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‘Hell Yes’ Ways to Empower Happiness

Thank you for posting this!
In Robert Anton Wilson’s book “The Illuminati Papers” he has a chart cslled “Winners and Losers”. This post contains many of the same items as the “winners” column in the chart.
Wilson explains in that book and others (notably Prometheus Rising which I recommend everyone read) that these winner and loser scripts are written originally in our psychological imprints which are neural patterns set up during certain pivotal points in human development. This is also well explained in Dr Leary’s 8 Circuit Model if consciousness which is similar to Gurdjieff’s model but with more neuroscience.
The wonderful thing about these imprints is they are capable of being re-imprinted successfully if you happen to have gotten “loser” imprints due to poor childhood environment.
So if you know the things on this list make sense but you have difficulty making them work in your life you might find either of Wilson’s books mentioned above very helpful-or else just search online for Leary’s 8circuit model and “re-imprinting”. There are also many good books on recovery from abusive and alchoholic family systems, recovery from addictions, and overcoming depression that have techniques for re-imprinting but do not use that term. If anyone is interested in this and daunted by researching just leave a comment on this post and I will dig up a list of titles and websites that you can use.

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The Oracle Report Tuesday, September 24, 2013



Disseminating Moon Phase: sharing, teaching, communication

Moon: Gemini

Ruling Mahavidya: Shodashi (with Matangi)

Today calls for taking what’s available and making something different of it.

The energy could be characterized as “hyper.” Emotions, reactions, obsession with details and planning, and, most of all, themes and issues related to support, sustenance, and help (the Black Moon in Cancer themes) are pronounced. Lots of things are “showing out” from the light of last week’s Harvest Full Moon and the events that transpired during it.

Everything is hyper because Venus is approaching aspect with Marsand also with Jupiter. Jupiter takes everything to larger proportions. The effects are apparent in relationships of all types, but more so in romantic relationships. There are hair-trigger responses, verbal outbursts, temptations, conflicts, and reactivation of old wounds. There is also a component to this energy that is divisive.

Think of all these things, all of the themes of this energy, as different colors of paint in a painter’s box. Our mission today is to turn these colors into something else – a painting that is a true piece of art.

Or, if you are feeling another way – a “darker” way, perhaps – take a bunch of “junk” and turn it into a cool piece, metaphorically speaking. We are talking about your feelings about yourself. Clean it up and restore it a little or re-purpose it altogether. Smashed up stuff recombined into mosaics or other forms can make something more interesting than it was before.

This artistic endeavor to transform energy is facilitated by the directives of Disseminating Moon phase: share, teach, and communicate. Communication is what will transform the energy into something beautiful. This means any type of communication, including creative expression. Slowing to a steady pace, not getting overwhelmed with details and plans, and giving people/situations some space will also help.

I want to add that this is not a narcissitic activity. This is individually-alchemized transformation of energy, and therefore transformation of reality. It’s about leaving the cage of consciousness.

Bottom line: Don’t just settle for what you get today; turn it a different way.


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The Obamacare Handbook

Thank you for posting this! I was shocked and horrified the other day when I went to page recommended to me for a general strike against corruption in our govt. There were so many people involved who just wanted to shut down the govt to block Obamacare and even impeach our President ( gor imposing it and being according to them a Muslim socialist!) This information can legitimately be called suppressed.
Please read and share this so people can find answers and get the care they need (unless they live in FL and are low income:-(

Awake Black Woman


This post will have pretty much everything you need to understand what the Affordable Care Act can do for you, and in many cases is already doing for you. The focus here will be in debunking myths and lies, consolidating truth and information, and will be geared toward individuals and families, but will include info on what to do if you are a business/owner and want to/already are compliant with ACA law.


Many of you are confused about what the dealyo is with Obamacare. And I don’t blame you. certain entities have spent a lot of time and effort and your tax money to do just that. Please don’t let someone else decide things for you. This post is to help you along the way so you get all the FACTS and then can make an informed decision Your Self.

For you net-savvy ones all you need is THIS…

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WHO is Breeding All of These Bullies??? They ARE Potential Murderers…

Thank you for posting this. Bullying is awful and unfortunately pervasive in our society-tho it gets different names when adults do it.
Derrick Jensen explains in his book A Language Older Than Words why this is. He says the culture is based on violence, power-over and control and this paradigm is holographic that is it appears at every level from the micro such as bullying and abusive families all the way up to the macro of imprisoning mass amounts of our population and being almost constantly at war with someone or something.
Until we change the culture that consistently rewards the loudest, pushiest, most violent and selfish among us we won’t be able to eradicate micro level violence such as children bullying other children or men beating their wives and girlfriends to death.
Until that happens I think teaching our children to respect themselves and defend themselves is very important. As an autistic kid I was subject to near constant attempts to bully me. While my self esteem surely suffered from the almost total lack of acceptance or friendship within my peer group, bullying *never* succeeded. Whether that bullying involved ongoing verbal taunts or physical violence (both were present consistently-at least until I demonstrated my responses) I never allowed the bullies to derive any satisfaction from their bad behaviour.
In some cases a lack of response worked, in others lack of fear combined with kindness, in others lack of fear and aggression or simply blocking violence with an equal or greater response. The significant thing that can be taught is the child being bullied NEVER ALLOWS THE BULLY TO CONTROL THE SITUATION.
Murdoch on the A-team was one of my heroes as a kid. Like me he was smaller and smarter than almost everyone he encountered. And with the help of his friends he always won:-). I didn’t usually have friends, but I did share his ability to keep control freaks off balance:-)
The other thing that I wish every bullied child had that helped me was a wonderful Mom who made sure I could talk to her and tell her anything. She made sure I knew my value as a living being had absolutely nothing to do with what a bunch of snot nosed spoiled brats thought of me. I also grew up with brothers and cousins who accepted my tomboy nature to mean they could be just as violent with me as one another so I *knew* I could hold my own in a fight- I was never scared to fight back even tho I was so tiny ecen into college people thought I was 5 to 10 years younger than I really was.
Martial arts training should be a girl thing as much as or more than dolls and dance (tho dancers can often get the same physical and confidence benefits if they have the right mindset). Bruce Lee who was not a big guy hunted bullies for fun in college:-)
The culture creates this and must be changed but we don’t have to wait for that to create massive improvements in the potential victims lives. Ideally schools take it seriously and expel repeat offenders but failing that there are lots of steps parents and others who care can take to make things better.

Berna's Vibe~The Way I See IT....

The story of 12-year-old Rebecca Ann Sedwick is beyond tragic..More I hear about it the more my heart breaks; just breaks! I’m not ashamed to admit I cried when the story unfolded…A 12-year-old resorts to suicide after being bullied by a DOZEN youth online..A dozen! I just can’t wrap my mind around the pain her parents must feel..Helpless probably can’t describe IT..At 12 yrs old one’s life has barely begun; and now this young girl is gone. Forever..How in the heck did things come to this point??? Bullying is FAR out of control..>>

WE live in a world which is full of sordid , tainted, VILE, and violent images and behavior..IF we don’t dispute it & stand quietly as it happens? WE are part of the problem. My mind is swirling with thoughts upon thoughts about this topic..VIOLENCE is everywhere..And some of it is associated with activities known as…

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