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Celebrating Creative Community & Your Part of that Web

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Thank you for posting this. I have been drawn to creative pursuits lately but keep putting off what I want to do because of feeling too muddle headed and under the weather/ill or simply struggling to get thru esch days required functions. This reminds me of why it is so important to push beyond limits to reach for our highest dreams.

Tania Marie

How did you create your own sacredness around yesterday’s New Moon energy? What intentions did you set and what commitments to your unique expression have you made?

My experience was, for me, the perfect, integrative, and intentful way to put closure to the weekend and to celebrate initiations of the new. I found another layer of clarity to my own focuses and welcomed more awareness all around. The day started in a morning hike and ended in four hours of sacred music for the heart and soul.

This weekend was also a very full experience of observing things that ran the gamut from simple to layered complexities, from the natural to the out-of-balance, and from experiencing sacred creativity, authenticity and community to witnessing duality, separation, illusions, denial, and fear.

I observed people’s choices reflect to them the stories they have chosen in what would be considered by some to be…

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