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The “12 Labors” of Humanity Within the NEW

Thank you Denise! You have the most amazing ability to cut thru the confusion of change, newness and shifting energies to clarify what is actually going on. The last few days since Wednesday, I’ve been experiencing the scorpio taurus energy mixing with the libra-aries. I thought I was just losing my ability to be calm and rational about practical stuff but I see from your post that beyond the clearing and releasing of the old comes the reorganizing, almost lije a remodeling of mental emotional spaces within.
About an hour ago I realized this much turmoil always precedes a change, usually for the better. ( in the middle of feeling awful earlier I looked at my phone randomly and it said 4:44-I laughed thru my tears and said thank you:-) and now your post right on time to confirm it is a process of positive change not some personal failure of fortitude. Thank you for doing the hard work of making sense of things and sharing with all of us a few stair steps behind! It makes such a difference to see a structure and a logic to what often feels incomprehensible and overwhelming.

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Truthout highlights for October 18, 2013

Truthout does the kind of deep digging behind the scenes investigative journalism that used to be the heart of our strong democracy.

Tho many of today’s headlines are harsh on Republicans;Truthout has castigated corrupt and bad behaving Dems quite often so I don’t think they are a really partisan source. The Reps just happened to be the idiots of the week this week:-/

Food Stamp Outage Highlights Problems With Privatization of Public Services

Mike Ludwig, Truthout: The government shutdown was not to blame for the crashing of the food stamp program for poor families in 17 states over the weekend, just the latest in a long line of snafus by private contractors hired by government.

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Capitalism Works (or Not) for Me

Harriet Fraad and Richard Wolff, Truthout: Does capitalism work? Artist Steve Lambert found a new way to project that “obviousness” question so that his audience might grasp how it touches our intimate, personal, political and social lives

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Amid Shutdown, “New Economy” Events Draw Enthusiasts for Sustainable Alternatives

Candice Bernd, Truthout: Disillusioned by a $24 billion government shutdown, participants were enthusiastic this past week for coincidentally scheduled New Economy Coalition events across the country building sustainable solutions to inequality, political gridlock and climate change.

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Kieron Bryan and the Arctic 30

Andrew Wallace Chamings, Truthout: Kieron Bryan, a British video journalist, is being held in a Russian prison along with another journalist and 28 activists from the captured Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise. This interview is with Bryan’s brother on what the future holds for Kieron and the Arctic 30.

Read the Interview

Washington Attorney General Sues GMO Labeling Opponents for Hiding Corporate Donors

Mike Ludwig, Truthout: The state of Washington has filed a lawsuit, claiming opponents of a ballot initiative that would label groceries containing genetically engineered ingredients are hiding their donors in a campaign that has seen a flood of out-of-state money from big corporations such as Monsanto.

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Yes, Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus – Campaign Cash

Bill Moyers and Michael Winship, Moyers & Company: If you want to see how grossly money can distort democracy, just go to the state of Virginia, where there are no limits on how big a check can be written for statewide candidate.

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Reclaiming the Roadblock, UK Uncut Takes Direct Action Against Austerity

Steve Rushton, Occupy.com: The anti-cuts group recently mobilized a nationwide action called “Roadblocks for Justice” that focused specifically on cuts to legal aid, which is the state support for legal services ensuring citizens are provided equality before the law.

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Republicans Have Done Real Damage to the Economy

Dave Johnson, Campaign for America’s Future: This hostage-taking episode has done real, serious, lasting damage to the economy on top of the ongoing damage Republicans have been doing. Will the public still blame Democrats, or will they finally see what is going on here?

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Acting With Impunity: The Case of General Electric

Lawrence S. Wittner, History News Network: Can the world’s biggest corporations act with impunity? When it comes to General Electric – the eighth-largest US corporation, with $146.9 billion in sales and $13.6 billion in profits in 2012 – the answer appears to be “yes.”

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Why the Corporate Media’s Climate Change Censorship Is Only Half the Story

Sarah van Gelder, YES! Magazine: Of course the media needs to start talking honestly about climate change. But there’s more to the issue than just gloom and doom.

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Despite President Obama Beating Back Barbarians at the Gate, Sequestration Is Still Harming Many Americans

Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: You wouldn’t know it from the whining, but the Tea Party Republicans had won the battle of the budget weeks back. The Democrats had agreed to use sequestration budget figures in the extension, which was the GOP preference.

Read the BuzzFlash Commentary

Eugene Robinson | GOP’s Defeat as Devastating as Sherman’s March to the Sea

Read the Article at BuzzFlash

Paul Krugman | The Damage Done

Read the Article at The New York Times

Jim Hightower | J.P. Morgan: The Man and the Bank

Read the Article at BuzzFlash

Ex-Blackwater Contractors Face Fresh Charges in Iraq Attack

Read the Article at The Associated Press

Conservatives Misunderstand What Went Wrong Under Bush

Read the Article at The Atlantic

Harry Reid: Hiking Defense Spending for Social Security Cuts Is a “Stupid Trade”

Read the Article at The Huffington Post

Tea Partiers’ Grave Fear: Why They Disdain Young People – Even Their Own

Read the Article at Salon

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The Oracle Report Friday, October 18, 2013 – Penumbral Lunar Eclipse



Full Moon: illumination, realization, shadows

Moon: Aries

The Snowy Owl is pictured to represent the stance advised today: stone cold still. A frosty energy accompanies the Full Moon/Penumbral Lunar Eclipse today. It holds the power to freeze us in our tracks. But if we are already stone cold still, the frostiness will just move around us.

A penumbral lunar eclipse is when part of Earth’s shadow falls over the Moon. This type of eclipse only dims the Moon. The eclipse will be most visible over clear European, African, and the Middle Eastern skies, with a slight chance for sighting on the East Coast of the US. Peak visibility is listed at 7:50 pm ET.

The degree of the Full Moon is 26 Aries – “a man possessed of more gifts than he can hold.” This energy brings deeply ingrained imprinting. It’s power is attested by the conjunction with Eris at 23 Aries and the reactivation of Uranus in Aries and its opposition to the New Moon on October 4. This Full Moon phase is the fullest extension of energy present back at the New Moon. New becomes Full.

In order to receive more of the gifts of enlightenment the universe is designed to deliver with this Full Moon (i.e. “posess” more of them), we need to hold still.

This is wonderful except we have forces that stand to derail anything of this nature and in fact, desire to twist it inside out for their own purposes. It’s a stellar opportunity for imprinting the collective experience of life with negativity. So we stand counter to that by holding still and holding space. When we are stone cold still we expect the unexpected and are protected from it based on our stance. The Snowy Owl’s wing folds around as a shield.

Possessing more gifts than one can hold means there is abundance. While standing stone cold still, we see abundance. We see the abundance of life. This is our steely focus today. Abundant opportunity and potential is visible.

(On the mundane level, today’s energy carries themes involving relationships – especially love triangles and intimate partner violence; exposure of the past; feeling overwhelmed, uncontained, and anxious; insomnia; restlessness, attention deficiencies; racism; encounters with the shadow sides of ourselves and others; and most of all FREEDOM v. SLAVERY.)


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Energetic Synthesis – Revealing the Impostor



Dear Ascending Family,

Our planet is undergoing an incredible quantum event within the energetic fields as the collective consciousness frequencies are reaching their divergence point; this necessitates the bifurcation of timelines. The bifurcation of time impacts the quantum reality, the unmanifested field potential and the external impacts in the process of which energy manifests into physical matter. Everything we have known to be in our physical world is undergoing rapid shifting to Reveal the Impostor spirit energy that has remained hidden inside our own bodies, minds and perceptions. The impostor spirit is also synonymous with false light, dead energy and unhealed negative ego architecture having the authority over the direction of one’s body, mind and spirit.

An Impostor is defined as any entity or human being that is saying words or expressions, or making representations that it does not embody, nor comprehend, nor behave or act in accordance with.

An Impostor Spirit is the Luciferian or Satanic Spirit which promotes false light authority and anti-life architecture through deception, lies of omission, manipulation with malice to promote intentional harm, death or destruction to serve its personal agenda.

The planet and those sensing this shift transpiring now may experience intermittent flushes of fear, visions of phantom death or uncertainty in our future direction, all of which may feel unnerving. This is a time to remember we are safe in our connection while remaining vigilant at staying within our spiritual center, making the adjustments to stabilize our inner core, as we continue to ride through these choppy waters. Many changes, alterations, dismantling, initiations, endings and beginnings are all happening at the same time. What is occurring is beyond mental comprehension and awe inspiring to witness as the perfection of the Universe is revealing itself through the rebalancing of energetic polarity. That which is the accurate energetic resonance of one’s consciousness intention will truly attract to its matched vibration while that which is dissonant will fully repel itself away. What quality of vibrational thoughts we hold in our entire being will return as an amplified blessing or painful backlash, depending on the inner integrity and authenticity of the being’s totality of spoken words, actions and behaviors. This makes superimposition over others, continual siphoning of others energies for ones selfish motivation, much harder to accomplish in this changed terrain of the Krystal Star Host. This forces self-responsibility, energetic accountability for one’s belief systems and matching the integrity of actions based thereon.

This stunning crossroads of change upon us is shifting our planet to Reveal the Impostor spirit energy that has been operating from behind the scenes as the false light systems in this dark age. Every single one of us on this Earth has been greatly impacted and traumatized spiritually by this impostor energy, also used through the negative alien agenda, that has masqueraded itself in our lives. We inherited this impostor spirit energy ancestrally, genetically and historically, as the true origins and memories have been manipulated and hidden from the human race.

Inner Armageddon Dismantling

In physical matter, and within our own bodies, during this time we may feel this stretching and splitting apart sensation which may feel very harsh to our emotional body and heart space. Because the nature of the ego mind is mostly connected to the false light architecture, what is occurring is similar to the disintegration of the inner ego structures and its impostor spirit from continuing to block the higher heart complex. This is activating many people into spiritual initiation to align into their highest expression resonant to that energetic state of heart based being. There is a pushing and pulling between the lower mind internal structures and the higher heart intelligence which may feel like an internal and external war over the body consciousness. The bifurcation of timelines is changing the reality bubbles and as they are pushing and pulling apart space-time, where we all coexist, this may bring upon an Inner Armageddon sensation or relative phantom death experience. During this phantom death experience we will be presented with choices to move into higher integrity alignment and be reborn into a new spiritual energy. This is occurring at the microcosm and macrocosm levels of reality.

Additionally, the bifurcation inherently surfaces confusing feelings and unresolved projections between the masculine and feminine principles of energy. The polarity rebalancing may feel to be splitting apart the gender power centers inside our own bodies, or feel as a separation of internal energies. As we become aware of where the internal gender energy was split apart through the impostor spirit, without our previous conscious awareness, we are given the opportunity to merge, integrate and heal these areas. Also, we may improve how we relate to the gender roles throughout our life by clearing impostor energy. In order to heal, integrate and harmonize internal gender energies, we first break apart the core impostor spirit distortion in order to identify the source causation of its memories.

For many this will involve the 3D negative ego false light architecture in the solar plexus feeling abrasive against the 4D/8D feeling heart complex. This may manifest externally as power conflicts in relationships, where there is a battle between forcing personal will (3D) which places extreme opposing pressure in the receptivity centers of the heart and soul (4D). However, we have a great opportunity to heal the rift of gender polarity as well as recognize where that inner bifurcation existed (when the impostor was inserted) so that we may merge back into wholeness through the unity platform. Some of us may not recognize the unity platform because this is a totally new experience while in a body. This action of healing gender polarity is synonymous with the override of the bi-wave forms while merging into the tri-wave forms. As we unite our inner gender polarity, we unite with the trinity forms, thus allowing our deeper heart connection to expand with the eternal God source and Inner Christos. This forces the eviction of the impostor spirit, and this may feel very strange or scary if one is not aware of the necessity of this purging.

Keeping our mind focused on meditation or spiritually centering exercises, no matter where we find ourselves now, is required to find the inner core and remain in energetic balance.Please continue to dedicate oneself to work with clearing negative ego tools and be open to deeply feel the process of emotional healing through the phantom death energy transmutation. When we feel anxious we can choose to shift and hold one’s perspective to apply unconditional love and forgiveness to the now self and other selves. This is the requirement to achieve and maintain the state of inner peace and connection in the middle of this incredible chaos. Keep choosing love, harmlessness, compassion and mercy for everyone and everything while being as accurate and truthful with oneself by checking inner motivations. The planet’s highest expression for those that choose this heroic pathway, the ascending timeline, is available and will stay available. The Krystal Star Host is here to stay.

(Please click the link below to read the rest of this post on Lisa Renee’s site-http://www.energeticsynthesis.com/index.php/resource-tools/news-shift-timelines/2301-revealing-the-impostor )

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Natives Speaking for Themselves About the Redskins Controversy – ICTMN.com

changethename feat

changethename feat

Please click the link below to go to Indian Country Today and see the video and brief accompanying article.

I have known quite a few ndns who enjoyed supporting the team out of a sense of ironic, slightly bitter, humor. My grandfather habitually mocked racists with similar ironic humor-as my husband still does. My brother supports the Florida State Seminoles enthusiastically because his wife went to school there.
But-and this is a pretty big but- the harm these kind of caricatures cause is not so much to the adults, ironic sense of humor or not. It is to the young people who grow up in a world that shows them reflections of their people and themselves that are caricatures, mocking, derisive or just plain negative as in cowboy movies.
(I hated cowboy movies as a child but after seeing Smoke Signals I greatly enjoy belting out loud rounds of “John Wayne’s Teeth” at random intervals so much that I’ve almost learned to like them, lol)

Just like co-opting and selling Native Spirituality, media images can have a detrimental effect on the formation of a child’s sense of self, confidence and sense of the world he or she must live in.

The simple fact that the term is still used as a racial slur means it might not be seen as a compliment…