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Indigenous Theory from Hawai’i

Thank you for sharing this!


One of the goals of Decolonization: Indigeneity, Education & Society is to bring together scholars, activists, artists and community members who are thinking through and acting out decolonization from their local spaces around the globe. Around the world, Indigenous communities and others are  resisting colonialism and resurging Indigenous cultures as necessary alternatives; though, sometimes these local initiatives operate with little discussion, solidarity, and learning with/from other locations of struggle. As a journal and as a larger project, we hope to provide a space where these discussions can happen to encourage and foster connections.

In that vein, we hope you’ll check out a great new blog started by Noelani Goodyear-Ka‘ōpua and her students at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa that brings out some great discussions on Hawai’ian decolonization, settler colonialism, and Indigenous theories. The students bring in a wide array of art, videos and readings to make some great connections…

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Mike Adams ~ Secret List Of Food Companies Funding GMO-Labeling Opposition Slush Fund Revealed After Illegal Activities Of GMA Exposed

Thank you! So glad so much if this sneaky back room dealing is being exposed.

Laura Bruno's Blog

Thanks, G!

Almost immediately after I took my little walk in the woods during which time I actually did ask plead for Otherworldly assistance to “eradicate GMO’s from the face of our beautiful planet,” the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association (GMA) got caught red-handed running a money laundering slush fund to conceal their identities in opposing I-522 (the Washington State campaign for mandatory GMO labels). [UPDATE: I forgot to add that part of my request specifically included “the unveiling of anyone secretly working for a hidden pro-GMO agenda.”] I’m not saying my time in the woods had anything to do with this, but it wouldn’t be the first time I petitioned and honored the Unseen’s only to find an immediately tangible, “real world” result. In fact, it happens so often that David always says to me, “We need the eggs, dear,” in reference to the following joke:

“My brother thinks he’s a…

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“Cultivating an Inner Life”

Thank you so much for sharing your inner and outer journey so clearly and lyrically. The process of waking uo to what is going on, truly accepting (getting past denial) and taking positive action can be incredibly difficult. Having such a beautiful example for people to connect with the real human aspects that they can relate to directly is such a blessing. I have not yet read this book but I will check it out. I am also heartened to hear of groups like yours forming all over. Humans are resilient creatures but the number one quality that purportedly allowed us to not only survive the ice ages and the harsher climactic regime in place for most of human existence, but to thrive and spread, is altruism and the ability to work together for the common good. The whoke is indeed greater than the sum of the parts:-)

Laura Bruno's Blog

I recently joined a book study group with some visionaries, spiritual advisers, organic farmers, permaculture activists, and other “big picture” thinkers from Goshen and nearby Three Rivers, Michigan. I missed the introductory meeting due to an errant email, but tonight we have our first actual book discussion of Carolyn Baker’s “Navigating the Coming Chaos.”

As preparation, we read the Introduction and Chapter 1. I’ve already read much further, but we’ve been asked to answer the following questions related to the Intro and first chapter. Given this book’s powerful message, which aligns so closely with what I try to offer through this blog, through my own life’s expression(s), and during individual sessions, I thought I’d answer the questions here. Although many Transition Towns have leaders actively studying this book, you do not need to be involved in the Transition Movement in order to benefit from it. As the famous Medical Intuitive…

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A short update on the energies

Thank you Aisha! I have been feeling the pull to turn inward and withdraw for a while. It always amazes me that someone half a world away (the snow picture is especially beautiful to me as I huddle next to the a/c hiding from the high 80’s temps outside:-) is experiencing and explaining the same thing I am!

aisha north

We would like to take this opportunity to delve a little bit into the current energies. As many of you have already ascertained, these are not your regular blasts of energy, rather, it is as if you are being disconnected from it all, as if you are floating, almost like an astronaut lost out in space. It might feel lonely out there, but trust us when we say you have not been left out there for good, rather, this is a very important transitional phase, one that will help you to re-enter YOURSELF, rather than stripping you of anything that might still be construed as the old you.

For that old process of dismantling is indeed over, as you have all moved beyond the threshold of what was and started to peek over and into the brand new space labelled “what will BECOME”. But in the interim, you will be…

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The Oracle Report Monday, October 21, 2013



Full Moon: illumination, realization, shadows

Moon: Taurus/Gemini

Ah, Mercury retrograde. Today’s original report is lost in cyberspace, so this second try is a testimony to the fact that everyone forgets when Mercury stations retrograde: it is designed to make things better.

Usually, the day a planet stations retrograde or direct is the craziest. When a planet stations retrograde, it appears to move backward in the sky. Mercury will be retrograde through November 10. During this time, we see challenges with all types of communication (interpersonal, professional, telecommunication, etc.), all types of electronics (especially electronic communication devices like mobile phones), and all things related to travel (schedules, routes, accidents, plans). These issues are more pronounced on the day Mercury changes its course.

Mercury retogrades require the utmost patience and flexibility. If possible, allow extra time to get places because it takes longer to travel (usually due to accidents or electronic failures). We get stressed when we are late, so take all of that kind of energy out of the equation if you start to get wound up. Mercury also rules energetic waves, signals, and signatures. It is particularly effective at changing your frame of mind. Take things down a notch and proceed with a different mind set.

Mind set is changed via knowledge. Your knowledge today is that Mercury retrograde makes things better. It’s like this: Little Mercury, with his golden winged shoes, tears backward to hone, fine-tune, and refine anything that is in the works. In other words, Mercury retrograde is not a good time to launch anything new, but it is a great time to work on something already underway and then launched later. Things become better than they were due to the time devoted to letting them grow.

Much frustration can be avoided when you step out of Mercury’s tornado and let him pass. When he strikes and messes up the plan, it’s best to laugh and surrender. Take a breath and start again. Let’s not hate on Mercury retrograde.

Mercury stations retrograde at 19 Scorpio: “a parrot listening and then talking, repeats a conversation he has heard.” This symbol tells us that during the retrograde, knowledge will betransmitted. We want to capture as much of this as possible without overdoing it. Headaches are the prime sign that you are overdoing it. The Wisdom Goddess, Gaia-Sophia, will be transmitting a huge amount of data into the collective of humanity. All kinds of ideas for things will emerge from projects, hopes, dreams that already exist in some form. Ideas for stories and ideas for ways to express things will flourish.

Since this is a prime opportunity to influence signals, negative agendas will take advantage of this by loading all kinds of negative ideas into the collective. Back away from things that drag you down (like mainstream media, which will be directed to put forth the saddest and ugliest stories they can find). Scorpio retrogrades go to core. We’ll go to the core of the planet herself, not the core of an archetypal hell that is being painted before our eyes. This goes for the entire retrograde.

For today, be patient…


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NorthPoint Astrology Journal October 21 to 27, 2013 By Pam Younghans

oskar pettersson 3 1381840927 lg 2

oskar pettersson 3 1381840927 lg 2

Today’s photo: Auroras over Luleå, Sweden on October 15, 2013 (photo by Oskar Pettersson, posted onSpaceWeather.com)

WE WANDER in the space between eclipses, in a world that often feels unworldly, but not in any way that can be clearly defined. Our partial Lunar Eclipse last Friday represented the ending of a 19-year cycle. Now, we have until the hybrid Solar Eclipse on November 3 to adjust to the changes in the energetic landscape.
In case you haven’t heard of a “hybrid” eclipse before, join the crowd! My astrological calendar says, “This is a rare hybrid of an annular and total eclipse. Some sections of the path are annular while others are total.” In other words, the type of eclipse we physically experience depends on where we are on the planet.
THE DIFFERENCE between the two types of Solar Eclipse is that only a faint ring of the Sun is visible behind the Moon during a total eclipse, whereas the ring of the Sun is larger and shines more brightly during an annular eclipse. The variation is caused by the distance between the Earth and the Moon — the closer the Moon is to us, the larger it appears and the more of the Sun’s light is blocked.
So, yes, odd to be able to have both a total and an annular eclipse at the same time. My brain hasn’t quite wrapped itself around how that can be possible.
BUT, SINCE LIFE ITSELF seems to be a “rare hybrid” these days — and our brains are struggling to understand many things about current reality — it seems appropriate that we would have an eclipse to reflect that truth. And, perhaps this hybrid eclipse represents the choice we have going forward — we can either make a completely new start (total eclipse of the old) or retain some of the old foundations while also starting in some new directions (annular eclipse).
Either way, as we sit in this two-week void, we will be consciously and unconsciously preparing for take-off: adjusting our seats, perhaps even changing seats to get a different perspective, stowing our gear and preparing for the ride ahead.
ADDING to the brain muddle, Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow (Monday, October 21, at 3:28am PDT). The good news about Mercury’s retrograde phase is that it is meant to give us a break from needing always to be pushing ahead, making progress in a linear fashion. While Mercury is appearing to move backward in the sky, we are also encouraged to spend time in review and internal processing — actually perfect timing after the cleansing effect of our recent Lunar Eclipse.
When Mercury completes its retrograde phase on November 10, it will be back at the degree of Scorpio it first crossed on October 1. In other words, we will be taking another look at many things we’ve done during this month, with the opportunity of rewriting, reconfiguring, and reorganizing to make the end result better than it might have been.
And, since Mercury is in truth-seeking Scorpio, there may be new information coming to light that we hadn’t been aware of in our first crossing of the river — information that changes our understanding, our motivations, and our attitudes going forward.
THE SUN enters Scorpio on Tuesday, and settles into a comfortable trine aspect with Neptune by Friday. While the Sun is in Scorpio (until November 21-22), it provides the energy for us to release the past and our attachments to old self-definitions. We are also encouraged to look more closely at our emotional needs, and see where we can benefit from bringing more light into our emotional bodies.
The Neptune-Sun trine on Friday provides energetic assistance to any releasing or light-enhancing processes we engage on that day. Neptune is always supportive of letting go, rising above, accepting, forgiving, allowing, surrendering — all with the purpose of helping us align more fully with our highest vibrational self.

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Energetic Upgrades for Selected Hue-manity Groups are in Process


gaia_energy1Energetic upgrades for selected Hue-manity groups are in process at this moment.

This is in addition to general consciousness upgrades occurring in all of Gala’s inhabitants.

Fracturing and dissolution of outdated low frequency paradigms has allowed this step.

“Selected Hue-manity groups” includes many continuing to set directions from energetic levels not yet suited for Gaia whole, and primarily addresses vibrational dis-harmonies.

Interests of all Gaia inhabitants are honored at this time.

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