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The Oracle Report Wednesday, October 23, 2013

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Disseminating Moon Phase: share, distribute, teach, demonstrate Moon: Gemini/Cancer

The Sun released a powerful M4 solar flare and a formidable plasma wave today. You can listen to it atwww.spaceweather.com.

Expect to have a pretty massive understanding, revelation, event, or insight.

The wave of this energy intensifies continuing themes from yesterday and yesterday was all about the Chiron Point (wounding and healing). The Sun has now moved into Scorpio and is opposing the Chiron Point. The movement of the Sun into Scorpio is its own kind of beast, but the addition of today’s solar flare and plasma wave amplifies the energy.

The Sun is a Divine Being the ancient Gnostics called Sabaoth. Sabaoth is aligned with Gaia Sophia and her interactive experiment with humanity. When Sabaoth sends a flare, it is for a reason. Sabaoth is a conscious being who is directly engaged with us and always has been (even while Sophia was in her shock-slumber). So the energetic themes for the day are intensified by the extra solar punch.

The primary theme of today’s energy involves catharsis -freedom. Things (emotions, situations, organizations, relationships, institutions, systems, frequencies) that have become too dense, concentrated, unbalanced, or heavy will release, break apart, or fracture in some way. This energy dismantles. It’s literal and metaphorical earthquakes. It’s the genie out of the bottle. It’s a good thing. It takes what was unnoticed or unrecognized and brings it into consciousness.

The energy also hyper-activates the brain, calling up previously dormant, inactive, or forgotten patterns, ideas, and missions. What’s calling up from within you now?

Recall that this lunar month, the month beginning with the New Moon in Libra, holds the symbol of miners emerging from a deep coal mine. It’s about returning from a long, dark journey back into the light carrying a boon or reward. Today, let’s carry the boon or reward of that which can be HEALED instead of that which can be WOUNDED.

Thanks, Sun!


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