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A history of Creation – part 6

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Thank you Aisha! Many years ago when this process was much slower and more difficult I sent out some “blueprints”- for a widespread movement toward Earth centered food growing, an underground hacker movement to stop the fascists (Anonymous!!:-) and insiders in govt and corporations who would leak truths and take action from within to change things for the better. It took just over 20 years but all of these have manifested. The next one I sent out was for the reforesting of the Earth. I am very excited to see the CC’s explaining things as being so much clearer and faster now. So many have beautiful visions for our future I look forward to seeing the magic unfold day by day:-)

aisha north

Let us delve further into the mysteries of creation, as this is something we gather you are all more than eager to learn more about. Well, let us just say that there are not many mysteries of this left, however, we would like to give you some “technical” details as it were. You see, the basics have been well described for you already, and as such, you are more than prepared to have a go at this magical feat yourselves, but we do understand the need to learn a little bit more about what is going on.

As you know by now, we talk of the process where a field of possibility becomes energized by consciousness in such a way, in enables manifestation to commence. In other words, to a field of particles, an order is being sent out to gather in such a way something will BECOME,  and when…

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