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Lucas – You Can Not Overflow Your Bath It Will Always Level In The New – 6 October 2013

Thank you Lucas!

Lucas 2012 Infos

The overwhelmingly felt vibrational energies are still pouring in. We need to get to grips with being multidimensional beings and also with what women upon this earth already could do multi-tasking. It is all now about seeing you can handle all those different things coming straight at you. So many things that you need to manage and still you can handle it if you’re in the perception of One and peace.

Nothing will overflow your bath as it all will level out perfectly in the new.  There is not one thing that isn’t where it should be.  The difficulty though is grasping that you are not only learning to multitask but also use your both brain halves. And learn to see you can also be not only multitasking on this level but in multiple places and dimensions at the same time.  All will become clear as the water is in…

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Fortification of All Gaia Ascension Grids Occurs at this Time…


gaia_energy1Fortification of all Gaia Ascension Grids occurs at this time.

Gaia Release grids are being fortified and opened to facilitate release of old-paradigm-aligned-and-outdated patterns that have ingrained into the hu-man component of Gaia whole.

Gaia Construct grids are being fortified and opened to facilitate increased resonance of hu-beings on all current consciousness levels to align with the Gaia New Paradigm. This will accelerate the “hu-being to Hue-Being” process.

Gaia Wisdom grids (as we would term such) have also been fortified to assist connection of both hu-beings and Hue-Beings to their respective Higher Wisdom channels.

Currently, Gaia Release grids and Gaia Construct grids undergo continuous fortifications and upgrades.

Wisdom grid upgrades, of necessity, take place in stages, to allow full acceptance by the hu-being component in absence of fear potential.

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North Point Astrology Journal October 7 to 13, 2013 By Pam Younghans

markus eriksson  mg 1260 copy 1380896679 lg

markus eriksson mg 1260 copy 1380896679 lg

Today’s photo: Auroras over Tårneträsk, Kiruna, Sweden onOctober 2, 2013 (photo by Markus Eriksson, posted onSpaceWeather.com)

The PHOTO at the top of today’s Journal seems especially appropriate as a representation of recent energies — a dark sky with storm clouds lit up by dazzling auroras in soft shades of pink, purple and green. (If you receive a text-only version of the Journal, click here to see the photo.)
The skies have definitely felt stormy this past week, as we’ve dealt with the intense energies of the Cardinal Grand Cross. And yet, at times, we’ve had moments of inspiration that allowed us to look beyond the storm clouds to see glimpses of beautiful possibility and potential.
In comparison to last week, the list of aspects for the coming week appears much more subdued, so we may have some breathing room to work with.
OUR NEW WEEK starts off with Venus changing signs, moving from the emotional waters of Scorpio into the inspirational realms of Sagittarius. Venus represents issues of the heart chakra — relationships, personal values (including finances) and our “heart’s desire” — so our approach to these areas of our lives may lighten up a bit. We may feel less of a need to go to the depths and more of a willingness to laugh at ourselves.
Sagittarius is known for its optimistic, hopeful attitude, and its willingness to take risks and embrace the adventure of life. With Venus in Sagittarius for the next four weeks, we will be eager to do more activities that we enjoy (and more willing to spend the money to do so). We may also find ourselves drawn to connect with friends who share our beliefs and life philosophy.
MERCURY, however, is still in Scorpio, and will be in that sign for more than two months because of going retrograde (backward) from October 21 to November 10. Since Mercury represents our conscious thoughts and perceptions, this long journey through Scorpio indicates that our overall more serious view of reality will be with us for a while.
This tendency to think more seriously (and perhaps pessimistically) will be especially true each time Mercury aligns with Saturn. This alignment occurs for the first time this Tuesday, and repeats October 29 and November 25.
KNOWING that Mercury will soon be going retrograde, we can use this alignment with Saturn to our advantage. The general rule is that when a transit occurs three times (as this one does), it provides a timeline for progress.
We can consider that our first Saturn-Mercury alignment this week represents the first step in a process. It may be anything that Mercury represents: an idea may be seeded, a plan may be put into effect, or an interaction may be initiated. The important thing to remember is that Saturn requires that whatever we begin is grounded in reality and has a tangible goal.
THE NEXT STEP is to have patience. Saturn teaches responsibility, tenacity, discipline, and the importance of keeping the goal in sight — and will often move things forward Ever So Slowly to give us plenty of time to learn these lessons. And, since Mercury will soon be going retrograde, we may feel like it’s a one-step-forward, two-steps-back situation.
During that Mercury retrograde period, it will be our time to review whatever we’ve initiated, to check every line item. We want to make sure we are meeting all the requirements of both Saturn and Scorpio: practical and realistic, focused on the ultimate external goal, yet taking into account the underlying, deeper needs and purposes. We will also benefit from using this time to weed out any internal (personal, interpersonal, or organizational) issues that may be undermining our progress.
If we succeed in this interim phase (which at first may feel a lot like we’ve gone back three or four steps), by the time of the third Saturn-Mercury alignment, the project we’ve begun will have much firmer footing in reality — and also feel much cleaner, having gone through its purging process.
THURSDAY of this week is a very “Neptunian” day, since Neptune forms aspects with both Venus and the Sun. Neptune’s influence can be spiritually or creatively inspiring — and yet, we can also feel disillusioned, be overly idealistic, or find ourselves choosing avenues of escape instead of roads to fulfillment.
In general, we should be aware, both Wednesday and Thursday, of ways in which we are choosing to ignore or deny the truth of any matter. This may be with regards to a relationship with another, or in our self-concept.
On the other hand, given that Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio have a firm grasp on the “look at the truth in the mirror” theme, it might be nice to ride fluffy clouds for a couple of days, yes?
THE PLANETARY HIGHLIGHT next weekend is the Jupiter-Sun square on Saturday. Jupiter is called the “Greater Benefic” in astrology, which means that its effects are most often positive. I think of Jupiter as the Santa Claus of the solar system, which can be a very nice thing.
However, there is a downside to the energies of this largest planet. Santa Claus can go too far — as in comedian Bill Cosby’s hilarious routine about feeding the kids cake for breakfast. (What’s wrong with that, you say?)
And, if you will recall, Jupiter is currently in Cancer, emphasizing our emotional and protective tendencies, and playing a role in the effects of the Cardinal Grand Cross we are working with. So, our caution for next weekend is to be aware that we will probably be feeling our emotions more powerfully than usual, and to watch tendencies to react defensively. Always remember: It’s rarely (if ever?) personal.


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Thank you for posting this. I believe that as more people become aware of our collective power to cocreate a better world and future moment by moment we will start to see more visible change all around us. The time for giving in to ood cultural programs that encourage us to think and act in that below 200 range is over.
When we consciously choose to think and act from love, respect and compassion for all living beings we can bring miracles.

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An update on the sixth Gathering around the Pond

aisha north

Dear friends!

As you know, tonight at 21:00 Oslo time we are having our sixth Gathering around the Pond. The CCs wanted me to share this additional information about it with you, so here it is:

“As you have already noticed, these words do come accompanied by some rather intense energetic emissions, and rightly so, as we are already starting to get you ready for tonight’s connective event, through that mission you have given the name the Gatherings. These events are of major importance, not just to those individuals involved, but also this this whole plan, as we are utilizing them to impart a massive amount of energetic information whilst you are all connected to this whole grid of thoughts and projections. For this is indeed something of such a magnitude it can be very difficult to comprehend for a human mind, but when we see them from our point…

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SaLuSa via Multidimensional Ocean 6 Oct 2013 – Reunion of Soul Mate and Twin Flames

Thank you Laura!

Multidimensional Ocean

1380348_10151727522354023_2132845541_nWe come again to say how much we admire your resolve and work for the light. We know how seriously you all take this Earthly assignment, we know that you will never fall to the dark side and we know that you are and will remain pure love and light in pretty much any circumstances and environment.

You have accepted your mission for the light, regardless for the consequences to your Earthly life. You have been placed there, sometimes in the most difficult circumstances or in war zones so that you can bring your loving vibrations with you to Mother Earth, so that you can inspire those around you and that you can lift their spirit and bring them hope and light, where before there was none to be found.

You are a light beacon in the middle of the darkness, the lighthouse in the middle of storms; you are…

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