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The Oracle Report Wednesday, October 9, 2013

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Crescent Moon Phase: growth, struggle, challenge, expansion

Moon: Sagittarius

From last Saturday’s report:

“The Sun is emerging from the deep as well. It’s recent slumber is ending. This Divine Being joins us in renaissance!”

At 01:48 am UT (9:48 pm ET last night) the Sun ejected an M-2.8 flare, the strongest in two months. (This energy will reverberate and begin the circuit through the solar system, stirring things up. People will stir up!)

The Gnostics tell us that the name of this divine being, the Sun, is Sabaoth. Sabaoth is an ally of another divine being embodied as Earth (Sophia). Sabaoth’s recent “power down” was in support of Sophia’s efforts (via the Mahavidyas) since July to bring wisdom, fortify hearts to be brave, and fulfill the highest desire of humanity: the end of the tyranny of consciousness. Sabaoth stepped aside while Sophia performed a solo.

But Saboath has rejoined the performance and we are now in new solar energy. Sabaoth “set a new intention” during the New Moon last week to reverse fields. The consciousness of the Sun has shifted and will soon be measurable.

The Sun decides to transform itself at the precise time it is coded to disseminate the energy of “miners emerging from a deep coalmine.” So the Sun shifts and then calls us out of the darkness – calls us to renaissance.

It is critical to remember that we are undergoing massive change. We must change. And each time the New Moon rises in a cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) through next summer, we will turn, shift, and move. This is the process of humanity standing up. It happens in a spiral. Don’t resist what is shifting in your life. It is moving toward a higher purpose – one that is based on love, respect, beauty, honor, and life.

As for today’s energy, don’t make the mistake of thinking that what transpires is the end of the story. More will emerge at a later time. Interactions, circumstances, and events are a set up for later action. The primary theme of the energy involves power and control. People who feel powerless will try to take another’s power. This comes in many forms, including subtle power plays such as criticism. Don’t worry if things go “bad” for you today. We can take a licking and keep on ticking because whatever happens today will be rectified later. Just keep in mind that power and control dynamics are strongly in play with people today.

A final note: Sophia steps herself down into beings called the Mahavidyas, the Wisdom Goddesses, and interfaces with humanity through them. The Mahavidyas undertook a great act of magic (spiritual-scientific principles) to free us from power and control over our minds. The shift to renaissance is by her grace.

We can see by Dhumavati.

We are brave by Bhairavi.

We are blessed by Shodashi.


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