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A Message from the Faeries

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I don’t know the fey who asked Laura to pass this along, nor have I encounteted the rules phrased precisely this way previously, but this is a good message to pass along so I am;-).
I imagine many a frail will be more than shocked by the reality of the fey in all forms and realms when collective human consciousness/frequency etc rises sufficiently to make that possible;-).
Having seen and posted actual photos of fire elementals this past year I believe that time may not be far off. ( so being more polite is surely a fine plan!;-)

Laura Bruno's Blog

I was asked to relay the following:

It has come to the attention of the Faery Realm that we are being unfairly and inaccurately linked to the implementation of Obamacare, the ability of politicians to crunch numbers — indeed, how absolutely barbaric (numbers are sacred, not some crispy, genetically modified snack to further manipulate!) — and to all manner of unlikely promises and claims flowing from the White House. Along with “elves,” “Gandalf,” “fairy tales” and “myths,” we faeries (also known as the Disney-fied spelling of “fairies”) and the elementals (though unmentioned by your journalists), would like to go on record that we have absolutely nothing to do with any such ridiculous things. The entire Faery Realm is peeved, quite peeved, and (in some cases) downright ornery, about such accusations.

Firstly, “fairy tales” and “myths” are not synonymous with un-Truth. On the contrary, fairy tales and myths represent some of…

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