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Lewes, Samhain & Bonfire Night – Druids Among the Fireworks

I think this history has an interesting potential relationship with Anonymous call for action on this, astrologically significant November 5. Could the revolution Russell Brand called for already be an ongoing revolution of spirit returning to and rebirthing the ancient wisdom of life that already lives in all our bones?

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Russell Brand and Paganism

I have long admired Philip Carr Gomm, and am overjoyed to have just discovered his wordpress blog. I wished a few days ago that I had a better understanding of Russell Brand and the controversy over his famed revolution interview. Prayers are answered:-) I now have a better background in order to form my own opinion. I hope this will also help others to see the broader perspective beyond celebrity leaders vs horizontalist activists. I feel his contribution can fit into horizontalist activism very well. It is simply easier for his ideas to spread because he is a celebrity. Since many of us share so much with his views-his celebrity allows our ideas to be heard more widely-hardly a bad thing:-)

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The Oracle Report Friday, November 1, 2013



Balsamic Moon Phase: release, transform, heal, forgive

Moon: Libra

Like a parliament of owls flying over a moonless night, a wave of love and protection sweeps over the planet today. This is due to Venus’ conjunction with the Galactic Center, the home of love, light, and life in our galaxy. A particular type of energetic is activated.

We are drawn toward connections and bonds, but will react strongly if we feel like we are being overly bound, limited, restricted, or committed. The energy may produce a feeling of being overwhelmed. This is due to its “sweeping” nature. Let it sweep through you if you are struggling.

The nature of today’s energy is also to uplift. Reach out your hand and you’ll be embraced. Reach out your mind and you’ll be enlightened.

As mentioned yesterday, all are invited to connect at 12:12 pm EDT/ 4:12 pm UTC today in a group meditation to strongly imprint the energy. This means we “tune” ourselves to the energy (love and protection) and “ground” it the the grid of the planet. You can envision this and meditate on it in your own way. Drawing to mind the image pictured with this report can be the connecting force for the group meditation, but the intention to join together with others is all that is needed. You can envision your own picture. In keeping with the element of this energy that relates to freedom and not wanting to be bound or limited, no other instructions are needed. In other words, we play a personally creative part of a collective endeavor. We are tuning in to love and freedom and the LIMITLESSNESS of the Galactic Center, pulling it into the collective of humanity, and grounding it in the grid of consciousness. If you cannot join the party at the exact time, you can be involved anytime before the Sun rises where you are tomorrow. The net of intention will be out there ready and waiting for additional focused energy. It will only strengthen it, so come on over whenever you can. Think: LOVE, PROTECTION, and LIMITLESSNESS.


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Truthout Highlights October 31, 2013

Unmasking the Patriarchal Values in Halloween Costumes: Naughty Leopards, Sassy Space Girls, Warrior Ninjas

Jeffrey Nall, Truthout: Critically examining costume trends can go a long way in teaching us about our society’s values, particularly its gender ideals. In addition to thinking about costume names, consider these questions as you browse the aisles of costume shops.

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Why Anytown, USA, Privatizes Its Water System

Ellen Dannin, Truthout: When Allentown, Pennsylvania, rented its water and waste systems for 50 years this August, it was fortunate to find a public partner with closely aligned interests. Yet some of the problems with public infrastructure privatization remain very much the same.

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Stories of the Disappeared: The World Court of Women Against Poverty

Jackie Smith, Truthout: The World Court of Women against Poverty convened in Philadelphia to hear the stories of those disappeared by their socio-economic circumstances and to effect “social transformation through truth-telling, healing and building collective visions and strategies.”

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Chilean Students Poised for Congressional Victories

Jonathan Franklin, Truthout: Three Chilean student activists who fought for education as a human right are poised to become members of Congress in the country’s November 17 elections.

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Laura Gottesdiener: On Housing and Fighting Back Against Dreams Delayed

Laura Flanders, GRITtv: “This rise in home prices that we are experiencing isn’t largely being driven by new families buying their first home. It’s largely being driven by hedge funds – huge private equity companies,” says Laura Gottesdiener.

Watch the Video and Read the Article

Stop the Cruelest Cuts!

The Daily Take, The Thom Hartmann Program: We are the richest country on the planet – yet 50 million Americans need federal help just to eat. And tomorrow, millions of them could lose access to that vital lifeline. That’s because the House is expected to vote on a plan that would slash $5 billion from the federal food stamps program.

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Paul Krugman | Janet Yellen: The Economist’s Economist

Paul Krugman, Krugman & Co.: “Ms. Yellen is, if you like, a member of my tribe here, and I think that’s a very good thing in today‘s economy. The fact that her appointment also makes history – she’d be the first woman to lead the Fed – is just gravy.”

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In Fight Over Abortion Access in Texas, a New Focus Emerges

Jessica Mason Pieklo, RH Reality Check: Just one day before provisions of a new anti-abortion law were set to take effect and close at least 24 clinics in Texas, a federal judge blocked a portion of the law and brought into focus the emerging frontline battle over abortion rights.

Read the Article

Interview: Texan Julia Trigg Crawford’s Valiant Effort to Stop TransCanada’s Keystone XL Pipeline

Julie Dermansky, DeSmogBlog: Julia Trigg Crawford is one of a handful of Texas property owners waging a fierce battle against the TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline. Her fight began in August 2011, when she turned down TransCanada’s final offer for an easement across her family’s 650-acre farm.

Read the Interview

Dr. Willie Parker, Doctor at the Last Abortion Clinic in Mississippi

Sunsara Taylor, Revolution Newspaper: To bring attention to the emergency that confronts the women of Mississippi, Sunsara Taylor conducted the following interview with Dr. Willie Parker, one of the two heroic abortion doctors who regularly flies to Mississippi to provide abortions.

Read the Interview

CIA’s Washington Post Leaks Aimed at Silencing Drone Critics

Jaisal Noor, The Real News Network: On Capitol Hill on Tuesday, for the first time, Pakistani drone strike survivors appeared in front of a Congressional hearing and testified about the devastating effects that the US drone program has had on their lives.

Watch the Video and Read the Transcript

Economic Update: Banks and Austerity

Richard D. Wolff, Economic Update / Truthout: Updates on Goldman Sachs charity/PR, bank scandals, housing “recovery” exposed, suicides rising in Kansas, and a Benedictine nun who is leading the new anti-austerity party in Catalonia.

Listen to the Radio Segment

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‘Volcano-like eruption’ on India’s Manipur hills, locals flee to safety

Thank you for posting this. I had not heard anything about this before this post.
A note to my readers who pray- it is good to be reminded sometimes that disasters big and small like this one are happening all over the world every day. Even if we don’t see news of them I feel like it could be helpful if we all pray for everyone who is affected anywhere in the world each day by difficulties whether from human causes such as pollution, oil spills, wars, drone strikes, oppression, poverty etc or from natural disasters such as volcanoes, earthquakes, mudslides, floods, hurricanes, droughts etc.
Prayer is powerful. If enough people pray for others I believe it will have a good effect.

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Trick Or Treat Obama Style: Halloween Comes To Barack & Michelle’s House

Whatever your political philosophy,I still think it’s uplifting and joyful seeing children being children in a happy, fun occasion like this. It is easy to miss the real blessings so many of us do still have even in the currently crazy world we live in. I also love seeing all different kinds of kids trick or treating together.
Happy Halloween, Merry Samhain and a joyful dios de las muertes to everyone:-)

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>>What I Miss Most About MARRIAGE>>By Special Request*

Thank you for sharing this. I wish everyone who wants to be could be married it would be a happier world!

Berna's Vibe~The Way I See IT....

Even though it is by special request I’m writing this..I had a ball writing it! Conjured UP beautiful memories of beautiful moments/beautiful people/beautiful feelings felt & mutually shared..As I wrote I realized , much as I desire to be married one ‘mo time(last time!) , it isn’t often I think back & reflect..I think I’ve been so hell-bent on a fast-forward momentum ; that I didn’t dare tread too much on past memories of being IN love..Isn’t it said when looking backwards one can fall? And yet…2night felt pretty good to reminisce for a minute! As I did I recollected why I still hold matrimony as the highest of all relationships. Here is a brief list of the things I miss most about marriage>>

#1..The rest of this list won’t be in any certain order..But this one certainly TOPS my list of things I miss most about marriage. I miss…

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A Note About Food Security and Solar Flares

Thank you for posting this, Laura. As a person who does depend on EBT for food (because I live in a bed) the ability to prepare for disruptions is limited but I have always encouraged community resilience. When I am able I participate directly, other times like now when I can’t get out, I try to keep sharing information and encouragement for those who are able.
The last ice ages showed us clearly that humanity can survive harsh conditions and even thrive in them thanks to our propensity for altruism-the ability to work together for the common good even at personal expense or detriment. Because we csn love and give to one another we survive. The positive thing about adversity is that it brings this truth home to us quickly dissolving all pointless division, hatred, prejudice etc in the clear light of necessity.

Laura Bruno's Blog

I’ve mentioned before that a large cut in food stamp benefits begins on November 1, 2013. Depending on where they live, various people in the know have begun to sound alarms about the potentially severe impacts of these cuts — not just on those who can’t afford to buy food, but also the ripple effects into the communities. Hungry people with hungry children can behave in desperate and ugly ways. If you live in the US and are in a position to donate food to a local food pantry, church, or soup kitchen, the month of November — especially early November — would be an excellent time to do so.

Here in Goshen, several of us began talking about food security in late Spring, but we’ve ramped up our efforts in tangible ways that now involve a council of church leaders, the main soup kitchen in town, the college social…

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Archangel Michael: 2013 in Review – A Year of Transfor mation. Channelled through Ronna Herman, October 30, 2013

archangel-michael-desktop1Archangel Michael: 2013 in Review – A Year of Transformation. Channelled through Ronna Herman, October 30, 2013, at: http://www.ronnastar.com/messages-aam/latest.html

Beloved Masters,

The process the world and humanity are now experiencing has been spoken of by many wise sages and masters over the past several hundred years, and yet, the masses have not taken heed and have continued on a downward path of self-destruction.

Humanity has built an illusion of wealth and abundance, but it has been built on the quicksand of greed and fear of scarcity. This giant bubble of illusion has burst under the pressure of the Living Light of Truth. What humanity is now experiencing is the cause and effect or the karmic results of following the impulses of the ego-desire body instead of the whisperings of Spirit.

Many dear souls have never experienced lack or deprivation – they have lived a life of instant self-gratification – while others, who believed the old teachings that they were not worthy of abundance, have lived many lifetimes of scarcity and impoverishment.

You, the StarSeed, are in the midst of the astounding process of awakening to the awareness of your Celestial heritage, which has been encoded within atom seed crystals and stored within your Sacred Mind. Also, be aware that there is a magnificent history of bravery and excellence woven into the violent and often tedious journey of human evolution.

You are experiencing a resurrection of extra-sensory abilities and higher consciousness abilities which have been dormant for many ages. However, it is not always an easy or comfortable process, and it takes dedication and effort to open the sealed door to your inner wisdom; the Sacred Mind. It is vitally important that you learn to trust your own inner guidance once more. A loving and grateful heart purifies the consciousness and creates tranquility and peace of mind. It gradually develops into a constant state of serenity and Self-assurance, rather than just an occasional occurrence.

It is apparent in every facet of Earthly existence that humanity is awakening from the illusional dream of past ages as the refreshing Light of God-consciousness permeates all Creation. Each Soul has a unique consciousness code within their Diamond Core God Cell. This code contains the perfect resonance or harmonics for each lifetime.

One of the wonders of recalibrating your Energetic Signature with your Soul Song is that the attuned frequencies begin to resonate with the streams of Living Light, which gradually connect your OverSoul-self to the many other fragments of your Higher Self. At that time, your Ascension process truly begins. You still cannot comprehend that you are strongly interconnected with all the facets of your Higher Self. One of the greatest, most astounding awakenings is when you become aware that you are a facet of a great, Multidimensional Being of Light.

It may be unbelievable at this time of great suffering, but the conditions the people of the world are presently experiencing with regard to abundance will eventually result in great blessings. When the suffering and pain of loss become great enough, more and more dear souls will turn inward for answers, and all the mighty forces of the higher realms will be waiting to answer humanity’s pleas and will be ready to offer assistance.

It may seem as if your lifeline is being tugged and pulled in many different directions as Spirit tries to get your attention You can resist and hold back, kicking and screaming; however, you will eventually move forward on the spiral of Ascension. There will be no denying that the evolutionary cycle, which is now in full swing, is creating chaos and a momentous breaking down of old belief systems and structures. Remember what we have often said, “Out of chaos comes new creation.”

Every person’s Soul-self is nudging and prodding, to one degree or another, in an effort to get his/her attention. No one can maintain the status quo, coasting and drifting, and ignoring the call to awaken. You must either grow and ascend in consciousness, or sink deeper into chaos and limitation – only postponing the inevitable.

Beloveds, rise above the fear and sense of helplessness that are rampant around the world. See yourselves in your fifth-dimensional Pyramid of Light and ask that the infinite abundance of all Creation flow to you and through you. You are to take what you require and then allow the rest to flow out into the world of form.

Remember, when you are infused with the Light of Spirit, it affects everything and everyone around you. As your radiance grows and expands, you will draw more and more like-minded people into your sphere of awareness. The spiritual trumpet to awaken is growing louder and it is reverberating throughout the land into the most sparsely populated places of the Earth, as well as the most densely populated areas. The Light has no favorites, it will infuse and bless anyone or anything that is receptive to Its transforming, enlivening energies.

You must also be aware that some dear souls will not be able to stand to be in the aura of your Lightness, for it is too painful. Whether intentional or not, they will try to throw you “off Center” and reestablish the status quo or keep things as they were in the past, no matter how chaotic or unsatisfying. It is more important than ever that you, as the transducers and transformers of the refined Creator Light, stay focused and steadfast as you strive to incorporate and radiate more and more of the refined Light of Creation out into the world.

Many around you will wonder and ask why you have changed so much, and why you are no longer willing to participate in the old games of drama and lower-frequency entertainment. As you move further up the path toward Self-mastery, the energies and actions of others will affect you less and less.

As we have often told you, first you must teach by example, via your intentions and actions, and finally through words of wisdom offered at the appropriate time. However, if those around you are not willing to learn to act and react in a more positive, harmonious way through observation or listen when you offer loving suggestions and moral support, it is important that you withdraw from the drama they are creating and assume the stance of an impartial observer.

Seekers of wisdom and self-transformation learn from their own actions and reactions, whether positive or negative. From a spiritual point of view, negative events offer an opportunity to learn which course of action brings forth the most positive results. Your Higher Self always tests you, over and over again, until you reject those things that are not in your best interest, and authenticate that which is your truth.

An important component of Self-mastery is to learn to focus on your inner world or the sanctuary of the Soul. The Soul, the physical vessel, and particularly the mind have their own rhythmic cycles and agendas. The Soul’s desire is focused on becoming en-Lighten-ed. The mind is focused on attaining and retaining information. The physical body is focused on experiencing the physical world via the senses.

Humanity is constantly experiencing cycles of growth, stagnation and decay, which make way for a new cycle of growth and expansion. The Master turns inward and strives for an enhanced quality of life, while the unawakened Souls seek outwardly for stimulus and gratification through pleasurable, physical sensation and material possessions. Love as an external focus, exterior to yourself, will always bring a sense of vulnerability, always needing constant validation by someone or something.

Love as an internal focus projected outward is a constant flow of self-assurance, of self-acceptance, always striving to incorporate and project more of this blissful feeling of unity and harmony with all creation. You will begin to feel more and more levels of intelligent, Unconditional Love, and eventually, Sacred Love, when the Soul becomes the dominating force within, and the ego desire body and personality are brought under control. As you turn inward, your thoughts become more harmonious and less critical and resonate at a higher frequency, which refines your Energetic Signature.

You must keep the channel of communication open between the Soul and the brain via the mind. This initiates the slow reactivation process of the Pineal Gland, and the opening of the portal to the Sacred Mind, which is located at that back portion of the brain, close to the crown of the head. When your frequencies reach a certain level of compatibility, the membranes of Light that guard entrance to your Sacred Heart and Sacred Mind begin to dissolve, and you gradually gain access to the treasure chests of Love and Wisdom stored within.

Once again we will remind you of this important fact: All Creation is constantly moving in and out of specific vibrational patterns, which we call energetic signatures, orOctaves of Energetic Sound. You are identified by your energetic signature and your Soul Song, which determine the Light brilliance of your auric field. Your energetic signature is composed of the frequencies of your physical vessel in your third/fourth-dimensional environment. The balanced frequencies of the higher fourth and fifth dimensions are stored within your Soul-self and become part of your Soul Song.

Beloveds, ingrain this thought firmly within your mind. There are an incalculable number of unified fields of consciousness. You are in the process of connecting to the magnetic power of many of these higher frequency fields of Cosmic awareness. You are beginning to attune to the vibrations of Divine Will, Divine Wisdom and Divine Love, which are primary attributes and qualities of our Father/Mother God.

Another important attribute of your powerful, inborn condition is that your two hands are among the most highly developed links to your brain, for there are etheric generator crystals embedded within the palms of the hands. They were designed to be some of the strongest, electromagnetic impulses of the physical vessel.

That is why those who have activated or developed the healing power within their hands are so effective in the healing arts. In the future, you have the potential of redeveloping the memory cells within your fingertips so that you may access conscious and subconscious information through touch.

A good exercise would be to hold a crystal which you have Self-programmed as a generator healing crystal in one of your hands as you focus on activating the healing abilities within the palms of your hands. Via the Infinity Breath exercise, concentrate on sending/feeling the Adamantine Particles of Light within your palms. Your palms may become very warm or begin to tingle.

It may take a while for you to feel the sensations; however, you will gradually gain the ability to send healing Creator Light to localized parts of your own body. Future healing will include en-Lighten-ed, dynamic healers with the ability to send almost laser-like healing beams of Divine Light to their patients. Reiki and other energy modalities are based on this ancient, esoteric knowledge.

The chakra system also has both magnetizing and radiating capabilities. The higher the frequency patterns you can accommodate, the faster and more perfectly your chakras will spin, thereby radiating a greater force and higher frequency patterns throughout your bodily form and out into the world. Energy is always in motion. Creation is always in motion. The only pause is during the Still Point moment of Creation.

As many of you are aware, over the past several years, the term “Earth Angel” has become a common term in spiritually-focused messages and channelled missives. To clarify, this can mean any Soul who is steadfastly striving to attain Self-mastery so that he/she may join the ranks of World Servers. There are many blessed Souls who agreed to embody on the Earth in order to be representatives of the Archangels, who RAY-diate the energies of the Twelve great Rays of God-consciousness within this Sub-universal experience.

Remember, the major focus of your mission on Earth is to help intensify the Love/Light of the lower dimensions, thereby gradually returning the third/fourth dimensions into a balanced and harmonious state of existence. We of the Angelic Realms are here in great force to help you move through these times of evolution and great change with ease and grace; however, you must ask for our assistance, for we cannot infringe upon your free will.

Reclaim your rightful place as a Master of Light, Dear Ones, and remember, as you integrate the knowledge of Spirit and illumined truth, we ask you to go forth and share your wisdom. We are ever near to guide, protect and inspire you, but mostly to love you.

I Am Archangel Michael

Transmitted through Ronna Herman http://www.ronnastar.com/ * Copy freely and share. However, I claim the universal copyright for this article in the name of Archangel Michael. http://www.ronnastar.com/messages-aam/latest.html