every time that I had gone off track somehow. I have learned to trust that even when everyone else is feeling great and I’m in tears that my experience is just timed different not broken. Thank you all for holding that space of joy and beauty while those of us taking the roundabout route catch up!:-)

aisha north

Dear friends!

Yesterday ended with a massive injection of energy for me. As I have already commented under the previous post, I sat down last night, connected to the Pond and tuned into the Equinox energies. It was SO powerful. I ”saw” us all turning into these individual white flames that formed a blazing circle around the turquoise waters of the Pond. I heard the word ”fusing” as I felt a strong current of particles surging through this whole circle, and the image I got, was that we were something similar to the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. I collapsed into my bed after about 40 minutes of this, but the energies kept rushing through me for another two hours or so. This morning, I felt so full of energy, I had to go and literally dig in the dirt on my vegetable plot for several hours before I sat…

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The Oracle Report Monday, September 23, 2013



Disseminating Moon Phase: sharing, teaching, communication

Moon: Taurus

Ruling Mahavidya: Shodashi (with Matangi)

The Sun has moved into the sign of Libra, joining Pluto, the Black Moon, Jupiter, Uranus, and Mercury in what we call “cardinal” signs in astrology. Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn are the cardinal signs. Cardinal signs are the “hinge” signs. When the Sun enters a cardinal sign, the seasons change. Cardinal signs produce drastic changes, initiations, and alterations of course.

The Sun entering the cardinal sign of Libra empowers each of these planets. As the Sun moves through Libra over the next month, it will make a square to each of them. Squares are also active times when we make changes – right turns. Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter, and the Black Moon are among the heaviest-hitting planets in astrology.

The key dates are October 1 – 2, 4-5, 11-12, and 14 -15. Note that the New Moon phase begins October 4 – right in one of these windows. The month of the Libra New Moon is going to be very dramatic in the world at large. Forces that were disempowered by the Wisdom Goddesses’ wave (from Shodashi, Kali, and Tara) will rush to make moves with whatever power they have left.

So we see what is ahead. And to prepare for it, we will use the remaining Moon phases from this Virgo cycle to store personal energetic resources. Translation: we will squeeze as much love and fun out of life as possible. We are going to strengthen our “root system” with the planet and strengthen our mindset. We know that the Archons have lost; but it will not look like it at first. Now what we need to do is weather the consequences of their temper tantrum. When the Illuminati strike back, we will remember it is nothing more than a tantrum.

For today, we continue to feel the approach of Venus making a square to Mars. This produces lots and lots of anger and it usually projected in relationships. If we are unhappy, uncomfortable, or feel unsupported, this energy tends to have us act it out with other people. We take it out on others. We are in the Disseminating Moon phase, which already engages us more with others. So we need to handle our own stuff and be respectful of others. If your buttons get pushed, go outside and take a walk. A wise owl has learned to interrupt the circuit of reaction.

(We are always under the energy of Shodashi, the Goddess Who is Beautiful in All Worlds, when the Sun moves in Libra – the sign most appreeciative of true beauty – that which is good, kind, loving in form. The form or shape of what is to come is Shodashi’s domain. We remember that the grandest desire of our true selves is forming. )

The air definitely shifts today. Since Uranus is in Aries, the opposite sign of Libra, we will feel Uranus most of all. Uranus brings sudden changes, the unexpected, accidents, electricity, course corrections, alignment, dramatic events from out of the blue, insomnia, and anxiety. Uranus feels like lightning in the body. It is a huge jolt. Pay careful attention while driving, cooking, or handling fire.

Today, let’s keep things rolling Shodashi-style. Connect in with the beauty of nature and you connect in with the divine. And if you’d like a little help with your own course correction/connection via an astrological reading, email me atlaura@oraclereport.comor through thiscontact form. The time has come to offer readings, and I have openings as early as October 5.

Remember to squeeze as much fun and love out of life as possible and keep anger in check.

(If you missed last Friday’s post or this past weekend’s, you may want to go into the Archives and read them. A lot of information is coming through right now.)


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Meeting my Protector Ship Face to Face !! by Multidimensional Ocean 22 Sept 2013

Thank you for sharing that Laura. It must be such a beautiful balance to a stressful week to have these sort of interactions becoming almost comfortable and commonplace. Did you ask for this protection or was it their idea? (I know you are super busy so no need to answer, just sort of thinking out loud along the lines of what would I tell someone who wanted to experience something similar-and I just remembered that you had a bunch of posts about that a while back. If any other long term readers recall the posts I am talking about could you comment in this post on Spirit in Action so my readers can look them up? It seems like more people are losing the knee jerk response and becoming more open to such things. Just like back in the 80’s we started forming friendships and pen pals between Russia and the US-proving the govts cold war nonsense didnt control us and then they got over it:-) imagine the same thing will happen now if enough people start making non-Earth based friends the whole lonely planet lie will expire too.:-)

Multidimensional Ocean

After having had without any shadow of a doubt the most difficult week in my life, I am home for the weekend.
My partner called me upstairs this morning, with his most blase tone of voice, telling me: ” Oh shit! another UFO outside the window! come and see”.. and indeed! it was!!
Not only did my personal scout ship pilot come down almost at the level of my upstairs window as my partner and I were having a disagreement on a silly thing, he stopped us from arguing, by showing up….

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Citizens Fight Back Against Orwellian Panopticon

An article in my local newspaper alerted me to a wonderful aspect of America that stands in direct counterpoint to the fascist corporate servitude, international bullying, and all the other unpleasant stuff we’ve learned are standard operating procedure for our ruling classes both govt and corporate.

It is the irrepressible American response to that same authoritarianism that so many Americans have taken to BE our national character.

This spirit variously called “Don’t Tread on Me”, ” American ingenuity” and here in the South “Git’er done!”:-) is characterized by refusing to accept control or oppression when it is made plain.

(When it is the sneaky underhanded programming and trickery used to “manufacture consent” we seem to fall for it a lot more, unfortunately.)

As the revelations of our extensive surveillance state come to light some Americans have naturally responded by creating ways around the spying.

The article introduced the fledgling company called “Zeekly” which aims to replace the spy friendly search engine corporations as our go to searching tool.

I found the tagline and description below on their website, also listed below.

Feel free to let me know what you all think of this. I immediately liked the idea of avoiding intrusive creepy targeted ads, and who really wants a bunch of spooks perusing your field of interests looking for clues that you are some crazed terrorist just because you search for something like Dutchsinse or Alex Jones?

(as much as I really do Love nasturtiums the ads on every site since I searched for a list of seed varieties a few days ago are disturbing)l

Zeekly.com – Internet Search Engine With Safe Browsing & Privacy Protection

Privacy- Zeekly searches the web’s best resources (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, Youtube, iTunes, etc) and provides this information to you in a safe and secure environment that protects your privacy. Contrary to most internet search engines, we do not store a history of your search activity (search terms & sites visited), and our site is running on 2048-bit SSL encryption to insure your web searches are private and protected from others.

How is Zeekly Different? There are several “privacy based” search engines on the internet. All of these companies solely pull search results from other places. However, in addition to doing this, Zeekly has its own spider technology (ZeeklyBot) built on Hypertable (equivalent to BigTable that runs Google’s high powered web indexing system). Zeekly is building its own proprietary indexes of the web. So, in addition to protecting your privacy, we’re in this to help shape the future of internet search. This makes us a very unique company in the market. We are truly excited about the future, and look forward to providing advanced search products to you in the years ahead!