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Welcome to the sixth Gathering around the Pond, Sunday October 6

Thank you Aisha! It is so beautiful to see or rather feel everyone coming together, connecting at a heart level and moving toward the new. Its like af ter a long hike thru the night we are cresting a mountain ridge to suddenly see the sunrise just lightening the sky over the sea. Bless you all for all you do!

aisha north

Dear friends!

Once more a month seems to have gone by in a flash, and tomorrow at 21:00 Oslo time, we have another Gathering coming up. So much has happened in these last few weeks, and I think many will agree that even if it has been extremely exhausting at times, it has also been a sense of profound changes, even elation and joy. We are starting to see results from all our hard work, both on a personal level, but also on a collective one, and now the time has come to take it one step further. For we are starting to create the new ”us” and the new world, and we are going to do it in ways that I think will surprise even ourselves. And tomorrow we have a wonderful opportunity to create together, by sitting down and connecting with the energies – and all the amazing…

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The Oracle Report Saturday, October 5 – Sunday, October 6, 2013



New Moon Phase: beginning, initiation, seeding, make a wish or set an intention

Moon: Libra

We continue under the supermassive intensity of the Libra New Moon this weekend. The Sabian symbol for the Libra New Moon is “miners emerging from a deep coal mine,” which speaks to coming out of a prolonged period of darkness. The coal mine is described as “deep” so the deeper one is, the longer it takes to come out.

Consider how it must feel for coalminers to emerge from the mine. The blinding light would hurt your eyes until they adjusted. Your body would tingle with the warmth that was spreading over it. You would be responsive. You would come alive.

This imagery is very much like the metaphor I used last month of the gilded cage being opened. It speaks to the integration and mastery of darkness (fears) and the freedom to actualize individual promise. So we feel like we are trying to leave a cage or emerge from darkness. Or perhaps both.

The energy that comes from a New Moon with a Grand Cross (see the report from Friday, October 4, 2013 in the Archives for more information) produces big changes in life. This means the field of consciousness is agitated (vibrated) to make things move or change. The toll on the body is felt. You can think of this as energetic waves bombarding the energy field of the body. This is not a bad thing, it just means you have to take extra care of yourself. It means we don’t push ourselves; we slow down and take siestas. Take care with what you eat and drink more water. Be kind to yourself. Change is hard.

Sunday’s energy tends to have us feeling like we are going in circles – as in “here I am again.” We go in circles when we don’t do anything to change. This lunar month is the prime opportunity to do something differently, be something different, or go a different way. Since Uranus is putting us where we need to be this month, rest assured that the outcome of any changes supports your highest and best. (Shodashi set it up this way.)

The Sun is emerging from the deep as well. It’s recent slumber is ending. This Divine Being joins us in renaissance!


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The New World Order Defeated?



I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is the cabal has lost. The bad news is beating the cabal is the easiest part of our task.

If we do not heal ourselves, evolve and grow beyond the limiting 3d mindscapes and worldviews that keep us trapped in the games of dominance and control that colonized societies have trained generations of humans to be mentally enslaved by, then when we defeat the cabal we have not won because we BECOME THEM.

That is the nature of colonization. It is a meme of dominance and control based and rooted in the deepest fears that drive the ego. It cannot be killed or conquered anywhere outside of ourselves.

The colonizer who began it all has been been dead for thousands of years yet his evil structures keep replicating themselves-the Earth Borg devouring the lands, the forests, the seas, the animals, plants and people until all is devastation, dust and death OR until WE decolonize our minds and spirits and clear the meme from our processors.

(or in other words until we stop living as ambulatory demon hotels;-)

In George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm the Animals take over the farm declaring that all animals are equal, that the farmers dominance is wrong.

Soon however the colonizer meme does its dirty work and the pigs begin to emulate the farmer declaring that “Some Animals are MORE equal than others!”

This has been the nauseating result of revolutions to liberate humanity for about five thousand years at least.

In recent history we can look at the results of the Magna Carta, or the French and American Revolutions. We can observe the disintigration of idealism among the communist nations as the revolutions faded into more totalitarianism no better than the fascist capitalist totalitarianism they opposed.

We can observe the decolonization of Africa and its subsequent disintigration into feuding warlords, pawns and “client states” of the cold war adversaries, much the same has occurred in all once colonized areas that nominally gained freedom from the colonizers.

We can of course argue that the interference of the destabilizing forces (alphabet soup groups like CIA, KGB and their varied counterparts among other colonizer nations) had a large hand in keeping these areas in the dominance control model, but if people were not mentally and spiritually colonized the machinations of spooks would have little effect.

The disease once contracted must be cured before the people can function normally again.

We have been taught that human nature is greed, dominance, violence, control and power over.

I would submit to your contemplation that these things are not human nature but very much a diseased form of nurture produced in the dysfunctional worlds created by the colonizer meme and not at all natural to humanity unless so cultivated.

Certainly those vices DO appear in humans in all societies. But then so does cancer and we don’t think of IT as human nature.

Just as all bodies produce cancer cells and destroy them daily, so too do all human societies produce individuals with aberrant ideation, and so too do normal, well adjusted, sane societies squash and redirect these antisocial impulses in ways that do not allow them to overcome the positive nature of the societies.

What people who call themselves lightworkers, discuss ascension, evolving beyond 3d, stopping the negative cabals and creating a golden age of heaven on Earth are trying to do in my opinion is to heal the collective of humanity, or rather help and encourage it to heal itself from the cultural virus that has been variously known as colonization, evil, turning away from God and a thousand other names in the thousands of years since it began.

We cannot stop individuals who are committing crimes based on greed and fear and expect to right the world unless we root out greed and fear from our own spirits. As Jesus once said “Cast out the mote in thine own eye…”.

I have repeatedly observed drama and conflict in the online “lightworker community” based in ego issues and greed for the spotlight and the desire to be “right” or some variation on the “one true prophet”.

People cut one another down, villify others work, claim this one or that one is a cabal agent, this one is lying, that one is a hero-it is all ego and all negative.

There are 7 BILLION humans on this planet. Only a colonized, patriarchal mindset could assume for a split second that only ONE of them (or even one group) is going to be THE ANSWER, or the HERO/SAVIOR etc.

Patriarchy is OVER. There is no more need or room for our egos to jump ahead of our hearts.

Not one of us needs a savior or a hero (externally-I am not dismissing or disrespecting the religions in which a savior is central at all).

Every single human on Earth is capable of contributing to making our planet better and creating a golden age.

Every single one of us, down to the smallest baby born todayare not only capable but NECESSARY.

EVERY contribution counts. Sure some contributions are showier, some are flashy and adventurous and FUN to watch or chronicle.

But every time you smile at a sad person or rescue a drowning kitten or move a worm out of the walkway to keep it from being stepped on YOU are making the world better.

Every time you treat another living being with respect you are reinforcing the morphogenetic field of Respect.

Every time you act, or even think from a loving place instead of a fearful, angry judgemental or hateful place YOU are reinforcing the morphogenetic field of LOVE and weakening the morphogenetic field of HATE.

Conversely every time you JUDGE, every time you dismiss someone else as unimportant, or worse, every time you spread hateful words online or in person, fill your mind with hate , resentment or condescension for another YOU are reinforcing the morphogenetic field of HATE.

You are in effect FEEDING the cabal energy.

When you reinforce the field of Love, of Compassion, of Respect then you are starving the evil of energy just as if you were picking up its food bowl and hiding it away.

Now I know we all get trapped by our egos, we get overwhelmed by the jerk who acts unkindly, or the cabals minions who act in plainly harmful ways.

We all have our moments when we cuss and spit and judge and cry but we don’t have to glorify them, repeat them, JUSTIFY them to others.

We can CHOOSE to accept ourselves, weakness, ego and all but still remain mindful and aware. Each time we recongnize that we are feeding the evil we can gently turn our minds and hearts back toward love and gratitude.

We don’t have to HATE the cabal to stop their various negative projects. Indeed LOVE is their greatest fear.

As long as they keep us angry, judging, fearful, off balance-they WIN.

When we focus on creative solutions to the problems they cause instead of on them, what is wrong with them, how to beat them, how they should be punished etc we starve them of energy and feed the field of the golden age we are building.

Above all we need to focus on LOVE and UNITY.

That does NOT mean we need to bury our heads in the sand or up our own rumps gazing at butterflies and walking past the dying children in the gutter!

It means that when we see the things that are obviously wrong we face them with courage and we join together in Love and Unity, with dedication, creativity and determination to SOLVE those problems.

We don’t allow them to eat us up inside and weaken us. We don’t allow them to lead us into anger, fear and judgement because we know now that is a trick.

We simply choose to allow God to deal with those who create the problems, we let them face their karma alone.

We face our own, we learn to forgive ourselves for all we have ignored and allowed, to forgive one another and to keep WORKING toward solutions.

Those who are suffering whether human, animal, plant or other do not gain from our anger, our tears, our judging. They are not helped by our glorifying some (or ourselves) and putting others down.Those activities are a waste of time.

When you see someone with a broken leg do you get them to a person qualified to help them, or do you stand around telling everyone how great it is that doctors can repair broken legs and how great you are because you plan to help this person get to one?

I believe that everyone who is trying to make this world better IS.

It doesn’t matter if their idea of better and mine clash. It doesn’t matter if we disagree on global warming, the color of angels wings or whether President Barack Obama is a good person in a bad situation or a bad person-those are OPINIONS.

My Dad used to say “Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and they all STINK!”

The more we can learn to RESPECT one another and treat one another with kindness, respect and love the better off we will ALL be, no matter what opinions we hold.

The Earth is a really BIG place and has no ONE solution whether lawsuits and money, insiders taking out bad guys, revolutions, spiritual schools, permaculture, Transition-every one is just one facet of the huge project we have ahead of us, and the sooner we recognize that we are all in this together the faster things will get better.

One of the afflictions of the colonized is this belief in the great white hero, the “ONE” like Neo in The Matrix movie.

People in Africa and South America and India have been telling people in Europe and America for a long time-we don’t need you to rescue us, just get your own house in order so we can take care of ourselves without your interference.

This same dynamic is important in the current situation. Lightworkers are pathfinders, teachers, trailblazers-but none of us is one tiny bit BETTER, or ABOVE any other living being. We are not here to rescue anyone. We are not here to get laurel wreaths and virgins thrown at us for being so fabulous and saving the world.

We are here to bring a collective of 7 billion powerful, amazing, creative souls TOGETHER because in the act of collaboration, of community and unity we create solutions and outcomes that are much greater than the sum of their parts.

We are more like the egg that makes the other parts stick together to make a cake, or the prism that shows the beauty already inherent in the Light passing thru it.

The prism didn’t invent the beauty of the Light, and the egg isn’t the Source of the cake.

(To reframe this a bit; I can bake a cake without ANY eggs and many things other than prisms can produce rainbows from light.)

So no matter what we do, no matter how spectacular or noteworthy or exciting-If it does not include clearing our own egos and evolving to a space of inherent Love and Respect for ALL living beings we aren’t saving anything but our own egos.

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Hupacasath Update w Brenda Sayers & Idle No More National Day of Unity in Action w Wanda Nanibush and Gabrielle Fayant













Hupacasath First Nation has been engaged in a legal request through the Canadian Federal Courts for a judicial review of Stephen Harper’s Canada-China FIPPA. As the result of the federal ruling against Hupacasath, the First Nation has launched a grassroots fundraiser to appeal the decision. Brenda Sayers returned to Indigenous Waves this week with an update for the first part of the show.


On Monday October 7, 2013 communities across Canada will be gathering to celebrate Unity in Action, with events happening across the country. Idle No More grassroots organizers Gabrielle Fayant and Wanda Nanibush joined Indigenous Waves this week to discuss the events they are involved with organizing in their communities, as well as the ongoing resistance movements that are happening across Turtle Island.


Brenda Sayers is an Hupacasath First Nation portfolio holder for Canada…

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D L Zeta-Waking and Nightly Dreams offer Glimpses into Timelines alon g our ‘Hologram Highways’


Waking and Nightly Dreams offer Glimpses into Timelines along our ‘Hologram Highways’

Each person has many timelines within their life hologram. At any given time, our life hologram or energetic template for our life, contains timelines we have already experienced and those we have yet to encounter. Every day we glimpse these new potentials in various ways though we may not always recognize them as such. Tuning in these “glimpses” allows us to further explore alternate potentials before choosing which life track we will shift our energy and focus to. We will describe here some ways to perceive alternate life tracks.

Glimpsing Alternate Timelines in Nightly Dreams

Sometimes we glimpse alternate timelines in our nightly dream travels. While some dreams are designed to unravel the events of our day, other dream states allow us to step beyond more mundane dreams into parallel life tracks. These dreams allow us to explore alternate potentials within our life hologram. Often, though not always, we explore timelines more closely related to our present life track.

Those timelines nearest our present life thread will often appear similar to our present reality but with some noticeable differences. Our dream might feature people and themes familiar to our present life thread but it may be set in unfamiliar locations and circumstances. Parallel realities in dreams may at times feature some variation of roads not taken along our present timeline.

Perceiving Distant Future Life Tracks

At times we may wander further afield in our dreams, along timelines further from our present reality thread, and find ourselves in uncharted territories. These life tracks may be so unfamiliar to us they seem fantastical in nature. That is because some of these life tracks are from a future we have yet to conceive of. Imagine how your present moment would have appeared to you 20-30 years ago. This is how the timeline of a distant future might appear to you now.

Many inventions and revolutionary ideas have been shared with the world by those who brought back glimpses of future life tracks from their nightly dreams.

Waking Dreams bring Glimpses of Parallel Realities

Our waking dreams have the power to carry us into alternate life tracks. Waking dreams happen when we break free of mind chatter and enter the still, deep waters of our subconscious mind. From this expansive space, we are able to merge our consciousness with all-that-is and experience true oneness. Our imagination is the portal that carries us into this space.

Writers, artists and other creative souls become adept at traveling through the doorway of their imagination into parallel realities within their life hologram. Artists sometimes find images along these ‘hologram highways’ that they bring back and express in various artistic mediums.

Because the language of the soul comes is in symbols and images, artists are best able to incorporate visions of future timelines into their creations. Images encoded with the frequencies of future times speak to us at a level beyond our conscious mind, awakening us to latent potentials. These frequencies help us tune into future selves that are able to guide us on the path to our highest future.

Some of the greatest literature was created by writers traveling hologram highways where they encountered other versions of themselves in alternate timelines. Many gifted writers populate their novels with characters based on their alternate selves. Writers who frequent their parallel life tracks may find aspects of other timelines merging with their present life thread. This is one form of timeline bleedthrough.

Timeline Bleedthroughs bring Lessons and Revelations

Bleedthroughs between timelines are not uncommon. We are not always aware how strongly we’re influenced by alternate selves existing along nearby timelines. An example might be an alternate self experiencing a traumatic or powerful event. Your present-moment self may not be experiencing the same thing, yet those who are particularly sensitive or psychic may pick up the feelings and experiences of the alternate self. One way we experience a bleedthrough is a sudden and unexplainable pain or sensation, or an unexplainable bout of melancholy, burst of creative inspiration or sudden breakthrough into spiritual “seeing.” Even though these bleedthroughs arise from events along other timelines, we can choose to tune them in and shift the course of our present timeline – or in the case of a perceived undesirable timeline, we can choose to take the understanding and insight gleaned from the bleedthrough to chart a course in a totally different direction.

Signs of Alternate Realities in our Present Moment

Another way we become aware of parallel timelines is by paying close attention to the details of our daily life. Tucked inside every moment, we find symbols, images and signs of other timelines existing parallel to our present moment. When we become adept at decoding the symbols and images of our present moment, we become fluent in the language of our soul. Perceiving and interpreting the images of our life enables us to see through surface reality and enter the vast ocean of our subconscious.

Every moment is holographic to all-that-is and as such contains access points to past, parallel and future timelines. As we still our mind, deepen and fine tune our awareness, we are able to perceive, explore and travel along the timelines of our choosing.

For more on timeline and identity shifts, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation
For more on accessing the fifth dimension, see The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta

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