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Higher D Blue Sphere of Light Surrounds the Gaia-ic Globe

Thank you!


gaia_energy1Higher D Blue Sphere of Light surrounds the Gaia-ic Globe. Sparkles of point crystals shimmer in this High Atmosphere.

Standardized protocols have now faded completely from Gaia intention space.

Gaia grids have been cleansed of shadow web structures and are now free to operate as intended, without obstructions or restriction.

Global resonance at hu-being levels is felt by all residing there.

Hue-Beings now find application in Higher Realms.

Inner Strength at individual consciousness points coalesces to the “Global Gaia”.

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The Oracle Report Friday, October 4, 2013

I always love sharing the Oracle Report with you each day but more so today. I felt this energy begin last night and have been unable to sleep. I was inspired to write something in an email conversation that very much accords with the explanation of the energy in today’s report.

” The one thing the cabal really fears is Ghandi, MLK, OCCUPY and all similar intelligent peaceful nonviolent resistance because they can’t beat it-if they respond violently they lose legitimacy, if they let it continue it will create real change.

Every time they try their divide and distract stuff the hydra of nonviolent resistance grows 10 or 100 new heads. It just keeps spreading and growing underground like the mycelium that allows the forest to know when you step inside it;-)

So today despite govt shutdown despite the koch bros billions the talking heads endless lies and whining; millions more Americans have access to healthcare. 

Eventually it will be better with natural care and an end to toxic vaccines but the bottom line is we are winning. 

We the *people* not we the dems or reps, tea party or insane military coup- not any stupid limiting division or label. WE the Unity, the collective of Earth that believe in love compassion healing and care for all living beings,  in a better tomorrow for all life on Earth are weaving an unstoppable web of beautiful light and love between our hearts all around this planet.From now on that which is loving,  compassionate,  healing, giving, peaceful, nonviolent and caring will continue to grow and to rise above and shine its beauty over and thru all else until no shadow of selfishness greed hate manipulation division or unkindness can remain.

It doesn’t matter what they try now because their era is over. Sure if we fall for their tricks they could conceivably drag out the changeover to a hundred years instead of another 10 or 20 but that’s their absolute best possible scenario.  I seriously doubt they will achieve it.

Some of us may indeed cross over before this Shift Is obvious but the die is cast, the mold is made.

Love and Unity are coming. Expect Us!!;-)”



New Moon Phase: beginning, initiation, seeding, make a wish or set an intention

Moon: Libra

Today’s New Moon signals the beginning of what I’ve been calling the second renaissance.

The New Moon in Libra enters at 8:34 pm EDT / 00:34 am UTC at the degree known as “miners emerging from a deep coal mine.” The New Moon forms a Grand Cross (also called a Grand Square) with the Black Moon, Uranus, and Pluto. This indicates that the month will bring drastic evolutionary change. Let’s look at how each of these planets infuse this New Moon energy that will unfold:

Black Moon: All things come from the great creative void, the dark womb represented by the Black Moon. The Black Moon is the Mother Energy needed for birth and rebirth. It brings things out from the dark, out from the shadows. The old passes away and the new emerges. Order and form emerge from discordance.

Uranus: The planet of sudden changes, surprises, energetic frequency signatures, and lightning puts things where they need to be. It realigns and reconfigures. It also brings an exceptionally potent electrical charge to the energy. Uranus strikes quickly and jangles things. Uranus opposes the New Moon, which means it is 180 degrees apart. The world will do a “180.”

Pluto: Pluto is the Divine Consort or soulmate of Eris, represented here by the Black Moon. (Eris and the Black Moon are the same energy. The Black Moon works on a more personal, micro level and Eris works at a larger, macro level.) Pluto is ruler of the Underworld and brings things up from the depths. You could say Pluto “fathers” this energy. When Pluto and the Black Moon are together, true love is destined. The second renaissance is birthed in the frequencies of love.

You can be sure that forces that stand opposed to the creative vision of humanity know the power of this New Moon to birth something. Something like a new world order. A new world order will begin emerging, but it is an order that is in full support of humanity and life – not death. This is the will of the Aeon Sophia, the divine being embodied as our planet. Together, Pluto and the Black Moon bring light to the dark. Though attempts will be made to press the dark inherent in these two energies, the combination of Pluto and the Black Moon only results in love. Pluto and the Black Moon can be tempestuous, but they are always strong and committed.

The Sun, called Sabaoth by the Gnostics, blesses the union and the child that is born from it.

This is a month where we will look back and remember where we were when it all happened. The thing to hold to this month as we see things come crashing down around us, things lashing out, and things erupting from the deep is that the time of darkness is over. They lost. No matter how much it looks like they are taking over, it is not the case. Their last ditch effort begins. Everyone should expect the unexpected and this could be on very, very grand scales.

What does one do on an occasion such as this? What more could be cause for celebration than the end of darkness and enslavement of consciousness?


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Light Endures

Thank you! That is beautiful!


Light Endures

When All Hope Fails and Darkness closes in, Remember that even in the depths of the cosmos, where distances are Vast and no warmth survives, Light Endures.

When Faith Falters and shadows rush in to snatch and steal, to cheat and lie, Remember that even in the deepest reaches of the Heavens, where Time stretches out to Eternity, Light Endures.

When Trust is Shattered and fear settles like an icy mantel that freezes the heart and captures the Soul, Remember that even in the farthest reaches of space, where Infinity expands into the Unfathomable, Light Endures.

It Endures


Of You,

Ever Glimmering,

Ever True.

Beautiful Image found at: pedals2people.org

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