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Celebrating Creative Community & Your Part of that Web

Thank you for posting this. I have been drawn to creative pursuits lately but keep putting off what I want to do because of feeling too muddle headed and under the weather/ill or simply struggling to get thru esch days required functions. This reminds me of why it is so important to push beyond limits to reach for our highest dreams.

Tania Marie

How did you create your own sacredness around yesterday’s New Moon energy? What intentions did you set and what commitments to your unique expression have you made?

My experience was, for me, the perfect, integrative, and intentful way to put closure to the weekend and to celebrate initiations of the new. I found another layer of clarity to my own focuses and welcomed more awareness all around. The day started in a morning hike and ended in four hours of sacred music for the heart and soul.

This weekend was also a very full experience of observing things that ran the gamut from simple to layered complexities, from the natural to the out-of-balance, and from experiencing sacred creativity, authenticity and community to witnessing duality, separation, illusions, denial, and fear.

I observed people’s choices reflect to them the stories they have chosen in what would be considered by some to be…

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Priorities: Israel vs. Food Stamps

Thank you for posting this! I doubt mist Americans are aware that this is how our electedofficials priorities lie-but I hope once we know we can all VOTE accordingly!

Dispatches from the Underclass

This infographic from Institute for Middle East Understanding (IMEU) offers a revealing picture of US priorities.


The House of Representatives cut $40 billion from the food stamp program last month, which just so happens to be the same amount of money the US has promised Israel in military aid through 2027. Even as Congress endorses more and more austerity for Americans, it seems our representatives are always happy to throw buckets of money at the “Jewish and democratic” state. Just this summer, the House Armed Services Committee approved an additional $488 million funding package to Israel, not to be confused with the $3.1 billion in military aid the US had already allocated for the coming fiscal year.

Among other things (i.e. war, mass surveillance, corporate welfare, etc.), preserving Israel’s access to an endless supply of weapons is more important than preventing food insecure kids, who make up half…

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Flame grids have alerted hu-manity to its impending dissolution


gaia_energy1Flame grids have alerted hu-manity to its impending dissolution, and hu-manity has in large part responded.

Grids for birthing, en masse, of the Gaia Hue-manity proforma community are fully in place, and will remain.

hu-manity paradigm can not continue, as it lacks energetic support, on all dimensions.

Participation of Hue-manity with dissolved paradigms is not supported.

Energetics of Gaia current remain stable.

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The Lack of Compassion

Thank you for posting this. As a disabled person who lives in a bed so cannot “work harder and earn more”, I deeply appreciate everyone who realizes people like me are human beings. The monsters who comment unkindly about people on food stamps really hurt my feelings. I, and everyone else I know who is forced to depend on programs like SNAP, medicaid etc would love to do differently if we could. I wish the regular non1% people who vite for these monsters would recognize that poor people are not evil-that “but for the Grace of God” they could be us.


No one wants to be on food stamps. No one wants to see their children hungry. It is embarrassing to be on WIC or SNAP. Those of you in the 1% of the country that holds the wealth don’t realize what it takes to feed a family. You have servants and chefs to do this. You don’t worry about choosing between paying the gas bill to keep your children warm and healthy, or feeding them. You aren’t the ones who have to look at your children and say they can’t have a snack because you couldn’t afford one.

People will end up having to buy food and skip the winter boots because there isn’t enough money. Many  people will have to make decisions you can’t even conceive of.

How can religious right wing people of good conscience not care about the lives of others? How do you look at yourselves in…

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The Oracle Report Monday, November 4, 2013



New Moon Phase: begin, emerge, intend

Moon: Scorpio

Ruling Mahavidya: Kamala

Sunday’s report on the New Moon in Scorpio remains posted below for anyone who missed it.

Today’s energy requires us to trythings a different way or to start over all together. Mercury remains retrograde, making it hard to progress with things (especially if electronics, communications/internet, and travel are involved). Keep in mind it may take a couple of trieswith things andtry to avoid getting frustrated. Wise owls move around obstacles, finding alternatives.

Venus is activating shadow sides today. This means fears surface. Those who are unaware of their shadow sides tend to project their fears onto others. Since the Black Moon, the astrological body that identifies our shadow side, is in Cancer, issues related to emotional, financial, and physical support, as well as appreciation and dependency crop up in general. (New readers can look up the sign of their Black Moon in the Appendix of my book The Astrology of the Black Moon: A Guide to Healing the Shadow Sideand then read about that sign in chapter 2. The book is available for free atwww.oraclereport.com under the Books tab at the top.)

It is very important today to not take on too much of a load. Don’t take on too much responsibility or burden yourself with a “load” of worry. As discussed yesterday, the Mahavidya/Wisdom Goddess Kamala brings transcendence of limitations. Kamala uplifts, so if we are mentally burdening ourselves, we are weighing ourselves down, thus making it harder for Kamala’s energy to work. The Moon will help matters when it moves out of heavy Scorpio and into lofty Sagittarius around 3:15 pm EST / 8:15 pm UTC.

Kamala brings assurance. If you were assured, would you be limitless? Shadows, darkness, and fear projections have been imprinted into today’s energy for a long time, but it doesn’t matter. It’s like this: Shadows crop up, we see them, they may be big, whatever, move on, other things to do, there they go, they are falling away, see this, over here, look what’s being created!

That’s how Kamala works. You have to reach up to a different stream of consciousness. Give it a try. She’s sure to lift you.

Sunday, November 3, 2013 – New Moon in Scorpio

The lunar month of the New Moon in Scorpio begins today, and with it the return of the Mahavidyas, specifically the Mahavidya Kamala, the Lotus Goddess Who Brings Transcendence of Limitations.

The lotus is the flower that is rooted in mud but whose petals are uncontaminated by it. It rises from limitation.

Kamala comes on at the perfect time, of course, as the energy of the New Moon at 12 Scorpio is the Sabian symbol “an official embassy ball,” which implies all types of limitations. This symbol represents strict protocol, political theatre couched in the appearance of something it is not (an official embassy ball would be one of my last ideas of fun), and limitations of so-called social constraints.

With this, Saturn, the vibrational home-base of all things (and beings) based on control is conjunct the New Moon in Scorpio. Saturn is the epitome of limitations, restrictions, parochialism, orderliness, containment, structure, and paternality. Scorpio, which is ruled by Pluto, is the archetypal energy of power, domination, rulership, wealth, death, and transformation. So with Saturn in Scorpio conjunct the New Moon in Scorpio we get all things associated with power and control.

Kamala, the Lotus Goddess Who Brings Transcendence of Limitations, by the end of the lunar cycle of eight phases, will overrule efforts based on power and control and will also remove ties that bind us, especially the ignorance we have about who we really are and how powerful we are.

Kamala is always listed as the tenth, or last Mahavidya. This is because she is the Mahavidya (Wisdom Goddess) who is “closest” to humanity and therefore easiest for anyone on the planet to connect with. She maintains a vibrational range that is moderate or median, enabling the mass level of consciousness to become more aware – to become wiser. For this reason she is often associated with worldly matters.

But Kamala should not be underestimated because she is not limited. She works with wordly matters and social order, but she also works with cosmic matters and natural order. As such, she is the Goddess of Assurance.

This month holds the potential for great theatrics, but the lasting effects of the energy will be suredness, vision, stability, and freedom from restrictions. Everyone will see themselves better and be wiser by month’s end. It will happen in varying degrees, swept along by Kamala’s energy, but everyone will come closer to the actualizing the vision for humanity.

New Moons are the time to set intentions. Let’s intend limitlessness.


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A short update on the energies

aisha north

As you have perhaps already ascertained, the aftermath of these sojourns into that collective field of energy will at times be rather burdensome as you may feel less than enthusiastic whenever this connection is severed. For as you sit down to connect to this grid in such a huge effort as was carried out yesterday, you all get a huge boost from the energies that accompanies this simultaneous journey into this vast field of energetic particles. And so, whenever you have become so deeply embedded within this grid that so many of you did during that collective event, it might become slightly difficult whenever you come out of this again.

Let us explain. As you have already noticed, these collective connections going under the name of the Gatherings around the Pond will serve to bring a huge influx of energy and information into anyone connected to this grid, and as such…

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