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The Oracle Report Tuesday, November 5, 2013

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New Moon Phase: begin, emerge, intend

Moon: Sagittarius

Ruling Mahavidya: Kamala

The planets are booming today. Mercury retrograde is particularly powerful, tangling up communications and making things overall energetically noisy. Mars is activating charisma and drama, hyping things up. Jupiter is taking things to the extreme.

Wise owls remain calm today, dealing with one thing at a time. We reinforce our grounded,grassroots connection with Sophia through a loop of love.

Communication is difficult today, but here is the mission to ground light as best as I can describe it. We re-imprint the “crazy” energy present today by recognizing the power of it and then re-grouping that power into raw “bundles.” In other words, we are going to redistribute the overall energy and our personal energy. Look at how you are expending your time and energy and then consider how you need to change it up, regroup it, or balance it. By redistributing your energy now, you are reinforcing/strengthening future possibilities. Since this lunar month relates to the idea of limitlessness, your bundles can be mounds and mountains.

Sometimes it’s important to remember that jumbled communications, misunderstandings, and confusion create openings and opportunities. If the energy (and this report) is confusing, our attempt to understand it takes our minds in all kinds of directions. This is creativity in action. Don’t limit your mind but keep your feet on the ground. We are the grassroots!


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