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‘Hell Yes’ Ways to Empower Happiness

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Thank you for posting this!
In Robert Anton Wilson’s book “The Illuminati Papers” he has a chart cslled “Winners and Losers”. This post contains many of the same items as the “winners” column in the chart.
Wilson explains in that book and others (notably Prometheus Rising which I recommend everyone read) that these winner and loser scripts are written originally in our psychological imprints which are neural patterns set up during certain pivotal points in human development. This is also well explained in Dr Leary’s 8 Circuit Model if consciousness which is similar to Gurdjieff’s model but with more neuroscience.
The wonderful thing about these imprints is they are capable of being re-imprinted successfully if you happen to have gotten “loser” imprints due to poor childhood environment.
So if you know the things on this list make sense but you have difficulty making them work in your life you might find either of Wilson’s books mentioned above very helpful-or else just search online for Leary’s 8circuit model and “re-imprinting”. There are also many good books on recovery from abusive and alchoholic family systems, recovery from addictions, and overcoming depression that have techniques for re-imprinting but do not use that term. If anyone is interested in this and daunted by researching just leave a comment on this post and I will dig up a list of titles and websites that you can use.

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