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Transformation of “Old Paradigm Connectors” Occurs Rapidly at this Time…

This is the first time I have seen any negativity or sense of pressure/fear in a gaiaportal message. I’m not sure what to make of it. If anyone has any ideas please comment and share them!


gaia_energy1Transformation of “old paradigm connectors” occurs rapidly at this time.

Hue-Beings are advised to release the “saving paradigm”.

Current energetics (and supporting Higher grids) align only with New Paradigm connectors.

“Old paradigms” are no longer an option for Gaia residents.

Those attempting to remain at “old paradigm connector” level will be removed from all “New Paradigm” timelines.

Those open to transformation will be guided to selected rescue paths, available for a short time.

“Cooling agents” are now present with Gala and are available to all Hue-Beings upon request.

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