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BE love. All else will fall into place. – channeled by Ron Head

Thank you!

Oracles and Healers




May we begin today by asking that all those who follow these messages hold only love and the intention for the highest and best outcomes when you observe what is going on around you at this time.  Those highest outcomes will be, dear ones.  But they will manifest sooner, and you will be far less effected by any negativity if you guard yourselves against the thoughts and emotions which can invade your thoughts all too easily in these circumstances.

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The manuscript of survival – part 362

Thank you, Aisha!

aisha north

As you have already noticed, the roller coaster is indeed picking up speed, and for many, it will feel like they are being tossed to and from on this unpredictable ride. It may seem very chaotic, but please believe us when we say that even if it might not seem like it to you, everything is under control.

For we see what you do not, and we know what you have yet to be made privy to, and as such, we will always be on hand to keep you updated on the proceedings. We know it can be more than frustrating to be fighting this feeling of being left out in the cold as it were, but again, you are not left out of anything by ill will. Rather, you are in the loop in everything you need to be in the loop about, and the rest is not only…

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Reconnect to nature

Thank you for cutting to the heart of our problems so clearly Alex. Humanity was once an integrated part of nature, like beavers or birds. Somehow when a small faction if humanity discovered the ability to dominate and control others thru violence and intimidation they threw, over thousands of years and spreading their unbalanced meme across the planet, our species out if the natural niche we fit in.
If we can make conscious return to that state of balance and connection I believe we could restore much of what has been damaged as well as achieving a greater emotional contentment and happiness in all people than colonized people dare imagine or hope for.