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4 Pillars of Sovereignty

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I really appreciate and concur with this post and want to share it with you all-but with one caveat.
As a person who worked to get Agenda 21adopted I cannot concur with it being listed as a problem. The exact process the author suggests in this post was usef to create it. People in 67 countries spent countless hours meeting in dmall groups of concerned citizens to first work out a plan for helping humanity move to sustainability and long term survival from greed and selfish exploitation of the Earth and other living beings including other humans.
Much care was taken to make the plan respectful and positive for ALL stakeholders. It is nonbinding and after re-reading the full text on the UN site I cannot find a single one of the things people accuse it of.
The “problem” wuth Agenda 21 is that it encourages RESPECT for all living beings-including women, children, indigenous people, animals, ecosystems etc and that really ticks off reactionaries, control freaks and other selfish ( sservice to self) types.
If a local government is doing something corrupt and blaming Agenda 21-that is still *corruption* not Agenda 21. Tearing down the hard work of others who also want a better world is divisive and slows progress toward the better world we ALL want and need.
We need a framework for sustainability and even though Agenda 21 is imperfect it took years of hard work to create so modifying the pieces that don’t work well, and cleaning up the corruption that is the REAL problem would make so much more sense. The people behind the campaign against Agenda 21-thr koch brothers and the john birch society are obviously not interested in a world that works for everyone. So rather than being divided by their smokescreen on this I suggest people actually read the thing and see if those caring citizens in 67 countries didn’t actually create something SO GOOD and useful that the cabal desperately wants us to fight over it rather than gain the benefits of working together.
Anything created with that much LOVE, imho, simply cannot be designed to do evil.

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