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Does Humanity Even Want Freedom?

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The problem with freedom is that it inherently includes RESPONSIBILITY and most people love the idea of freedom insofar as this means do whatever you want, don’t pay taxes, etc but when you think a minute you realize the world won’t work if there are 7 billion toddlers and no adults.
We can observe many tribal societies that have always had inherent deep and essential freedom for each individual but what every single one of them has that makes that freedom possible is as moral structure and worldview that value social responsibility. They are deeply and uninhibitedly devoted to the community, to respect for one another, the land, culture, history, ancestors, children and all living beings.
Freedom naturally arises from responsibility. It cannot be given, bougjt, stolen, demanded or created. It can only exist like the pattern we call the Tao or “yin-yang symbol”, in balance with its other half.
So if we want freedom we don’t have to have a revolution, follow a leader or kill anyone.
All we have to do is statt moment to moment, day by day increasing our personal responsibility and our devotion to all Life.
By doing this we become free. Whrn enough people do it, the whole planet becomes free.
Its a lot easier to complain about decisions others make for our world thsn it is to roll our sleeves up and dive in to actually doing the work ourselves.
Don’t like the banking system, being poor, working at jobs you hate to survive? Join the alternate non-money based economy or create it in your area.
Hate taxes? Come up with new ways to solve the community problems we now solve thru taxes-but make them your own responsibility-it solves nothing to say “those people SHOULD…” because you can’t control those people!
Its not okay for humans to destroy other species and ecosystems to meet their needs. Its not okay for people to go without food, shelter, education or health. Its not okay for some people to kill others and take their stuff, or rape, molest, beat or exploit others.
So how do we prevent or alleviate those t hings without collecting money and paying people to fix them?

We can be free but we have to be aware, responsible, creative and fully engaged to make it happen.

Author: ohnwentsya

Be the change you wish to see, let's co-create the win-win future we know is possible together!

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