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Separation protocols previously operating on Gaia have been dissolved

Thank you!


gaia_energy1Separation protocols previously operating on Gaia have been dissolved, and will remain [dissolved]. Supporting grids [for such protocols] have been eliminated, and will not again arise.

Structurally sound consciousness has been achieved for this now moment, and all non-constructives are therefore not permitted.

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Step-ups in Frequencies of Gaia Ascension Protocols Occurs in this Moment-to-Moment…

Apologies for not sharing this when it was first posted. It appears my gaiaportal subscription along with several others just disappeared:-/ I’m correcting it now tho.


gaia_energy1Step-ups in frequencies of Gaia ascension protocols occurs in this moment-to-moment as humanity (small ‘h’) releases grasp on outdated “paradigms of sleep”.

All Gaia ascension protocols are up-stepped. Without exception.

Process toward finalization of Gaia Ascension readiness continues and all of hu-manity, as well as Hue-manity, approaches full consciousness.

Seeking of lower D solutions ceases as all Gaia inhabitants assert from “fullness of consciousness” states of Being.

“Return to good old times” paradigms are recognized as “not an option”.

hu-manity and Hue-manity understands.

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Why Should We Protect Our Oceans? Pt: I of 3

This blogger is a photographer with an excellent eye. Not sure if she took these herself but she always shares beautiful things that light a spark in your soul to see. If you have time be sure to check out more if her posts-the flowers and landscapes are my favorites but she has some interesting textual posts too.

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The Oracle Report Wednesday, October 2, 2013



Balsamic Moon Phase: release, heal, prepare, transform

Moon: Virgo

Ruling Mahavidya: Shodashi (with Matangi)

Ancient societies that lived in harmony with nature lived life according to the cycles of the Moon. They understood when it was natural to act and when it was natural to not act. Structured this way, Balsamic Moon phase would be a time when everyone would “power down” to a certain degree and spend more time resting, meditating, and pursuing solitary interests. It would be a time for personal, direct communication with Spirit. It would be a time when the landscape of your mind would be refreshed in preparation for the new energy signature of the upcoming New Moon.

The Mahavidyas, the Wisdom Goddesess, areteachers. Today, Shodashi is sending information, insight, circumstances, and events in order gauge where each of us is with our level of understanding of what she has been teaching this month. It’s a complicated lesson to assess because the lesson was actually initiated by another teacher many months ago and has been built upon until now.

Powering down is harder to do today because the Sun is activating Uranus and Pluto. This is intense energy that brings the sudden, the deep, the unexpected, the surprise, the change, and the accidental. But in a “powered down” mode, we are more centered and connected, and therefore better able to handle anything that might develop under the astrological influences.

We are “slaves to time” in that our society is not organized around how to produce and live naturally. We are organized into a (damned) work week courtesy of the Archons.

So today we are going to bring the Balsamic back into the day and, though we are engaged in whatever tasks are required right now, we are engaged in a personal, direct communication with Spirit. Take time to contemplate. “Check out” at various times, even if it’s just a few minutes (but don’t do it while driving – pay attention when Uranus is around!). Take your best look at what is being shown.