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The Oracle Report  Wednesday, October 16, 2013



Gibbous Moon Phase: trust, analyze, process, digest

Moon: Pisces/Aries

Today’s energy heavily emphasizes theappearance of things, which prompts us to look at lasting value, relevance, and truth. The “mask” of things is torn off, enabling us to see what they really are. The nature of one’s energy is apparent and motivations are revealed. It will be easier to navigate all of this if we understand that an adjustment of some type may be necessary. Revelations of this nature require time to process and then time to adjust.

To facilitate psychological adjustment, adjust your physical self. Spend some time with your body today; stretching and yoga being optimal under this energy. If you’ve been neglecting your body (and not drinking enough water), rectify this.

This month, so many old energetic imprints from the past are present, and this takes a toll on us on energetic levels. We are not only changing the imprint of the daily energy so that it is better each time it rolls around, but we are also handling the existing imprint that has formed over countless years of manipulation. All of the “October surprises” in history are energetically imprinted into space-time and we are busting those up because we are awake to it. We are wise to it.

Could there be a bigger mission to accept than the wholescale re-coding of the experience of life? I think not. It’s daunting to think of it this way, so we will keep it real by infusing each day with conscious connection with Sophia, the divine being embodied as our planet. Engaging in a direct relationship with the consciousness of the planet “wipes the hard drive” and “erases the code” of the daily energetic imprint that has been imposed upon us without our understanding. We hack the archontic program of repetition of daily energy, hammered in place with the same fear and negative polarity year after year. Engagement with the consciousness of the planet busts open the energetic field and allows creativity and freedom to re-code the energy. In a nutshell, this is what everyone who is “wise” to the matrix is doing. It is not generally understood to be this way.

So today, since we are so moved by the appearance of things and what is revealed, let’s divert focus from superficial things to real things. Something will catch your eye today. It may be an animal sighting, the change of the season, a lightbulb going off (metaphorically and literally). Keep the focus on what’s real, what’s lasting, and what’s truly valuable and then adjust to the insight.

(Keep an eye on the Sun; it’s crazy with activity right now.)


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How to Utilize Every Square Inch: Radical Home Economics on 1/12 acre and a 900 Square Foot Home

I read in the Anastasia books that Russian people have taken to gardening in such numbers that more food comes from home gardens than from agriculture/stores. They experienced the crash the West is tumbling thru years earlier so it is good to follow the solutions they already implemented.

Laura Bruno's Blog

Thanks, Ann!

Self-Reliance in L.A.

“Erik Knutzen and Kelly Coyne have been farming their yard in Los Angeles for over a decade. In addition to a mini orchard and extensive veggie garden, they have all the instruments of an urban homestead: chickens, bees, rainwater capture, DIY greywater, solar fruit preserver, humanure toilet, rocket stove, adobe oven. But they don’t like to talk about sustainability of self-sufficiency, instead they prefer the term self-reliance.

“‘I don’t like the goal of self-sufficiency, I think it’s a fool’s errand to chase that goal,’ explains Knutzen. ‘I think we live in communities, human beings are meant to live, and trade and work together. I think self-reliance is okay, in other words, knowing how to do things.’

“Knutzen and Coyne share their tinkering, DIY and small scale urban agriculture experiments on their blog Root Simple and in their books ‘The Urban Homestead: Your Guide to…

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A Suggestion in Light of the EBT Failure

Thank you Laura. I have been worried because I rely on foodstamps and it quite disturbing to think of being without food, tho luckily I have no children to feed.
Our food banks have been overwhelmed for the last few years even with foodstamps operational because so many earn too much for foodstamos but not enough for food.:-(
I think long term we need to plant a lot more public fruit trees and perennial vegetables like moringa but short term helping one another directly may avert much chaos.

Laura Bruno's Blog

I just sent the following email to the two main facilitators of Transition Goshen, but I thought I’d share the suggestions here, as well. You don’t need to live in a Transition Town in order to view the writing on the wall and respond to that with preemptive action.

Here’s what I wrote, in light of this past weekend’s food stamp “glitch,” minus the personal details to each of them:

As you both know, I have long been predicting that the food stamp program would lose its funding and that this could become one of those traumas for which Goshen prepares ahead of time. I’m not sure if you’ve both heard, but the EBT (food stamp) program got shut down in 17 states this past weekend. I immediately felt this was a test to see how people would react, and predictably, in some stores, immediate looting, ransacking and threats of…

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Our connection to land

Thank you for posting this. I feel we would all be better off if people relearned tha t connection with land, ancestors, history and all the living beings that share that unique biome. Everything is part of a system and humans are no different. How can we function when we are not connected to all around us? It is no wonder we have so much crime, destruction and unhappiness.


The Real Crisis Is Not The Government Shutdown

The Real Crisis Is Not The Government Shutdown

Paul Craig Roberts


The inability of the media and politicians to focus on the real issues never
ceases to amaze.

The real crisis is not the ÃÂdebt ceiling crisis.ÃÂ The government shutdown is
merely a result of the Republicans using the debt limit ceiling to attempt
to block the implementation of Obamacare. If the shutdown persists and
becomes a problem, Obama has enough power under the various ÃÂwar on terrorÃÂ
rulings to declare a national emergency and raise the debt ceiling by
executive order. An executive branch that has the power to inter citizens
indefinitely and to murder them without due process of law, can certainly
set aside a ceiling on debt that jeopardizes the government.

The real crisis is that jobs offshoring by US corporations has permanently
lowered US tax revenues by shifting what would have been consumer income, US
GDP, and tax base to China, India, and other countries where wages and the
cost of living are relatively low. On the spending side, twelve years of
wars have inflated annual expenditures. The consequence is a wide deficit
gap between revenues and expenditures.

Under the present circumstances, the deficit is too large to be closed. The
Federal Reserve covers the deficit by printing $1,000 billion annually with
which to purchase Treasury debt and mortgage-backed financial instruments.
The use of the printing press on such a large scale undermines the US dollar
ÃÂs role as reserve currency, the basis for US power. Raising the debt limit
simply allows the real crisis to continue. More money will be printed with
which to purchase more new debt issues needed to close the gap between
revenues and expenditures.

The supply of dollars or dollar denominated assets in foreign hands is vast.
(The Social Security systemÃÂs large surplus accumulated over a quarter
century was borrowed by the Treasury and spent. In its place are
non-marketable Treasury IOUs. Consequently, Social Security is one of the
largest creditors to the US government.)

If foreigners lose confidence in the dollar, the drop in the dollarÃÂs
exchange value would mean high inflation and the Federal ReserveÃÂs loss of
control over interest rates. It is possible that a drop in the dollarÃÂs
exchange value could initiate hyperinflation in the US.

The real crisis is the absence of intelligence among economists and
policymakers who told us for 20 years not to worry about the offshoring of
US jobs, because we were going to have a ÃÂNew EconomyÃÂ with better jobs.

As I report each month, not a single one of these ÃÂNew EconomyÃÂ jobs has
appeared in the payroll jobs statistics or in the Labor DepartmentÃÂs
projections of future jobs. Economists and policymakers simply gave away a
good chunk of the US economy in order to enhance corporate profits. One
result has been to create in the US the worst distribution of income of all
developed countries and of many undeveloped ones.

In the scheme of things, the enhanced profits are a short-run thing, because
by halting the growth in consumer income, jobs offshoring has destroyed the
US consumer market. As I noted in a recent column, on September 19 the New
York Times reported what I have reported for years: that US median family
income has not increased for a quarter of a century. The lack of consumer
income growth is why 5 years of massive monetary and fiscal stimulus have
not brought economic recovery.

The real crisis cannot be addressed unless the jobs are brought back home
and the wars are stopped. As powerful organized interests oppose any such
measures, Congress will pass a new debt ceiling and the real crisis will

Do you hear any mention of the real crisis in the media? Today I was on an
international TV program for 25 minutes with the chief financial editor of
one of EnglandÃÂs major newspapers. Little doubt but that he was a
good-hearted and intelligent fellow, but he had no capability of thinking
outside the box. He was unable to comprehend my explanations, and resorted
to regurgitations of the mediaÃÂs ignorance or subservience to WashingtonÃÂs

Among his regurgitations was the ÃÂsolutionÃÂ of cutting Social Security. The
chief financial editor of a major UK newspaper did not know that for the
past quarter of a century Social Security revenues exceeded Social Security
payments, and that the Treasury spent the surplus to fund the annual
operating expenses of the government, issuing non-marketable IOUs to the
Social Security Trust Funds.

The chief financial editor also did not comprehend that cutting Social
Security payments also cuts consumer spending or aggregate demand, and sends
the economy down further, thus magnifying the deficit/debt problem.

Because of the serious decline in the US economy caused by jobs offshoring
and financial deregulation, Social Security no longer adds to its surplus.
Social Security payments need the supplement to the annual payroll revenues
of repayments by the Treasury of the borrowed funds.

The only reasons that Social Security is in trouble is that jobs offshoring
and wars have constrained the US TreasuryÃÂs ability to make good on its
debts except by having the Federal Reserve print money. Every job that is
sent abroad does not contribute payroll taxes to Social Security and

Insouciant American economists say that manufacturing is an outmoded source
of employment, but Chinese manufacturing employment is almost equal to the
total US labor force in all occupations, including waitresses and bartenders
and hospital orderlies. ChinaÃÂs economy is growing at a rate of 7.5% in real
terms, while Western economies cannot move forward and some are regressing.

In order to appease Wall Street, the most corrupt institution in human
history, and to prevent Wall Street-financed takeovers of their
corporations, executives destroyed the American consumer market by
offshoring American incomes in order to enhance profits by substituting
cheap foreign labor for US labor.

In my opinion, the US economy is not salvageable in its present form. The
economy is running out of water resources. The supply that remains is being
decimated by fracking. The soil is depleted by glysophate, a requirement of
GMO agriculture. The external costs of production are rising (the costs that
the corporations impose on the environment and third parties) and possibly
exceed the value of the increase in corporate output. Economists are
incapable of independent thought, and elected representatives are dependent
on the private interests that finance their campaigns.

It is difficult to imagine a more discouraging situation.

At this time, collapse seems the most likely forecast.

Perhaps out of the ruins, a new, intelligent beginning might occur.

If there are any leaders.

About Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic
Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for
Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has
had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a
worldwide following. His latest book, The Failure of Laissez Faire
Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West is now available

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Heads up About TPP and TTIP

Thank you Laura!

Laura Bruno's Blog

One wonders how many backdoor negotiations continue during the government shutdown sham? If you’re reading from any of the Pacific Rim Countries listed in the below video, I encourage you to let those who claim to represent you in government know that you are watching them and are holding them accountable. Now. Before it’s too late. If you live in Europe, the US or Canada, I encourage you to scroll through for information about the equivalently evil trade agreement in the works for your areas. (It’s called the TTIP.)

FYI, the TPP details are so secret that (despite their demands) even Congress hasn’t been able to get its hands on the actual agreement details. Meanwhile, the largest corporations and the White House are all sitting at the table hammering out the next (strengthened) dictatorship. Think we’ve got a problem with corporate fascism now? Just you wait. The few details that

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