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Urban Thunderbirds: Ravens in a Material World

Thank you for sharing this. Art can be used to prop up or to cut thru the lies that enslave us. When art both cuts thru the mask of lies colonization obscures reality with, and reconnects us with land and spirit imho that art is mythic and alive in ways “modern” art can never hope to be.
I feel that if people of all cultures cannot soon reconnect with land and spirit, reweave themselves back into the fabric of reality, of nature-not “nature” the abstract , the marketing term but nature the land, ecosystems, water and living beings where we physically live-then humanity is soon to end as a species. Art is not a luxury, or a commodity-it can be a way home.


by Janet Rogers

On the day before Bernice A. King, daughter of civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr., delivers the keynote speech to thousands of residential school survivors and their supporters at the Walk for Reconciliation event in Vancouver, British Columbia, a smaller but no less enthusiastic audience gathers at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria for the opening of the Urban Thunderbirds: Ravens in a Material World exhibition in Victoria, British Columbia.

Both events are landmarks unto themselves, lending strength to the glacially slow shift in western consciousness and validation of indigenous realities. Co-curated by two of the featured artists, Coast Salish lessLIE Sam and Kwakwakwak Rande Cook, the exhibition is a visual truth-telling of the dual cultural existence of a “modern-day, self-proclaimed” native artist and the clumsy but more often time clever ways in which their art helps them navigate both traditional responsibility and  contemporary tradition. The…

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