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‘BP lied about Gulf oil spill’

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Thank you for posting this. They don’t even mention here one of the most damaging things BP did in trying to hide how much oil was flowing-the Corexit. France warned the US government and BP before they usef it how deadly toxic Corexit is to ocean ecosystems yet tgey chise to pour *THE ENTIRE WORLD SUPPLY* into the Gulf of Mexico in order to obfuscate the amount of oil coming from their broken wellhead. I strongly suspect even the US government estimate is too low-especially since they cracked the floor if the Gulf and Macondo oil was found seeping from cracks some distance from the actual well head. That was never fixed, only no fly zones put in place to keep the oil slick photos from reaching the media:-(

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video from the USA is called The BP Oil Spill – 3 Years Later.

From Reuters news agency:

BP lied about size of U.S. Gulf oil spill, lawyers tell trial

Mon, 30 Sep 2013 09:01 PM

By Kathy Finn

NEW ORLEANS, Sept 30 – In the frantic days after the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill, BP lied about how much oil was leaking from its Macondo well and took too long to cap it, plaintiffs’ lawyers said on Monday at the opening of the second phase of the company’s trial.

The British oil company is fighting to hold down fines that could hit $18 billion at the trial, which will determine damages. BP‘s annualized earnings, based on last quarter, are running at about $17 billion.

“BP refused to spend any time or money preparing to stop a deepwater blowout at its source,” said Brian…

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