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Reaching the Magickal Turning Point May Not Feel So Magickal

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Thank you so much, Tania, for posting this! I have spoken to so many who expected the equinox to be a turning point that felt good and joyful and who are now a bit shocked and confused by all the stress and craziness in the world and in their lives. In psychology thst kast nig explosion of negativity, fear, addictive behavior etc as a person is trying to change is cslled an “extinction burst” because it is ususlly followed by an ending of the unwanted behavior. The word has come into my mind a lot lately!

Tania Marie

Today, after reflecting on the energy and themes of experiences circulating with people I know directly or indirectly, I had the inspiration to want to share some supportive words for anyone going through that turning point – the pivotal and transitional period in their life where things may not feel so good in the moment while the beautiful and perfect process unfolds.

Like anything, the words shared can trigger a shift, sometimes fully promote change if we are at that ready-stage, or are a stepping stone to further integrative healing to process, as we DO want to hit all the levels to the core of things, right? Not just understand mentally and regurgitate it verbally.  😉

I had the intent of what I wanted to say and yet was guided, instead, to go to my home library of books to see if anything wanted to channel through as a message…

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