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Update on FTW Hope For America Tour

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With much thanks to all involved in planning and organizing these projects for change! I am happy to be able to share this news from hopegirl and the fix the world project. Don’t forget also that along eith this ambitious focus group, there are also thousands of local projects to get involved with. From Transition Town initiatives to local exchange currencies, permaculture projects, relocalization efforts, village revitalization, education, Fukuoka, organic and other healthy farming movements-to whatever your personal passion may involve. There are endless ways to help build our better future with no more waiting. Just find what moves, excites or pisses you off and if you can’t find a group already working on it, create one! You can use media like meetup and facebook to gather likeminded people to work with. It has been said that when you set your foot on your path, the Universe opens hidden doors for you.Hopegirl and the fix the world project are beautiful living examples of the truth of this:-)

Hopegirl Blog Archives 2012-2015

IMG_0620I am pleased to share with all of you, yet another story of how the abundance of the universe, combined with some practical 3D maneuvering, has brought the mission of Fixing our World to a whole new level. As is shown on our Crowdfunding campaign for the Fix the World Hope For America Tour, we hoped to raise $40,000 (with set $ amounts and milestone dates) to complete our original planned itinerary. We did not raise the full amount and so our plans had to change. We received enough funding to make it through to Illinois, Florida and California. This involved a dramatic decrease to the scope of our plans to accommodate just one person and we subsidized as much as we could from our own savings. What resulted was a change of plans to a much grander and more practical vision to help the people of this planet. It…

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