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Daily Kos :: Right-wing truckers plan Beltway blockade until Benghazi Obamacare something

Right-wing truckers plan Beltway blockade until Benghazi Obamacare something
by Hunter Oct 07, 2013 2:41pm PDT
’nuff said.

Pfft. I’ll buy it when we see it.

On October 11th, a group of right-wing truckers is planning to drive to DC to shut down the major commuter highway that circles the city. They’ll continue to block traffic, they say, until they see the arrest of elected officials who have “violated their oath of office.”Organizers of the event, which is titled “Truckers Ride for the Constitution,” say they are fed up with a variety of headaches caused by the government: Fuel efficiency standards enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency, Obamacare, state and local laws over idling their trucks, and “insurance companies purportedly requiring technological updates,” according to US News and World Report.

The supposed plan is for a group of far-right truckers to band together and, while traveling at highway speed, not let anyone on the freeway. How this is supposed to work—other than actively running other vehicles off the road—is unclear, but the organizers seem to be just the sort of batshit insane basket cases that you would expect them to be. The running Beltway roadblock will somehow result, they expect, in members of Congress being arrested by a “citizens grand jury” via some insufficiently-described Underpants Gnome scenario, and the reason for all of it is not just that they have to abide by state rules and stuff, but alsobecause treason.

Conlon and Andrews say Obama committed “treason” by allegedly funneling weapons to al-Qaida-linked rebels in Syria. Members of Congress who support arming Syrian rebels, Conlon said, are accessories to the alleged crime. He identified House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., as politicians he will seek to arrest for alleged acts against the Constitution.

More on the right-wing truckers’ threats below the fold.

No, wait. That doesn’t really do justice to the batshittedness. Let’s go with this one.

Obama committed treason by allegedly funneling weapons from Benghazi, Libya, to al-Qaida-linked Syrian rebels, said online radio host Peter Santilli, who is heading up a parallel protest in California.

Oh yeah, that’s the stuff. And alsoObamacare. And fuel efficiency standards!

Let’s just say that right-wing truck drivers are not exactly the brain trust of the movement. And wasn’t it John McCain who spent all summer demanding America give heavy weapons to the nice people he was getting his picture taken with who, oops, may or may not have been actual terrorists? Choosing Pelosi and Feinstein as the centers of your treason-based conspiracy theory, that’s a curiously Freudian place to wander off to. You’d almost think crackpot right-wing truck drivers who obsess over wingnut radio-based conspiracy theories have issues with wummen.

Well, it’s no “everybody bring your loaded guns to Washington” day, but I expect this one will be a similar non-event. It also seems to have nothing to do with the shutdown, since the truckers started planning this beforehand and are not that agile of mind, and … oh, God, just do it. Go ahead. Nothing screams conservatism quite like trying to cripple various parts of America in order to make an incoherent point you heard from some delusional radio shitstain, you goright ahead with that. I can’t wait to see how many members of Congress get arrested as a result of your Benghazi-based fuel efficiency standards under Obamacare theory, but we’re all holding you to this now.

This article is reblogged from Daily Kos. Please click the link below to read the truly amazing and comical conversations in the looooong comments section and the original article of course;-)
( I would advise NOT clicking unless you either are a liberal or you have an awesome sense of humor as it will probably annoy you otherwise. –

http://m.dailykos.com/story/2013/10/07/1245017/-Right-wing-truckers-plan-Beltway-blockade-until-Benghazi-Obamacare-something?detail=email. )



African Postman: The Elders’ Kofi Annan

““Violence towards those who are different from us, or who we disagree with is unacceptable, and has no place in healthy societies. We have to learn from each other, making our different traditions and cultures a source of harmony and strength.”  (Kofi Annan)
Thank you for posting this! I believe strongly that we can extend the rule if law, real democracy, human rights and culturally respectful community based decisionmaking to all of the Earth ( even my absurdly violent and often proudly ignorant homeland! ) in the long run the good in all our hearts will connect and dissolve the divisions between us.

Petchary's Blog

Yesterday, I watched former Secretary General of the United Nations and member of The Elders Kofi Annan give an address that resonated with me. Mr. Annan touched on issues of governance, rule of law  and social justice that seemed to me of great relevance to Jamaica also. Through the wonders of broadband Internet, the speech was live streaming into our living room in Kingston, Jamaica from the University of Western Cape in South Africa, where Mr. Annan was delivering the Third Annual Desmond Tutu International Peace Lecture on the Archbishop’s 82nd birthday.

The “Arch” (as the moderator called him) was there too, of course; he is also a member of The Elders, a non-governmental organization of visionary elder statesmen/women committed to peace and human rights. We were treated to his delightful humor and infectious giggle before the start of the speech, by the way. But on a serious…

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Conceição Evaristo: Literature and Black Consciousness – One of the country’s most important black writers that most Brazilians have never heard of

If this writer is hard to find in Brazil I am guessing perhaps even harder in the US? But I want to share this anyway because I believe it is worth it to seek out especially those voices that are suppressed and hidden from us because that is often where we can learn the most. The power-over and control nuts in charge of colonized “civilization” fear women’s wisdom; they fear black and native women’s perspectives even more. I feel this is because women especially women closer to their uncolonized roots in the Earth herself, are capable of revealing truths that can shatter the illusions by which they maintain control.

Black Brazil Today

Note from BW of Brazil:BW of Brazil has long wanted to introduce readers to author Conceição Evaristo, one of the most important black writers in the country. Her name and/or citations from her been featured in a few previous posts, but below is the feature specifically about her. As the blog has shown consistently over the past few years, black women are regularly made invisible or stereotyped in Brazilian society so it should come as no surprise that the average Brazilian has never heard of her or her work. She will surely be featured on the blog again in the future, but for now, here is a brief piece about her by feminist blogger Bárbara Araújo.

Conceição Evaristo: Literature and black consciousness (Conceição Evaristo: literatura e consciência negra)

by Bárbara Araújo

“What I have punctuated is this: it is the right of writing and reading that the people request…

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Democrats Plan Maneuver to Allow Obama to Raise Debt Ceiling

At long last the Congressiobsl Democrats grow a pair ( of ovarios!!:-) and stand up for Something! I thought I was going to be tree fertilizer before Dems remembered that they don’t HAVE to give in to every absurd 1% inspired demand after only a token show of resistance. Thank you for posting this! It is good to see even a small sign that our Congress still care what voters think compared to what their corporate masters want:-/

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The US Government Shutdown: A coup in all but name.

Thank you for posting this. I love to see the open discussion in regular news if what us really going on behind the scenes. If people realized just how much the 1% are engineering and controlling thru money and manipulation they would forget so called partisan differences in a second and band together to stop these fascist oligarchs from destroying our democracy.

Futile Democracy

“I hope we shall crush… in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations, which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of strength and bid defiance to the laws of our country.”
– Thomas Jefferson.

In an interview on ‘Face The Nation’ with Republican Senator for Texas John Cornyn, host Bob Schieffer asked:

“How is it that you wind up with a freshman Senator, who’s been in office less than a year, becomes the architect of this thing that has the two sides so gridlocked that nobody seems to know a way out of it? How did that happen?”

– Whilst it’s a fair question, it makes one critical mistake. Senator Cruz wasn’t the architect of the shutdown. Of course one freshman Senator doesn’t have the power or influence to shut down and gridlock the entire US government. But his wealthy contributors and backers certainly do.


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I had just written the comments below in an email before I saw this post. It all seems to fit together unfortunately.

I’ve been trying to follow this but maybe because I’ve been kinda feverish and out-of-it I can’t seem to get the excitement everyone else is seeing in it.

It looks to me like the trucker group is being very handily used as disposable cannon fodder by the koch brothers and company as part of their long term plan to create panic, pandemonium and chaos this week as part of whatever their underhanded plan is with the shut down budget ceiling etc

I have for a while had a very bad gut feeling about about the so called positive military intervention and how it could very easily be part of the nwo long term plan.

Egypt appears to be the test case and as far as I can tell the situation there has not improved for the people. In fact it appears much worse.

American people outside of Native communities have been really sheltered as far as the realities of war and military occupation. 

There is with this gridlock in DC and the very obvious machinations of the owners of certain media (FOX, Drudge Report are two I’ve recently noted but they aren’t alone) and the Koch brothers and other cabal insiders a very real and horrifying possibility that the US could be heading for a similar path to Egypt and other countries the cabal has used in that way-much of Latin America at some point in time, the Phillipines, Burma/Myanmar etcI am afraid that Americans are marching blindly into  a trap that will be immediately and very literally much worse than it is now. 

As much as I point out that this country was founded on genocide I have also always pointed out that the structure was designed to move with the will of the people toward the positive evolution we can trace toward greater freedom, equality and openness for all- poor/landless people,  women, nonwhite, disabled,  gay/transgender, immigrants, workers etc

The structure was well designed, rooted in part in what Jefferson learned from 6 Nations about how to maintain balance between often opposing groups.

This has, despite the cabals backroom deals and corruption, managed to keep us free of martial law for most of the last 200 plus years.

We have now reached a dangerous tipping point when so many believe that guns and violence are a better route to freedom and fairness than the careful balance created by the feedback mechanisms between law and society.

I don’t believe people who want to force more pollution on those harmed by it in order to increase their profit margin are patriotic heroes we should all rally behind.

Laws that protect the most vulnerable members of our society are not  cabal plots against freedom as the koch bros their billions and their buddies media companies want us to believe.


For once I am actually praying my husband is right about the internet being a form of entertainment for most people that I shouldn’t take so seriously. 

Unfortunately this may be the one time he is wrong 😦

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The Oracle Report Tuesday, October 8, 2013



Crescent Moon Phase: growth, struggle, challenge, expansion

Moon: Sagittarius

Time stops in many regards today. As it does, it enables us to catch our breath and recollect (or regroup as the case may be).

Each day carries its own unique energetic signature based on the combination of astrological energies. We contribute to the energetic imprint every day. When these signatures “return,” they have their core themes along with whatever mental, emotional, or physical state we have projected into it in the past.

One of the nice things about the energetic signature of today is that it morphs our experience of time just when we need time to process. It is exceptionally introspective energy. Our minds will naturally quiet and work at a deeper, cleaner, more efficient level. Our higher self overrides whatever is going on with us and endeavors to settle us down. Please understand that I am talking about multiple levels or fields here. This is working on all levels – physical, emotional, spiritual, interdimensional, space-time, consciousness.

To facilitate the process, take a step back or out and take a wider view. Let the wiser version of yourself expand the parameters so that you gain clarity.


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A history of Creation – part 1

aisha north

Dear friends!

Last week, I started to receive what the CCs refer to as “double helpings”, extra messages in addition to The manuscript. These messages differ from the usual ones, and the first one that I was guided to post, was the “update” to the sixth Gathering. I was told that the rest of this information was to be posted after the Gathering, and here is the first installment of it. The CCs have given them a title, they call it “A history of Creation”. I do not know how many parts there will be, nor how long The manuscript will continue. All I know is that I will be given “double helpings”  for a while. So without further ado, as the CCs like to say, here is Part 1:

So let us begin this narrative by focusing on a field that we know you hold close to your heart…

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Bernie Buzz: Who’s Behind the Government Shutdown?


A few highlights below but click the link above to see the whole newsletter.

Apologies if this orvother posts today look wonky-for some reason my posts are not working right on wordpress this morning.
Charles and David Koch, the oil industry tycoons, have thrown their financial weight behind the right-wing Tea Party extremists who forced the government to close. In Senate speeches, Bernie tied the shutdown to the Kochs and other billionaires bankrolling the attempt to undo the Affordable Care Act. The New York Times echoed Bernie’s point in a Sunday exposé on how the Koch brothers “have been deeply involved with financing the overall effort.” But defunding the health care law is just the beginning. They also support a right-wing extremist agenda to undo virtually every major piece of legislation passed in the last 80 years to protect the middle class, the elderly, the sick, and the poor. On the seventh day of the shutdown, Bernie assessed the situation in an interview on MSNBC. WATCH BERNIE ON MSNBC READ THE NEW YORK TIMES ARTICLE   DEMOCRATS ALREADY COMPROMISED   One thing that’s gone almost unnoticed is how much Democrats already have conceded to Republicans on spending. Bernie said Democrats, in agreeing to a $986 billion sequestration budget, accepted significantly lower levels of spending in a so-far futile attempt to win the support of Republicans.   SEE THE WASHINGTON POST CHART