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Truthout Daily Digest November 5, 2013

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Noam Chomsky | De-Americanizing the World

Noam Chomsky, Truthout: During the latest episode of the Washington farce that has astonished a bemused world, a Chinese commentator wrote that if the United States cannot be a responsible member of the world system, perhaps the world should become “de-Americanized.”

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William Rivers Pitt | Decisions Are Made by Those Who Show Up

William Rivers Pitt, Truthout: All you need to see to understand just how poorly our level of voter turnout has been working out for each and every one of us is the front page of any newspaper in America.

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The Rise of Chicago’s 99% Against Rahm Emanuel, “Mayor 1%”

Mark Karlin, Truthout: Kari Lydersen, author of Mayor 1%, tells Truthout that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is representative of the neoliberal wing of the Democratic party, and he’s getting significant pushback in his efforts to expand privatization and limit protests.

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Bill Moyers | Yves Smith and Dean Baker on Secrets in Trade

Bill Moyers, Moyers & Company: Some vigilant independent watchdogs are tracking the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations with sources they trust, including Dean Baker and Yves Smith, who join Moyers & Company this week.

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Food Safety Modernization Act Threatens Fresh, Healthy, Sustainably Grown Food

Michael Tabor and Nick Maravell, Lancaster Farming: “Each week at my farm stands in the Maryland area, we try to explain a peculiar situation to our customers. On the one hand, they want to buy our fresh fruit and vegetables. However, in a few years, these will all be illegal to sell! Why? Because they have some degree of dirt and bacteria on them.”

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Food Stamps Are Affordable; Corporate Welfare Is Not

The Daily Take, The Thom Hartmann Program: Simply put, the American taxpayer isn’t paying much for social safety net programs like food stamps and Medicare. But we are paying a lot for the billions of dollars the US government gives to corporate America each year.

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A Field Guide to Losing Friends, Influencing No One and Alienating the Middle East

Bob Dreyfuss, TomDispatch: Although President Obama can order raids virtually anywhere using Special Operations forces, and although he can strike willy-nilly in targeted killing actions by calling in the Predator and Reaper drones, he has become the Rodney Dangerfield of the Middle East.

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California Probe of Campaign Donations Sheds Light on “Dark Money”

Chris Megerian and Anthony York, McClatchy Newspapers: Tony Russo had a multimillion-dollar problem. The Republican consultant and his team had raised piles of cash to use in California politics as last November’s election approached. But a wrinkle in state law meant he couldn’t spend it in the final two months of the campaign without jeopardizing the anonymity he had promised his rich donors.

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MSNBC “Leans Forward” Into Running “Native Ads” Promoting Fracking

Steve Horn, DeSmogBlog: Three years into its “Lean Forward” re-branding campaign, MSNBC has given new meaning to the catch phrase, leaning forward into running branded content promoting hydraulic fracturing.

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Drones Have Come Out of the Shadows

Medea Benjamin, CODEPINK: New films, reports and media coverage finally are giving the American public a taste of the personal tragedies involved with President Obama’s deadly drone program.

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First Wall Street Criminal Confession in a Generation … Still No One in Jail

Jessica Desvarieux, The Real News Network: Hedge fund SAC advisers have admitted to insider trading. This is the first criminal confession from a Wall Street firm in a generation.

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This Week in SpeakOut: An Open Letter to the Climate Justice Movement

Robin Hahenl, New Politics: “I am writing to you with whom I share these central political commitments because I believe you are making a serious strategic mistake by categorically rejecting international carbon trading.”

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