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“Flourishing Energetics” of the New Gaia Imprint Gaia Grids


gaia_energy1“Flourishing Energetics” of the New Gaia imprint Gaia grids.

Assistance for hu-manity is at highest level possible and Hue-Beings have assumed prime positions at key Gaia grid locations for final imprintation.

Gaia support of static desires on all levels has been removed and all such are being eliminated, at pace compatible with all Gaia inhabitants.

“Shimmering” is now apparent to most of Hue-manity, and hu-beings also sense this, although yet at “hidden” levels.

Gaia-guided activities are requested at this moment.

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Elsipogtog Solidarity from Oshkimaadziig Unity Camp

I hope that people will share this widely and keep this issue in the public eye. The struggle to protect our land and waters, to protect the human rights of the people being directly harmed by these operations is not just an indigenous issue. There should be solidarity across the whole planet whenever and wherever people have the courage to stand up to the corporations and the fascist governments that kill for them. This exploitation is going on all over the world-lots of petro based but also mining, dams, privatizing water and other public resources. Each small group seems totally outgunned by the fascist-corporate monster they face but globally the people far outnumber the 1% and their corporate/government lackeys. Solidarity, Unity and Love will overcome greed and violence when enough of us join together.

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The Oracle Report Friday, October 25, 2013



Disseminating Moon Phase: share, distribute, teach, demonstrate

Moon: Cancer

Apollo greets us as the daily photograph today, courtesy wise owl Sean. What a Sun King! It’s a perfect fit today because we could use a companion or guide. Dog energy is the archetypal energy of guidance through darkness. As we continue through this lunar month’s Sabian symbol (“miners emerging from a deep coal mine”), we are supported every step of the way. And we are not only collectively emerging from darkness, we are bringing something useful with us – something very personal and very valuable. With this, today’s energy has us looking forward and planning ahead.

While the Moon conjuncts the Black Moon today, all things related to support (emotional, financial, physical, etc.) are sharply in focus. At the same time, Mercury retrograde is jamming up communication. The lines of interpersonal communication look like a jumbled ball of Christmas lights that was hastily stashed after the season. Take your time when communicating today. Be considerate.

The Chiron Point continues to be activated with themes of wounding and healing. Under this energy we tend to not just recognize but also spotlight what we think are flaws. This leads to finding fault and placing blame, ultimately leaning toward blaming ourselves and punishing ourselves. Chiron self wounds. There may be something you need to recognize, ackowledge or accept today, but there is no need to beat yourself up. Punishment is not required; honesty is. If anything, be honest with yourself.

Dog energy is also the archetype for FUN. We are going to aim for at least a little bit of fun today. We may have to summon it from far away, but it’s there. Warriors of spirit can find it because they are guided from on high.



That Word: Sustainability

I had not realized how many important organizations were working on a shoestring and struggling in the lowering economy. It is similar here even tho America is supposed to be wealthy it seems concentrated in the hands of corporations and the 1% while social orgs, food programs etc are faltering. If any if the so called prosperity programs or funds dispersals so widely touted on new age blogs ever manifest into real reality they already have plenty of “boits in the ground” projects ready for the funding!

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Everyone is worrying about money these days, it seems. Not only individuals, but organizations, too. In particular, our non-profit organizations are not only not making any profit; many of them are hardly making ends meet. Putting a brave face on it, they struggle along, trying to at least pay their administrative costs. Some just live from one grant/donation to another, “making do” with fund-raising and volunteer efforts in between. NGO workers are often so focused on the “here and now” and the delivery of their programs, at all costs, that they don’t have the time to think about their organization’s long-term future and goals – including its financial viability.

And let’s face it, things are not going to get any better, any time soon. So, that word “sustainability”is key.

Now, World Learning is a forward-thinking organization, which partners with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the…

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The Light Collective: “Reclaiming Your Sovereignty”

Thank you! I have been learning for some time now that if I do not respect my inner knowing things go badly every time. My intuition has always led me to greater respect and consideration of other living beings than the cultural standards, rules or laws around me. It would be a wonderful world indeed if we all felt and followed our deepest intuitive connection and love instead of the “letter of the law”.