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The Oracle Report Monday, September 30, 2013

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Third Quarter Moon Phase: realignment, revision, responsibility Moon: Leo

Ruling Mahavidya: Shodashi (with Matangi)

We get “wise” to something today. The energy has the tendency to show us what’s been right in front of our faces but hard to see. We have to look dead center to recognize it.

Don’t misunderstand elements of today’s energy that make things seem broken, powerless, or impotent. These things are undergoing transformation.

Today is the last day of the Third Quarter Moon phase and technically the last day of the lunar month of Shodashi’s Wave (see Archives from September 5, 2013 to present). Please join me in a group meditation/prayer of thanks to Shodashi at 10:08 am EDT/ 2:08 pm UTC on Monday, September 30 (or anytime thereafter if you can’t make it then). We will use the energy of Mars at 22 Leo in trine to the Eris Point. This is how WE – those of us who are aligned with freedom of consciousness – USE THE ERIS POINT. We are warriors of love, so to speak.

Mars is also still in square to Venus. So we can pull a “Shodashi” and take all of the energy of last week’s Venus square Mars and send out our own wave of beauty in honor and thanks for her efforts over this past lunar month. It is like we are mimicking her actions with our own human flair. This is how the Universe works. Something is sent out and a response is returned. Like whale call. It’s the joy of Sophia and her emissaries, the Mahavidyas.
It doesn’t matter what you are occupied with at the designated time. You could be at work, in a meeting, washing dishes, driving a car, etc. This is a momentary thing. Set your phone alarm or other clock to remind you when it’s time. Then think about Shodashi and how much work has been done on behalf of freedom, wisdom, and beauty. Close your eyes, say “thanks” and connect with your heart. From your heart, send out a pulse. The pulses will join together (even if you do this meditation after the specified time – it will bend space time and find its way through signal resonance and then empower the original signal).
Prayers of thanks do not require that special “screens” or “protections” be put in place because the nature of the intention is already under a sacred zone (in other words, the state of mind of being spiritually grateful cannot be screwed with). So there is no danger here or anything for anyone to be worried about, but everyone should follow their own special version of things.


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