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A Note About Food Security and Solar Flares

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Thank you for posting this, Laura. As a person who does depend on EBT for food (because I live in a bed) the ability to prepare for disruptions is limited but I have always encouraged community resilience. When I am able I participate directly, other times like now when I can’t get out, I try to keep sharing information and encouragement for those who are able.
The last ice ages showed us clearly that humanity can survive harsh conditions and even thrive in them thanks to our propensity for altruism-the ability to work together for the common good even at personal expense or detriment. Because we csn love and give to one another we survive. The positive thing about adversity is that it brings this truth home to us quickly dissolving all pointless division, hatred, prejudice etc in the clear light of necessity.

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I’ve mentioned before that a large cut in food stamp benefits begins on November 1, 2013. Depending on where they live, various people in the know have begun to sound alarms about the potentially severe impacts of these cuts — not just on those who can’t afford to buy food, but also the ripple effects into the communities. Hungry people with hungry children can behave in desperate and ugly ways. If you live in the US and are in a position to donate food to a local food pantry, church, or soup kitchen, the month of November — especially early November — would be an excellent time to do so.

Here in Goshen, several of us began talking about food security in late Spring, but we’ve ramped up our efforts in tangible ways that now involve a council of church leaders, the main soup kitchen in town, the college social…

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